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Thread: What adhesive - that shrinks when it sets - do you recommend for melamine laminate sheets?
04/04/2022 17:00:21

I would just use Trespa & get on with life. There are a host of varieties & thicknesses. I have a fair quantity of 12mm Th & use it for all manner of things, including worktop for a couple of mobile benches. Main use is for jig making & small plastic parts.Also have made bits for club members yachts out of it.

30/03/2022 22:19:07

Although I preferred contact adhesive for single sheets. If I had a lot I often would glue down sheets of formica with PVA adhesive & put them in the door press. I used to buy a PVA from a local chemical company, formulated for the job. But then I would buy in quantities up to 1 tonne at a time, as it could be used for exterior joinery as well.

To speed things up I sometimes added a little water & used a radio frequency gluer to set the adhesive.

Ordinary PVA will do the job, provided it can be clamped & left

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 30/03/2022 22:20:01

Thread: Hermes and couriers
16/03/2022 07:13:57
Posted by DMB on 15/03/2022 23:20:59:

Doesn't matter how good a reputation of any business, not just couriers, they are all only as good as their worst employee as he's the bigger who lets the side down and gives the outfit a bad name. As the old saying goes, give a dog a bad name and it sticks. Probably like the proverbial to a blanket.

My personal experience of Hermes has been as good as any of the others. Am I lucky? The same Hermes guy has been delivering in my road for several years.

Not quite.First you need a firm but fair management that does not let things drift. It is how you deal with one's employees in the first place. Good moral produces less "bad" employees. Then when one does get a bad employee, it is how quickly he/she is rooted out & removed from the system, or placed so that it does not affect the customer's view. Then there is the way a company reacts to complaints. All companies make mistakes, even mine did sometimes. But my policy was NEVER to let one fester. Act immediately. the faster one reacts the smaller the complaint/problem. Just shunning it makes it worse & spoils the company image. It will invariably have to be sorted eventually, so why not now rather than sometime in the future.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 16/03/2022 07:18:24

Thread: Over 70 Driving Licence Renewal
12/03/2022 21:01:53

I have kept my old plastic licence & carry it for identification purposes. My up to date one is at home where it will not get lost. No one is going to look at the date on the licence when asking for identification & if a policeman stops me then he can read the number & quickly check validity with HQ. I doubt that he would check date, but if he did I would just look stupid (easy enough) & say I made a mistake. It avoids losing the correct one. I have not been reminded to send it back & i would just say, assumed lost in post !!.

I also keep an old barclay card on my boat. On a number of occasions I have been asked to leave my card as security, ie when hiring a bike when on holiday abroad etc. So I leave my out of date one. No one checks. When I come to pay I say " Oh, i will pay with another card" & swop them. I do not want my current card being held by others.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 12/03/2022 21:02:56

Thread: T pylons
09/03/2022 08:44:11
Posted by Bazyle on 08/03/2022 23:08:03:

The metal ones have to be painted regularly which is a very manual and expensive process.

Have you actually seen them being re painted. I saw some old ones being taken down & the galvanising was still fairly good. I thought that painting previously galvanised surfaces is not quite so straight forward, as it is to bare, or pre painted steel.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 09/03/2022 08:45:14

09/03/2022 08:38:43

What are they constructed from? One would assume the old metal ones would be recyclable. But if the new ones are in GRP, then I would question that they can be recycled so easily. Lifetime is possibly more. The old style does last quite a while, I have seen them being replaced. More often re strung, or insulators changed.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 09/03/2022 08:39:41

Thread: Windows 10 "upgrade" to Windows 11 Anyone tried it?
02/03/2022 19:34:29

I have a 9 months old Dell inspiron

Since up grading to W11 my sky wifi drops out several times an hour.My wife's Ipad still keeps its connection. If i am following a link I sometimes find it impossible because the connection drops. Sometime the wifi turns off & i have to turn that back on

A couple of days ago microsoft mail failed & I could only get it to work by uninstalling & re installing which resulted in all folders being lost

These things did not happen until I installed W11

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 02/03/2022 19:36:13

Thread: Making a Carriage stop for a lathe
02/03/2022 16:06:21

I apreciate that one should not put items for sale in the threads but as the subject on hand is stops I thought that I would cheat ( If I can get away with it!!) & say that I have one of these for sale for £ 80-00 plus P & P

It is quite heavymuford 2

myford 3

Thread: How to make this?
22/02/2022 18:33:39

I know that this sounds like a bodge but would it be possible to do the following.

