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Thread: Yipee the F1 is back on
29/06/2020 17:43:52
Posted by not done it yet on 28/06/2020 21:51:26:
Posted by Steviegtr on 28/06/2020 18:56:06:

Austrian GP on next weekend for any motorsport followers. Having a T.V & maybe SKY. would help. I know some members do not so this will be of zero interest to you.


Why? We might just have a radio, you know. Doubtless the highlights will appear on Youtube (possibly even the whole race?). There will be reports in the papers - for those that read them. So please don’t assume or state obviously untrue statements just because you think yourself, and others with goggleboxes, are the only ones interested!

F1 ON THE RADIO ???? Crikey it is not exactly football is it (not that I would watch/listen to that either) But on the radio!! What do you do? listen to the Vroom vroom as they wizz past??devil Do they sound different to an enthusiast?

I find the pre race chat with Coulthard & co the best bit, provided E Jordan stays out of it that is. Might record the start & the finish. Then flick through rest as it is usually just a procession.

Still that being said , many years ago a relation of mine was absolutely ecstatic when his wife gave him a long playing record of the Isle of Mann TT motorcycle racing. He knew every motorbike by the sound.

Have to say for excitement, watching a you tube vid of Guy Martin lapping the IOM TT circuit has to be a bit squeeky bum stuff. The sidecars put on a show as well. Certainly puts a lap of an F1 circuit to shame.

I keep promising myself that next time I sail round UK, I will time it so I can moor up at the IOM & go & watch some of it.

I did find the Jim Clarke memorial museum at Dunns interesting. Mainly because I used to go & watch him race several times. A really entertaining driver, who did his best to put on a show for the crowds at Brands Hatch in his Lotus Cortina & his F1 car.


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 29/06/2020 17:52:03

Thread: Hermes Parcels
25/06/2020 15:30:46

One of the local DHL drivers was excellent, even managing to notice a parcel addressed to the next village was in fact meant for me. He is an RC model plane flier & I suspect that if he had more time he would love to  have a look at my lathe & mill. Have not seen him lately, but they are still the best.

I have regular deliveries by pallet & the local pallet delivery company has the same driver for this area. He is excellent & invariably goes the extra mile getting the pallets- weighing up to 1 tonne- right into my garage, or shed. the odd tip does help though.

One company delivered my life raft & the 2 drivers would only carry the parcel 50% of the way up the drive & then dropped it there. Said they had " Met me half way" & that was that.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 25/06/2020 15:36:43

Thread: machining acetal
20/06/2020 13:24:16

As a beginner--This might be a stupid question

--But- (Not knowing how long the piece is) would it not be just as accurate to put the piece sideways in a 4 jaw chuck in a lathe & turn a flat Then turn it over & do the opp face which would be easy to do accurately then repeat for the other 2 faces. Would it come out square & parallel etc? Easy & quick to set up?

Assuming of course the OP has a lathe sad

Or is that totally wrong


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 20/06/2020 13:27:55

Thread: Concrete Garages, Shelving and Catastrophe
17/06/2020 13:36:33

Bison Concrete produced over a million concrete garages for local authorities & stopped making them circa early 80's. When they stopped production at Chadwell, They sold the moulds, for peanuts, to Thurrock Concrete Ltd. who rented part of my builders yard. They then made spare parts for damaged Bison garages for LAs, which was a clever move as it was cheaper than replacing a full garage.

They did not use rebar as such but prestressed the sections with 1/4 inch diameter HT steel "wire". the pre stressing operation was quite technical & the one operation that the owner himself always insisted on doing. A broken overstressed wire, or errant anchor collet, could fly out many yards like an arrow. with serious consequences.

They always advised customers NOT to cut any pre stressing wires because, although they were held in set concrete they could pull back a little causing pieces of concrete to shatter outwards. Drilling a concrete panel can sometimes result in a long crack along the line of the wire, resulting in erosion of the wire at some later date.

I imagine that modern garages are made using the same method

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 17/06/2020 13:45:37

17/06/2020 07:42:45

I have fully lined my concrete garage & in doing so have made lots of fixing points. I obtained some 25*50 *2.400 battens & some binding wire. I have some 8 inch steel fixers nips to twist the wire. I replaced the bolts to the joints in the concrete panels with lengths of stainless studding such that the ends stuck out 25mm both sides. This gave an anchorage point for the wire. One could do it by just slackening the bolts & working the wire behind them, but I have lots of studding left from a job so i just swopped it.

