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Thread: Rudder Bushes on Boat
15/05/2019 07:22:11

Before beginning to make rudder bearings it may be worth looking on this site. Jefa make roller bearings for a wide range of craft & by the time one has invested in the material one could have bought a ready made bearing


But in any event do NOT use nylon. I use tufnol in my rope cutter bearings, but in rod form, can be very expensive-- depending on diameter, of course


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 15/05/2019 07:25:32

Thread: Anglepoise Lamps & CFL/LED lamps
07/05/2019 16:52:44
Posted by Peter G. Shaw on 05/05/2019 19:33:55:

Following on from the thread about Lathe Lights & the Anglepoise copy. I have a many year old genuine Anglepoise which was originally designed to take either 40W or 60W, can't remember which, incandescent lamps.

At the moment I have a 9W LED installed which is somewhat heavier than the incandescents such that the springs are just that bit too weak to hold it in the set position and the light slowly but surely drifts downwards.

Thoughts please.

Peter G. Shaw

Keep it for a few more years. You will find that after a while, you will tend to drift down with it as the day goes on.surprise

Thread: "Screwing" a car round a corner!
27/04/2019 20:30:53

Mythbuster's investigated drifting to see if it was the fastest way to get round a race course. It's not. Although good fun and looks cool, it's slower than cornering conventionally. They didn't compare tyre damage, but I suspect drifting is murder on the rubber.


Perhaps they should have watched John Rodes cornering the works Cooper S at Druids (Brands Hatch) when he used to sling the back of his mini out wide by flicking the hand brake then squirting the throttle to get it to head down the hill towards South Bank

Thread: Dol starter or just a plug is it really worth it?
26/04/2019 08:05:46
Posted by Emgee on 25/04/2019 20:28:48:

Grant, whichever method you use it is best to consider an easily accessable Emergency stop type button to switch the spindle motor off in case of an emergency when you are using the lathe, it could safe you serious injury or even worse,


What? worse? you mean as in damage a couple of days work??sad

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 26/04/2019 08:06:23

Thread: Black Holes
12/04/2019 20:51:18
Posted by Boiler Bri on 12/04/2019 18:43:42:

Sorry. Had a bad week. 😳. I know that space is a good subject for some people.


Spot on. Space has been a big subject in our house for some time.

I have been trying to get my wife to let me build another 3 feet onto the end of my shed for ages

It is all relative reallywink

Thread: Problem with penetrating oil can
12/04/2019 20:41:01
Posted by sparky mike on 12/04/2019 20:17:54:

To clear up an earlier post I was referring to an aerosol type can.

I contacted the manufacturer and to give them a bit of credit,they contacted me by email and they then sent a courier to pick up the offending can and nozzle and told me they will send another can. I did email back and said "Please can you send can with the simple press action", so we live in hope. I will probably revert to a simple kitchen spray and use diesel fuel, which has worked well for me in the past.


Are we now going to guess which supermarket garage forecourt you will buy the diesel from?

I will start it off-- "a well known one that sell own brand beans that taste awful"

There you are . Now we all know yes


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 12/04/2019 20:44:45

12/04/2019 08:56:35
Posted by sparky mike on 12/04/2019 07:09:12:

Anyone had problem with a certain well known make penetrating oil can newfangled spout ?

I used this previously very popular make new tin three times and the spout broke on it cheap plastic hinge. I am now left with a nearly full can.!!!! I hasten to add that I am not heavy handed by any means.

Why people have to re-design things and then get it hopelessly wrong is beyond me. I see from the certain make's website reviews, that I am not the only complainant.


I hate quizzessad

Thread: Recommended base flashing for an external wall
21/03/2019 07:17:05

A cheap option is to stick Flashband down - but use the proper primer first & apply it properly on a warm day. ( or warm it a bit with a heat gun helps to make it sticky) Obtainable from any builders merchant & miles cheaper than lead.

Otherwise there are loads of firms that will pre form coated steel flashings if you send them a sketch of what you want

But provided the floor is higher than the surrounding ground & the cladding comes down just past the floor level so that the water is shed down past the concrete floor, you should not need anything. Just laying a flashing on the ground will not stop water coming under it . It has to follow the principle of water flowing down hill all the time..

