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Thread: What would you ban and why? (Definitely tearoom!)
23/07/2022 12:49:37

I would like lorries & the local school bus to keep to their side of the road when there is ample room to do so. I would like the porche driver who smashed my wing mirror the other day when I had slowed to <10mph in a 30 zone whilst he careered down the middle at over 40MPH to burn in hell. I would like to ban the oversized camper vans that drive on the wrong side of the white line at every corner & even on straight roads as if they are entitled to extra room. Same goes for the oversized farm tractors & trailers that can easily keep to their side when passing their mates going the other way but seem to ignore every other road user.

In fact I think white lines should be reconstructed with great spikes to puncture any tyres of those who cross them.

Thread: Buying from the EU
21/07/2022 13:07:49
Posted by jann west on 21/07/2022 09:58:08:

If you knew someone in the Netherlands they might be kind enough to take delivery, place the charts in a document envelope, and post (or courier) them to you as documents. No Vat, no admin, quite quick.

I live in Amsterdam - you can msg me if you want.

Also, not sure where you are going, but you can download openCPN and cmaps (via bittorrent) for a worldwide mapping solution on your laptop - got me from the French Mediterranean to Amsterdam via the UK. Even works with an AIS receiver if you have one.

Thanks for the offer. I am considering having them posted to the royal north sea yacht club in Ostend. I get on well with the harbour master.

As for digital versions. We all have digital mapping. But like any responsible mariners we all want charts as backups. They are far easier for passage planning as well. We are doing the standing mast route to Dordrecht from Flushing. A trip I have done a number of time. We may carry on to Amsterdam if time permits.

21/07/2022 12:59:40
Posted by A Smith on 21/07/2022 12:11:40:

I recently bought a tool from LouisMoto in Hamburg. I paid the price on the website + the shipping cost. It arrived a week later with no extra costs incurred.

I have bought from them because the said free delivery for goods over £100 but I am not sure that included DHL's charge.

their Emails suggest that it did not

21/07/2022 08:46:54
Posted by Weary on 21/07/2022 08:13:51:

The [customs clearance] charge is currently £11.00 or 2.5% of the total Duty and/or VAT incurred, whichever is the greater.

source: DHL website, 'Why do I have to pay an Advance Payment or Disbursement charge?'

I spent all morning looking for that. I have tried phoning & chat line & got nowhere.

I have had a sleepless night over this

I apreciate your help

Sam L

21/07/2022 08:01:51

Although this is about some charts I am buying it could equally be about tooling or plans that model engineers might want to buy or have already bought from the EU. If the mods are not happy about the fact it is charts then apologies , please delete & I will go away.

I have ordered 4 sets of charts & books from NV charts in the Netherlands on behalf of our members who are going with me on a cruise in August Value £280

They are being sent from the supplier via DHL & when leaving the EU will be VAT exempt.

However, VAT will be charged once they enter the UK via customs & I do expect DHL to make a charge. Ideally I need these by 4 August as I will be leaving earlier than the others who will be leaving 20 August. My wife can take delivery & pass the charts on if really necessary but a nuisance. If they arrive after that date they will be useless.

The charts are not all in stock so will not leave Holland until 29 July. That gives 6 days to get here

Has anyone experience of how DHL handle the VAT, which I assume I will have to pay prior to delivery & how long it will take to get through customs for goods arriving from the EU.

Also how much will DHL rob me for the administration charge

Has anyone experience of this?

Please do not go into rants about Brexit- It has happened - I voted for it- I accept that it will cause issues. I just want an answer to my question please


Thread: Quality of 316 stainless
01/07/2022 14:06:38

I am having a discussion on a yachting forum about the rusting of 316 stainless on a boat. A member has claimed that modern 316 is "junk". I pointed out that if he bought from an ISO registered company they would have systems for ensuring that the material ordered was what was supplied. His answer was that 316 is not the same quality that it was years ago. He cited the point that 316 cleats etc on his boat fitted years ago have retained their brightness. However, 316 supplied in the last few years continually show sign of rust staining in spite of repeated polishing

Can anyone in the know tell me if the quality of 316 has been down graded I know that it has a different classification 1.4404 I think- but is that because the structure has altered.

Is the other forumite correct in his "junk" assessment, albeit a bit over the top. Or is he wrong & there is no change

My second question is about cast 316- This is because the thread arose when someone wanted a stainless steel elbow to replace a cast iron one.

