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Thread: What did you do Today 2018
30/03/2018 18:31:05
Posted by Baz on 30/03/2018 13:52:52:

Swarf,mostly, you are probably right, they wanted all the old people out to fill the company with youngsters who had a couple of kids and a large mortgage so they could intimidate them. I know for a fact that redundancy would never have been an option.

That is a really depressing comment about your company & one which i have noticed on this & other forums. I suspect that it is just a cynical biased view by someone who is fed up with work . If i felt like that I would somehow think that i had chosen the wrong industry in the first place. To come away with such an attitude after giving a life's work would somehow seem wrong

For my part & in my industry, at least, I worked freelance for the last 12 years of my working life as I sold my 2 businesses to wind down for retirement well in advance. I found that the older i got the more they wanted me to stay & the more they paid me to stay. This winter I reached 71 years of age & it is the first I have not gone back but i know that one phone call to any of a couple of firms & i could have full employment immediately & be welcomed with open arms. I loved my work.

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30/03/2018 08:00:52
Posted by colin brannigan on 29/03/2018 21:19:43:

Today I retired after fifty two years as a toolmaker including apprenticeship, not sure if was the right decision but only time will tell.


Straight after I retired I took my boat to the Channel islands with a friend. I always do a safety check with new crew first so sat down with him & started & said " Now this is a holiday but" he immediately stopped me there & i asked him "why?" He replied " It is not a holiday, it is a new way of life"

It is great, although in my case i did go back to work for 4 winters, just for the comradeship (& the money!!!)

Enjoy your retirement.

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28/03/2018 21:55:26
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 28/03/2018 21:01:40:
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 28/03/2018 18:41:13:
Posted by Steve Skelton 1 on 28/03/2018 17:07:25:

Kingfisher profits at 6.6% includes all the write-offs, HO overheads, expenses etc etc etc and is its net,net, margin nothing to do with purchase cost vs selling price. So if their gross margin is less than 60% on most items I would be surprised.

So tell me how you purchase something without the infrastructure, staff etc to buy it

The manufactured cost ex the supplier may be low but the purchase cost to B & Q by the time it hits the shelf is effectively far far higher.The cost of getting the sale is just as hard. The difference is small & certainly not cloud cuckoo land figures of 60%

Gross margin is = price sold - (price paid + subcontractor costs). It doesn't include any overheads.

Try & keep upsad -The original discussion started when SillyOlldDuffer correctly observed that that B& Q were possibly working on 4% margin. ( may now be 6% )John Carruthers seemed to dispute that. My point is really in support of SillyOldDuffers which was again disputed

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28/03/2018 18:41:13
Posted by Steve Skelton 1 on 28/03/2018 17:07:25:

Kingfisher profits at 6.6% includes all the write-offs, HO overheads, expenses etc etc etc and is its net,net, margin nothing to do with purchase cost vs selling price. So if their gross margin is less than 60% on most items I would be surprised.

So tell me how you purchase something without the infrastructure, staff etc to buy it

The manufactured cost ex the supplier may be low but the purchase cost to B & Q by the time it hits the shelf is effectively far far higher.The cost of getting the sale is just as hard. The difference is small & certainly not cloud cuckoo land figures of 60%

28/03/2018 17:01:51
Posted by john carruthers on 28/03/2018 16:50:32:

B&Q, yes, my bro-in-law works the a local store.
and the rest.

King fisher made pretax circa 6.6% on turnover last year & that was because Screwfix did very well. B & Q did far worse so 4% is possibly  not  that far off I suspect

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Thread: Tufnol (Textolite) as a material for pulley
25/03/2018 09:28:45

Depends on what tufnol you are using. I machine Tufnol Whale for bearings & it comes off in long strings which I have to keep clearing. Certainly no sign of dust.

I would certainly go for the steel bush option if using Whale but I do not know the version of tufnol you have

Thread: Thechnical issue regarding plaster.
23/03/2018 21:55:51

To determine whether the problem is just simply one of rising hot air may i suggest that you get a thermometer & with the fire on full. Leave it to get fully heated. Then you take a range of say 20 readings up the wall ( make some marks to record the positions) above the fire & say 1 inch from the wall & tight against the wall.