Turn a taper.

Wind a copper wire around the taper, using a very thin wire between to keep equal spacing.once a pitch has been established

Solder the wire in place

Using a tool like a wood turners scraper with a "V" point ground in it just run it along the resulting grooves to form Vs

Or perhaps do the same with a triangular file

The thread does not have to be particularly accurate to carry the pad & just needs some form of LH screw.

Would that work. Or is it a rubbish idea?

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 22/02/2022 18:36:17

Thread: Tracy Tools Delivery
19/02/2022 18:12:54

The diamond tool holders that were ordered from Australia ( I mentioned this in another thread) at the beginning of november arrived in the UK- Coventry- at the beginning of january. It finally cleared customs & was collected by the Royal mail.soon after- Mid Jan I understand. They lost the parcel surprise

Emails to Eccentric Tools followed & they then gave Royal mail 15 days to sort it. Parcel finally arrived 11 February.

The Royal Mail is renowned in our village for its poor performance. The postie himself is Ok, but the backup is not his fault.

Thread: Wind - trivia
16/02/2022 22:14:44

I was in Peterhead one year, on my round Uk trip, sheltering from bad weather.The harbour master told me that is son was out in the N sea in the force 10 storm which is average 49-55 Kts.About 60 MPH plus gusts with seas up to 40 feet, in an oil rig supply vessel. I asked why they were not in port, as they could not do much supply work in that weather. He replied that vessel's contract meant that they only got paid when at sea, so the owners insisted that they stayed out.

At that time a 35 ft yacht, like me, also single handed, came in, having come through the Pentland Firth in the same weather. The sailor rested for about 15 hours then left for the Netherlands. By then it had dropped to F9.

Not sure if they would be out today thoughsad

Thread: My week this week! My workshop videos
12/02/2022 18:33:50

Interesting seeing this. I am rebuilding the cab on our sailing club Fordson 4000. It has been used for the last 40 years to launch our safety boats. & it has a winch for pulling trailers up the beach. The mudguards & footplates have rusted away & the cab was falling away. The brakes did not work, but I have found that they have never been adjusted for many years.& they been immersed in water many times, I had to make new adjusting parts etc. but now brakes & handbrake work well.

The seat is in my workshop & today i was painting the post having recently repaired it. I am now fitting some door locks. A problem because I cannot get the right parts so have to adapt something. The cab parts have been sand blasted repaired & will be back from the galvanisers soon. There will be new mudguards made by one of our club members for me. I have to fit some polycarbonate in the side windows.

Hopefully it all goes back together early march ready for mooring laying.

I need a front bucket & if the OP has a source (UK- CM07LY) I would like to hear about it

Thread: workshop floor - strength question
12/02/2022 09:14:52
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 07/02/2022 16:45:57:

300kPa is a bit over 40 pounds per square inch so my flat-bottomed sheet-metal lathe stand with two 13x13" plinths would support 13520 lbs (over 6 tons). As my lathe actually weighs about 600lbs, say 800lbs with the stand, the pressure would be only 2.4 psi, and I'd expect polystyrene under the plinth to deflect by about 0.06mm.

Although concrete screed isn't as good at distributing pressure as chipboard or floorboards, I think it would be safe to support heavy machines provided a stiff board were placed underneath to guarantee load spreading. For example, a length of kitchen worktop 52" x 24" under my 800lb lathe and stand would reduce the floor loading to about 0.7psi, which is trivial.

Have you taken in to account vibration?

Thread: I am getting shorter - how about you.
10/02/2022 15:35:01
Posted by Mike Poole on 10/02/2022 15:04:19:

My hair has migrated from my head to my ears and eyebrows, not too worried about losing my hair but appearing at new sites I could do without.