Does the structure of 316 change much if cast instead of being welded. The Op for the thread has actually ordered a cast 304 ss one & has been told that it will rust very quickly. Something I doubt, not being in water

Any comments please?

Thread: How to machine out a metal channel by hand?
25/06/2022 09:08:01

Wooden dowel..Cut a thin strip of emery & spiral wind it on the dowel & super glue it in place The emery will be a bit longer than the channel. Place in electric drill & place it in the channel.Make the dowel longer than the channel & support the end away from the drill with a bit of wood with a hole in it. Then you can run the emery the entire length of the channel. Drill one end, wood support, held in ones hand, the other. It will gradually wear away the metal as it spins.


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 25/06/2022 09:09:33

Thread: Parting off small screws - well, it may be new to somebody
15/06/2022 21:00:24

I'd be worried about the wife swallowing a screw in the morning

Thread: Grinding and cutoff discs for angle grinders
05/06/2022 17:06:30

50 years ago I used to buy 9 inch stone cutting discs & some metal by the 1000 to get the cost down. I burned out so many angle grinders that I started using air ones off a big diesel compressor. I have had a variety of machines, including paving slab cutters & fixed machines for cutting 38mm bar for sash weights. Blades used to come complete with a paper washer for mounting. Seem to be omitted these days & people do not bother.I am not sure that is a good thing.

I now use 9 inch bosch & Makita ones to cut chain & odd bits of metal. I used to cut chain by standing with my legs slightly apart on it & cutting a link between my feet. I now put the link in a drill vice bolted to a bit of ply on which I stand .

In all those years I have only ever broken one disc. My foot slipped off the chain & it flew up jamming the blade. The bits went across the sailing club ground about 6 metres

I do think people do go a bit over the top about these tools. One has to hold them firmly & not wave them about like a flag waving exercise. Get in a firm standing position. Make sure the item to be cut is secure & the offcut will not jam as it droops down. Line the blade up with the cut & do not let it wander from side to side. Check that you have no loose clothing in the way & you are not going to burn a hole in your trousers. Make sure the wife's car is well clear of the sparks & just get on with it.

But some people just have not got it. You can see them with a screw driver. The handle waves about all over the place forming a neat wide circle, whilst they are trying to undo a screw. they are the people who should not have an angle grinder

BUT do not forget the goggles.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 05/06/2022 17:08:23

Thread: What adhesive - that shrinks when it sets - do you recommend for melamine laminate sheets?
04/04/2022 17:00:21

I would just use Trespa & get on with life. There are a host of varieties & thicknesses. I have a fair quantity of 12mm Th & use it for all manner of things, including worktop for a couple of mobile benches. Main use is for jig making & small plastic parts.Also have made bits for club members yachts out of it.

30/03/2022 22:19:07

Although I preferred contact adhesive for single sheets. If I had a lot I often would glue down sheets of formica with PVA adhesive & put them in the door press. I used to buy a PVA from a local chemical company, formulated for the job. But then I would buy in quantities up to 1 tonne at a time, as it could be used for exterior joinery as well.

To speed things up I sometimes added a little water & used a radio frequency gluer to set the adhesive.

Ordinary PVA will do the job, provided it can be clamped & left

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 30/03/2022 22:20:01

Thread: Hermes and couriers
16/03/2022 07:13:57
Posted by DMB on 15/03/2022 23:20:59:

Doesn't matter how good a reputation of any business, not just couriers, they are all only as good as their worst employee as he's the bigger who lets the side down and gives the outfit a bad name. As the old saying goes, give a dog a bad name and it sticks. Probably like the proverbial to a blanket.

My personal experience of Hermes has been as good as any of the others. Am I lucky? The same Hermes guy has been delivering in my road for several years.