Then temporarily place a sheet of ply at an angle of 45 degrees tight to the wall to form an airtight seal & the next day repeat the process & then measure the temperatures at the same points on the wall & just an inch away from it

It will give you an idea of what you are up against temperature wise & if it is rising air that is carrying the heat up the wall

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22/03/2018 19:08:57

If your wood burner projects from the fireplace a bit then the problem could simply be the heat from hot air rising up the face of the wall. Plasterboard with a skim coat of plaster is no good as the skim coat will just crack. Plaster on brickwork will do the same even if it is bonded to stainless steel lathing.

There are a couple of options.

One is to remove a 4ft wide section above the fire ( assuming that is the width of cracking) & place Fermacell board on some fire resisting expanding foam. Support it in position until the foam goes off then plug & screw the board to the wall. the board, being 2400 * 1200 * 9mm th will be storey height & should not expand & contract too much. Feather the vertical edges & tape & joint this to the surrounding plaster . You could cover the joint with a bead like a vertical dado but this would look a bit "pants". Emulsion over the board after sealing it with an approved sealer first.

The other option is probably the best & was my solution as I found that the heat from my wood burner actually started to blister the paint on the dado & severely crack the skim coat on the plasterboard above.

I found a stainless steel mirror & bent it & fixed it to the wall as a deflector, I promised the wife 12 years ago that I fully intended to finish the job & form a "P" shape to form a stainless steel mantlepiece. Somehow I do not seem to get round to it . It is removable for the summer & every winter when she fits it back( Notice the "she fits" I get an ear wigging !!!!

see picture

Now I am sure that your other half would not let you get away with that & if she did you would not want the grief i get but you could try a nice mantlepiece that projected a good 9 inches with bracketed ends. This could have a stainless reflector under it for the winter if you fabricated a couple of clips. You can get stainless steel mirrors online which are nice & polished. It just needs something to reflect the rising heat away from the wall. The dado & wall above is quite cold & the heat does not pass through the reflector at all. The wallto the right hand side (can be seen in the picture) has recently started to crack & will be sorted when the house is decorated this April. No cracks whatsoever above



If you are not sure then it is worth just filling the cracks for now & installing a plate deflector like i have & see if it works. It is a cheap option before you start blowing cash on major repairs that may not be needed.

But do not leave it 12 years like I have !!!!!



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Thread: Burglar alarm
18/03/2018 20:40:35

For the OP       **LINK**


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Thread: Yet another what am I !
17/03/2018 19:01:10

I had a pair similar to the first item for setting out items too big for my dividers up to much larger steps. I had a set of light battens of differing lengths over my bench & clamped them to the battens for repeat dimensions when setting out a variety of items in timber. The points were used most, only one had the scribe & I swopped it for a short piece of pointed rod. On mine the clamp was more substantial. Often used it for striking curves of windows & circular stairs etc

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Thread: 6" Burrell, Finished at last !
16/03/2018 19:48:42

Hope that we did not forget to measure the clearance under the garage door then cos that looks a bit tall ????????

Thread: What did you do Today 2018
16/03/2018 16:04:49
Posted by Mick B1 on 16/03/2018 14:51:35:

Out came the Warco manual again to look up the change gears for 10 TPI (same config as 2,5mm pitch) along with the big screwdriver and nylon hammer to dismantle the severe slide fit of the gears, bushes and spacers. Maybe if I do this often enough there'll be a distant future day when I can do it by hand alone.


I had the same problem with my change wheels which would never fit & ran a 14mm reamer through them but they were still too tight. So solution was to rub a piece of silver steel up the cutters of the reamer which gave a thou or two more & now they slide on & off OK. How they can justify supplying like that really beggars belief.