I placed the battens up the face of each joint. I passed the wire from one end of the studding round the face of the vertical batten back to the other end of the studding & twisted it really tight. I cannot recall if I did 3 or 4 per length This holds the batten really tight. The wire started to cut into the batten.

This then allowed me to place 25 mm celotex between battens,& face the lot with 4mm ply, up to 6ft high ( 1.5 sheets of ply wide)

However, back to your point. I can now screw things like my shelving (which is still supported at the front down to the floor) to the battens which are at 600mm centres round the garage.


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 17/06/2020 07:53:31

Thread: Bandsaw advice
09/05/2020 15:49:13

Try Tuff saws. They are happy to advise & have informative website

Thread: Quick setting nuts
05/05/2020 17:39:33


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 05/05/2020 17:59:46

Thread: Warco WM250v VFD. Start problem.
28/04/2020 20:01:44

I know that this is an old thread, but has anyone else had this ? Same model lathe.

Did you ever find the problem, because mine has been doing this for ages, but it is now getting worse, requiring it to be switched on off for up to 6 times on ocassions. There is a loud click when the green button is pressed. Other times it starts OK. But it has now begun to stop whilst turning. Even when doing quite light cuts. I have permanently removed the gear cover & byepassed that interlock. (wired it with a plug & adjustable stop for threading on the carriage).The chuck guard has been removed & I have rotated the bar as far as it will go so I do not believe it is the locks.

Unfortunately the lathe is against the wall & bolted on the cabinet & then to steel supports ( to raise it 9 inches) then bolted to the floor. So to get to the back is going to be a major job to get it off the base then off the cabinet etc. It would be handy to have some idea what to expect before beginning.

Was it just a loose connection? I have looked using a mirror & cannot see one


Thread: Fantastic British engineering
23/04/2020 13:15:00

I have a friend who started as an apprentice at an engineering company in the UK. For the last 14 years he has been MD. They sell a particular product all over the world & he goes to exhibitions regularly. He sells to companies ranging from the Belgian navy & shipping lines etc as well as leisure sector. The product he sells has to be carefully designed (his skill) & properly manufactured.

When I asked him why he has his designs made mainly in China, he said the high quality machining was available & at economic price. The quality was exceptional. I asked why he could not get in the UK. He said that for larger items there were no facilities. He did buy smaller parts in the UK but he said that he only did it to show a lip service to the UK.

Generally UK subcontractors were such a pain to deal with, quality & delivery times were unreliable & he had more trouble getting stuff in the UK that he really found it so much easier going to the large number of firms in China.

Aside from that subject I suspect that there is another reason that the govt would be happy to allow manufacturing to go overseas. We have a strong green lobby in this country. There is a strong lobby to reduce our carbon emissions due to global warming etc( I should not say so here, but it is a scam, but that is not the subject of the thread)

By exporting our manufacturing capability overseas we also export our carbon emissions. It is a false preconception to say that we are reducing our emissions when we are having stuff made by a country that is building dozens of coal fired power stations every year to produce our goods for us.

But lower emissions look good to the gullible. The left are quite happy to be out of work & live on the dole, paid for by others, provided they do not watch their kids coughing their guts up in the streets due to exhaust gasses

It is a difficult balancing act

Thread: Lawn weed and feed. How much is 35g?
23/04/2020 08:04:25

Ask the local drug dealer to do it for you. He will probably bag it up in nice little bags for you if you ask him nicely. You could let him have some to bulk up his ganga as payment. Just do not let the local plod catch you driving home with the bagssurprise

Thread: Advice on Building Powerful Toy Cannon
20/04/2020 13:12:52

When I was very young a crowd of us kids cut some large "Y" shaped sections of trees & dug them into the ground. We built corrugated sheet barriers round them & bound on lorry inner tubes to them to form giant catapults. For ammo we went to the local rubbish dump, which was an old pit that was being filled in & forraged 3 inch reject stones.

Then we fired them at each other in massive battles. One side was in an orchard & one side was out in the pit. We were about 50-70 yards apart. The noise when the rejects hit the iron sheets was enormous and always raised a cheer from the attacking side. Surprising no one was injured .

Proper kids games in those days.smiley

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 20/04/2020 13:13:06

20/04/2020 11:50:32

Sounds to me like some sort of youth movement, training for artillery crews of the futurefrown

Would these "cannon" be spare 100mm field artillery pieces by any chance?-- Crafty!!!