If the cladding stops above the floor level & you want to shed the water over the edge of the slab( & may be behind the face of the slab) then you would need a flashing to direct the water over the edge, presumably a "Z" shape. That could be lead, zinc, flashband, or a preformed steel flashing. But the slab must be higher than the immediate  surrounding ground level otherwise you are wasting your time

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 21/03/2019 07:33:47

Thread: How do you make a lifting eye
08/03/2019 07:32:45

size "0"---so they are obtainable. Dunno how many 1000's you have to buy though & not so much fun as making one

But finding a supplier in the UK ???


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 08/03/2019 07:36:52

Thread: Plastic Balls in Bearings?
26/02/2019 19:17:26

Most of the pullies on my yacht have delrin balls in the roller bearings in them. The furling gear , which takes considerable load applied by a winch, has delrin balls in the swivels

Thread: Workshop - indoors or outdoors
26/02/2019 18:56:29

In spite of bituthene tanking with a 100mm brick wall against it on the inside I still had leaks especially when it rained. It did not help that the void on the outside where the hole was dug for the basement was backfilled with hardcore.I would regularly get 150mm of water in the basement before I fitted the sump pump.

Fortunately I had fitted a sump & could fit a Stuart sump pump with float switch

My solution was to drill holes right through the wall at 700mm centres around the perimeter about 150mm above floor level. I inserted 19mm plastic pipe in each one & sealed with polyurethane mastic. I connected the pipes to a ring pipe & fed it to the sump.

At the start, when it rained water poured in, but not through the walls as the pipes relieved the pressure. After a couple of years the pipes rarely ran with water as it seems that it had reduced the water pressure considerably. One original mistake was just to pump the water out on to the ground. This was a mistake as it went straight back down to the walls. Once I connected it to the main drain it was OK.


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 26/02/2019 19:02:42

Thread: Cutting a large chunk of nice aluminium into workable pieces
20/01/2019 06:48:33

First you need to decide what you want to make with the pieces.

It would be silly to cut it up & then find that you needed a manhole cover that sizesad

then a thin abrasive blade in an angle grinder perhaps?

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 20/01/2019 06:49:52

Thread: Gatwick Drone 'Attack'
09/01/2019 16:13:59
Posted by mechman48 on 09/01/2019 10:58:23:

Simple answer would be … whoever buys a drone has to register it with the CAA with it's serial #, model #, name & address of the owner. These drones are usually operable within a 1or 2 kilometres of the control system ( apart from industrial / film / TV production models ) so should one be 'captured' then the authorities only have to look within that radius to locate the owner …?. Just my two pence worth.


Most of the members in my club make their own from scratch, as do people I know who are not members of clubs.The parts are readily obtainable from such a wide source (& for a range of uses other than drones) that they are virtually untraceable

As an aside, I watched the programme a few months ago about the Battle of Britain where they had models flying in combat. I seem to recall that some had lasers & successfully "shot down" the opposition. If these lasers are successful at disabling the electronics; then I am sure that I could soon be skillful enough to down a drone, from another drone, with a laser, once I saw one & could chase after it. That must be a cheap way of doing it, provided one could get near enough in time- That being the problem.

Thread: Access Platform
31/12/2018 12:39:48

Make a couple of 4 ft square towers of the required height but make them so one will fit on top of the other for double height so you have a tower . ( you could just buy a small tower & use it in 2 halves - they are fairly light & easy to store away) then get a 10,12, or15ft Youngmans with a handrail fitted one side.Plonk the Youngmans on the 2 towers & you have a nice long stable platform.which is safe & easy to move around You can get a 12 aluminium staging( Youngmans) for around £100 & stick your own uprights on one side with a handrail so you do not step back to admire your work & break your neck


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 31/12/2018 12:44:54

Thread: Gatwick Drone 'Attack'
24/12/2018 17:10:36
Posted by Michael Gilligan on 24/12/2018 15:56:29:
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 24/12/2018 15:48:29:

I just think it seem weird that with all the technology they cannot jam the 2.4 channel for just enough seconds to crash the drone. I know that modern transmitters (like my Futaba) change frequencies within the bandwidth quickly but surely they can beat that. Or is it a case that doing so may disrupt some other important systems operating on the same frequency?