15/03/2018 17:28:31

Talking about supermarkets (which we weren't). My wife is really careful to try and avoid getting her car marked by stupid hit & run drivers who cannot park properly. So she always tries to find an area of car park where there are lots of free spaces even though it might involve a longer walk to the entrance & she parks in the middle. She always comments how weird it is that when she returns there will nearly always be someone who has decided to park right along side her, as if trying to start another row. Even though there are loads of empty spaces

14/03/2018 09:14:31
Posted by Bazyle on 13/03/2018 22:56:10:

People reversing in just slow the process down for everyone trying to sensibly just drive in to the hole and stop without pratting about.


Slow you down a darned sight longer reversing out !!!

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 14/03/2018 09:14:57

14/03/2018 09:12:39
Posted by jann west on 13/03/2018 21:52:07:

I'll grant automatic gearboxes are miles better than they were ... perhaps more efficient than a manual ... but automatic gearboxes can't engine brake ... seems like a compelling safetynet argument for slowing the car down if there is a brake failure ... perhaps going down a steep hill.

How many brake failures have you seen in the past 20 years?

Now brain failure-- that is another thing I grant you crook

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13/03/2018 21:17:19
Posted by Frances IoM on 13/03/2018 20:44:47:
"just as I don't understand why so many people insist on reversing into side-by-side parking spaces. I

Well it is shear common sense isn't it? If the parking bay is on the same side as you then you often do not have room to straighten up so you would end up p..ssed & if you have to reverse to straighten it is awkward to get central. When exiting out you are manouvering into traffic & as well as having to watch the front of your vehicle as it moves sideways & can catch the adjoining cars.

When you reverse in you are not reversing in towards traffic but into an empty bay & you can check it is so before you go in. In doing this manouver you automatically stop the traffic because you are already in the lane rather than having to try & stop it when reversing out.

Thread: ML7 Top slide T-nuts and screws
13/03/2018 09:01:32
Posted by Martin Dowing on 13/03/2018 08:54:34:

Make your own but not from F/C steel.

Sorry' but I really do not understand how the Op can make his own if his lathe is in bits

Hence, my "Hole in bucket jibe" !!

Am I missing something ????

13/03/2018 07:54:29

I know that I really should not say this but I read:-

"I need to re-attach the topslide on my ML7"

& then I read:-

"I'd suggest turning your own T-nuts "

& then I thought :-

"There's a hole in my bucket dear Liza"crying

Well I've really got nothing better to do this morning !!!!!!


Thread: Is society becoming more stupid
09/03/2018 21:24:26
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 09/03/2018 15:32:04:

Bad idea to criticise a youngster face to face relative to the achievements of previous generations. If you push too hard, they're likely to forget politeness and put you right with a vengeance. Silly old granddad, no way would he ever pass a job interview.


With all due respect that is not my experience. I know for a fact that the standards required for entry to professional levels in my industry at least has fallen ( I still have the college notes from when i was a student!!)

After I retired I was asked to return & get involved in training some of the younger degree students.I was really up for this & set up a schedule that i thought would really give them some useful help

I had situations where I had to get a female colleague take a 20 year old into a separate room because he was crying. ( there were others!!). I had one idiot ( 2nd year degree)who thought 10% of 100-00 was 3-00 I had one 20 year old who claimed I was bullying him but he was so immature it was unbelievable & another who could not use a tape to measure a window about 3 metres wide. Their Saturdays were spent loafing, watching TV or playing computer games. No interest in life whatsoever. There were about 12 of them & I only found one who was any good (& he was really good so I had him pushed up the promotion tree very quickly)

Out sailing club has cadet training for about 40 kids in sailing dinghies. Some are so slow ( victims of molycoddling) you would not believe it. They have minimal ability to drive themselves (not all I accept- some are brilliant) they just do not have the ability to work things out for themselves & apply any practical thought. That has to be the failing of computer technology that removes the old method of learning. If daddy does not rig their boat & they are not supplied with the best wet suit they are lost.

As kids years ago some of our old members just went & got on with it in jumpers & shorts in any weather & definitely had more fun & were mentally/socially far more aware. They were certainly far more independent.



Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 09/03/2018 21:25:15

Thread: Has your clock slowed down ?
09/03/2018 19:30:32
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 09/03/2018 18:23:51:

Hmm. Perhaps the Greenwich Meridian now ends at the English Channel....

The French wanted to move it to Paris

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