If so connect them up to an air compressor with a foam ball.( stick a piece of lead in the middle for weight perhaps) If it was rammed home hard it should come out fairly quick, then soon loose trajectory without hurting the home team.

Then in years to come all they need to do is stick a 100mm shell in it & Bob's your uncle.yes

Thread: Magnetism in Stainless steel
01/04/2020 21:52:38

Thanks everyone. I do want to be able use it for navigation. Whilst I have chart plotters & GPS I love navigating by simple compass & log, so may well use it as a steering compass at some point, if I cannot use the existing one.

Looks like it is going to be all brass ---& a bit of polishing

Sam L

01/04/2020 09:08:03

I want to make a set of gimbals for my Sestral compass.The original ones were made in brass, but the main ring is a thin "Z" shaped ( approx 6,15,6 ) I do not know how to form a ring that section. Plus the second part is a semicircular cast piece as a "T", tipped on its side, with a bracket all cast in at mid point, for mounting on a dovetail to the bulkhead.

So I intend to make the first full ring in 304 stainless steel strip rolled into a circle. The second part will be similar but heavier gauge with a 50 *30 *8 mm brass piece either riveted, or silver soldered, to it to form the bracket. Brass as easier to machine a tapered dovetail.

I know that SS304 is supposed to have minimal magnetism, and I expect that on its own I might be OK. However, has anyone actually checked the magnetism of 304 AFTER it has been worked. It seems from tech data that the magnetism can increase. If so that would make the whole exercise pointless.

So does the magnetism increase noticeably or not?

I do not really want to buy heavy brass sections as this is only a spare compass & really a project for the layoff. Anyway, I do not know how to form a ring in thin brass as a "Z" section for stiffness or how to form the heavier "T" section so both pieces would have to be flat strip on edge but bigger than SS & prohibitively expensive


Thread: Now is a good time
21/03/2020 13:18:17

Wife told me that I cannot take it with me. So sod it I am not going !!

Thread: Left handed lathe.
02/02/2020 10:02:32

My wife is left handed but she is always rightwink

Thread: Digital verniers
25/01/2020 17:24:59


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 25/01/2020 17:30:45

Thread: Chinese DRO opinions
15/01/2020 16:18:33

I already have a EMS 200 XY DRO on my mill. I would like one on my lathe but do not feel justified in spending too much as It is not my main hobby & I probably only use the lathe a couple of hours a month.

So as i am going to Ally Pallyexhibition on Friday 19 Jan I thought a cheaper option might be to go to the supplier of my DRO & buy 2 readers & then - as suggested in another post on this forum- buy a couple of switch boxes & use the same display

I am not worried about needing a set up on the mill whilst using the lathe

However, for less money & hassle I see that there are cheap complete systems on the market & I wondered what forumites experience of these are. Have they generally found them to be a waste of time & is it money down the drain

For instance I have found this **LINK**

Circa £168

I know I may have to pay VAT, but it is a lot cheaper than the one I have at present. Experiences please


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 15/01/2020 16:20:56

Thread: New legislation that could affect us all.
08/01/2020 16:50:41
Posted by Nicholas Farr on 08/01/2020 12:29:14:
Posted by David Colwill on 08/01/2020 10:28:03:
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 08/01/2020 09:57:25:

Proposed new ISO Standards for 2020 are now out for consultation:

ISO 100-5E47 - Protocols for the placement of toilet seats and their covers.

I generally place these above the toilet. I did try putting one 5 feet to the left of the toilet but this led to a pretty awful smell and it had to be moved to the correct position.



Hi David, they need to be a precision fit, i.e. they need to go onto the top of the bowl rim with the hinged part at the back. The accuracy of the x & y about the central position can be plus or minus a tad each way. Fitting it in this way, I find them to be extremely efficient and avoids much of the smell and stops you getting a bogy surface below when in use. It does help though, for the rim to be in a reasonable horizontal plain. wink 2 Hope this helps.

Regards Nick.

In the days of wooden seats my grandfather (a carpenter) would have said that it all depended on the size of his bowler hat

Thread: Win10
25/12/2019 08:01:22

I run Win 10 and have no problems. However, I also have the free "Oracle Virtual Box" loaded with all the old XP programs , data etc transferred from an older computer. I prefer some of my older software - Lotus, autocad sketch, etc because I am comfortable with it & cannot be bothered to upgrade.It also means that I can still access old data easily

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