Not quite.First you need a firm but fair management that does not let things drift. It is how you deal with one's employees in the first place. Good moral produces less "bad" employees. Then when one does get a bad employee, it is how quickly he/she is rooted out & removed from the system, or placed so that it does not affect the customer's view. Then there is the way a company reacts to complaints. All companies make mistakes, even mine did sometimes. But my policy was NEVER to let one fester. Act immediately. the faster one reacts the smaller the complaint/problem. Just shunning it makes it worse & spoils the company image. It will invariably have to be sorted eventually, so why not now rather than sometime in the future.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 16/03/2022 07:18:24

Thread: Over 70 Driving Licence Renewal
12/03/2022 21:01:53

I have kept my old plastic licence & carry it for identification purposes. My up to date one is at home where it will not get lost. No one is going to look at the date on the licence when asking for identification & if a policeman stops me then he can read the number & quickly check validity with HQ. I doubt that he would check date, but if he did I would just look stupid (easy enough) & say I made a mistake. It avoids losing the correct one. I have not been reminded to send it back & i would just say, assumed lost in post !!.

I also keep an old barclay card on my boat. On a number of occasions I have been asked to leave my card as security, ie when hiring a bike when on holiday abroad etc. So I leave my out of date one. No one checks. When I come to pay I say " Oh, i will pay with another card" & swop them. I do not want my current card being held by others.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 12/03/2022 21:02:56

Thread: T pylons
09/03/2022 08:44:11
Posted by Bazyle on 08/03/2022 23:08:03:

The metal ones have to be painted regularly which is a very manual and expensive process.

Have you actually seen them being re painted. I saw some old ones being taken down & the galvanising was still fairly good. I thought that painting previously galvanised surfaces is not quite so straight forward, as it is to bare, or pre painted steel.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 09/03/2022 08:45:14

09/03/2022 08:38:43

What are they constructed from? One would assume the old metal ones would be recyclable. But if the new ones are in GRP, then I would question that they can be recycled so easily. Lifetime is possibly more. The old style does last quite a while, I have seen them being replaced. More often re strung, or insulators changed.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 09/03/2022 08:39:41

Thread: Windows 10 "upgrade" to Windows 11 Anyone tried it?
02/03/2022 19:34:29

I have a 9 months old Dell inspiron

Since up grading to W11 my sky wifi drops out several times an hour.My wife's Ipad still keeps its connection. If i am following a link I sometimes find it impossible because the connection drops. Sometime the wifi turns off & i have to turn that back on

A couple of days ago microsoft mail failed & I could only get it to work by uninstalling & re installing which resulted in all folders being lost

These things did not happen until I installed W11

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 02/03/2022 19:36:13

Thread: Making a Carriage stop for a lathe
02/03/2022 16:06:21

I apreciate that one should not put items for sale in the threads but as the subject on hand is stops I thought that I would cheat ( If I can get away with it!!) & say that I have one of these for sale for £ 80-00 plus P & P

It is quite heavymuford 2

myford 3

Thread: How to make this?
22/02/2022 18:33:39

I know that this sounds like a bodge but would it be possible to do the following.

Turn a taper.

Wind a copper wire around the taper, using a very thin wire between to keep equal spacing.once a pitch has been established

Solder the wire in place

Using a tool like a wood turners scraper with a "V" point ground in it just run it along the resulting grooves to form Vs

Or perhaps do the same with a triangular file

The thread does not have to be particularly accurate to carry the pad & just needs some form of LH screw.

Would that work. Or is it a rubbish idea?

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 22/02/2022 18:36:17

Thread: Tracy Tools Delivery
19/02/2022 18:12:54

The diamond tool holders that were ordered from Australia ( I mentioned this in another thread) at the beginning of november arrived in the UK- Coventry- at the beginning of january. It finally cleared customs & was collected by the Royal mail.soon after- Mid Jan I understand. They lost the parcel surprise

Emails to Eccentric Tools followed & they then gave Royal mail 15 days to sort it. Parcel finally arrived 11 February.

The Royal Mail is renowned in our village for its poor performance. The postie himself is Ok, but the backup is not his fault.

Thread: Wind - trivia
16/02/2022 22:14:44

I was in Peterhead one year, on my round Uk trip, sheltering from bad weather.The harbour master told me that is son was out in the N sea in the force 10 storm which is average 49-55 Kts.About 60 MPH plus gusts with seas up to 40 feet, in an oil rig supply vessel. I asked why they were not in port, as they could not do much supply work in that weather. He replied that vessel's contract meant that they only got paid when at sea, so the owners insisted that they stayed out.

At that time a 35 ft yacht, like me, also single handed, came in, having come through the Pentland Firth in the same weather. The sailor rested for about 15 hours then left for the Netherlands. By then it had dropped to F9.

Not sure if they would be out today thoughsad

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