I think it more likely that by simply crashing the drone they would lose any chance of apprehending the perpetrators.


Fair comment Michael, but it seems to me that they have not caught the perpetrators any way. Plus they have caused misery to thousands. Surely upsetting the signal would have saved massive costs as well.

The comment has been made that if a drone looses its signal it will fly back to a pre determined position. Yes they do that in our club. It is one of the tricks we perform, Have a cup of coffee whilst the drone does circuits, then as it runs out of power it senses it & comes home & hovers 4 ft above the ground waiting to be collected. So thinking that through, a helicopter sights the drone. Signal gets jammed & the drone says hey I am going back to base -- & guess what -- there is an operator standing there for all to see.

Surely that is not beyond the ability of someone with a bit of techy experience.

As for a few car alarms going off - well - what is worse? Put yourself in the position of a traveler & one of a car owner. Who is inconvenienced the most?



Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 24/12/2018 17:21:44

24/12/2018 15:48:29

I just think it seem weird that with all the technology they cannot jam the 2.4 channel for just enough seconds to crash the drone. I know that modern transmitters (like my Futaba) change frequencies within the bandwidth quickly but surely they can beat that. Or is it a case that doing so may disrupt some other important systems operating on the same frequency?

What really concerns me is the backlash on sensible model fliers

our club operates a quarter of a mile from a private field (Stowe Maries war museum) where there can be a couple of air displays a year & regular private flights (biplanes etc) during the week. Although the airfield operators have agreed that the planes will not fly over our model flying site they sometimes do ( probably visitors) . If we cannot get our models down in time they can get close. That being said we always look out for them & if a plane strays close we down all models until safe to fly.

If someone suddenly decided that a practice that has worked Ok for the last 8 years is no longer safe then we would loose our flying field (for which we have local authority planning permission)

This drone incident is something that bone fide modelers can do without

24/12/2018 15:36:12
Posted by JasonB on 24/12/2018 14:00:21:
Posted by Phil Stevenson on 24/12/2018 09:59:41:

..........................without comment from the mods (no sex, yet). Does that mean I can start to talk about the success or otherwise of terrorism again?

I have deleted a few posts without comment and will continue to do so.

Do not mention the sex

I did but I think i got away with it yes

24/12/2018 11:11:26

I think the correct response to that post might be " Don't judge others by yourself!!"

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 24/12/2018 11:11:36

24/12/2018 10:02:29
Posted by Phil Stevenson on 24/12/2018 09:59:41:

Having had my knuckles rapped earlier in this post for veering towards politics (a fair cop), things seem to have veered well away from the tech of drones to delve back into politics and even religion without comment from the mods (no sex, yet). Does that mean I can start to talk about the success or otherwise of terrorism again?

Naah !!

Stick to the sex angle it is more fun than droning on about politicsdevil

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 24/12/2018 10:04:09

24/12/2018 09:35:27
Posted by Clive India on 24/12/2018 09:22:40:
Posted by c wastell on 24/12/2018 08:24:30:
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 23/12/2018 20:41:28:
This is how they do it in America **LINK**
Starts at about 1.5 mins

I'm no pacifist but that is a screwed up societysad

And they are not very good at shooting down model planes either. Why bother to make them move - they could probably not hit the target if it was attached to a pole! Your models are safe methinks.

My wife was watching the programme about one of our warships & I noticed a bit where one of the gunners was aiming at a target at sea. To be fair to the amateur Americans they were probably no worse than our"professionals"

Later in the programme the female captain congratulated the gunner on his shooting, but from the little I saw only a couple of bullets actually hit the target, with most shots scattered around it. I could not help wondering how the gunner would have faired if the target had been a in Israeli soldier with a similar machine gun returning fire. I doubt if our man would have got off more than a couple of rounds.

At least the Americans did eventually hit all the model planes. Mind you a shotgun might have been a better weapon than some of the artillery pieces. Fun firing one though!!. Bit worrying knowing that the druggy neighbour up the road might have one in the garage.

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