But as I pointed out to one of the bald headed directors at a company I was contracting to, ( Infront of all his office staff) after he made sarky comment to me.

"At least it has to be easier to wash your head with Mr Muscle & a J cloth".

He was not amused when he heard some sniggering from heads suitably lowered behind computer screens.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 10/02/2022 15:35:41

10/02/2022 13:07:51

Our family have all been tall

35 years ago they buried my 80 year old grandmother. She was 6ft tall & to her parting days stood ramrod straight, Shoulders back. She was a real battle horse & would accept b.. s..t from no one. My father said that her 4 kids got a good hiding most days, but if anyone touched them, they had better look out. I still can picture her standing over a blue/grey enamelled 4 burner gas stove with a Woodbine stuck to her top lip, coughing while she cooked.

At her funeral the coffin was being lowered into the hole & it had not been dug long enough. The 4 pall bearers looked at each other & began to waggle the box up & down each end so it wore the earth away.

We were all seriously sad at the loss of a much loved lady when my cousin said, quite loudly " just like her, won't even go in her grave without a fight" upon which 30 people went from crying to laughing. I cannot recall a funeral where the coffin was lowered in the ground to sounds of laughter.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 10/02/2022 13:08:33

08/02/2022 17:25:36

I have not lost any height, Still 6ft 6ins, but for no apparent reason I have lost well over 2.5 stone in the last 12 months (started the day I had 1st jab ) I tried on a suit that I last wore when i was in my late 20s.It still had my Round Table badge on it. I will not say it was a perfect fit, but it was passable. Even my sports jackets, that had been long since consigned to storage, fitted really well. Pity that I no longer need so many suits etc. at 75 years of age though.

These days it tends to be rugby tops (that ones daughter seems to want to buy for birthday & Xmas), jumpers (daughter again) & trousers from the local tool shop. Socks & slippers (wife) same size as before. (Socks & the wifewink)

Thread: Hermes and couriers
08/02/2022 13:36:52

I sometimes expect to see the next delivery driver will still be wearing a life jacket.

Thread: workshop floor - strength question
07/02/2022 11:15:13

I have a chinese diesel heater in an insulated garage 20 ft * 12 ft * average 9 ft high & I find it next to useless. I have to use a calor gas radiant heater to suplement it & i find the gas heater far more effective & cheaper. The chinese thing uses lots of fuel ( cost seems to be running double calor gas) & I have tried different temp settings. Having to run it off 12 volts is an issue as well as I have to have a battery charger on the battery at the same time, otherwise the battery goes flat in a short time -

When I had my Joinery works, one of the buildings had 15 electric radiant heaters aimed at each work station. They were very effective & the workforce had no complaints. However, electricity was cheaper then, so I am not sure how they would stack up now with one each aimed at the lathe, mill & work bench.

The wife pays the bills so it might be a massive no no.

As for under floor heating, one only needs to decide where one wants the machinery, Omit the insulation & fill that part in with concrete. There is no point in heating a machine so go round it. . No need to put it under side benches if you are going to stack boxes & tool chests there either. One needs to plan the layout first.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 07/02/2022 11:19:32

Thread: Drilling deep holes - 10x drill diameter - Runout?
06/02/2022 08:53:57
Posted by The Merry Miller on 31/10/2011 13:44:08:
That's very true Chris, especially when using large hand operated ratchet drills (shades of the 1950's)
Len P.

I watched one of my fathers operatives drilling 3/4 holes in an RSJ really quite quickly & probably with less fuss than one might with an electric drill today. I know that I have had occasion to drill such holes on site & thought how much easier it would be with a ratchet drill if one had room for the clamp

I have often wondered how accurate the finished hole diameter would be. ie would there be less tollerance than one usually gets with drilling at speed. I might also ask what the smallest diameter of sharp drill one could successfully use with such equipment. Would the hole wander & would it be oversize? Are high speeds really the answer.

Thread: Galvanic Corrosion
02/02/2022 09:16:47
Posted by J Hancock on 02/02/2022 08:48:02:

Atom by atom , the aluminium channel will try to become part of the iron/steel campervan roof..

In reality , this will probably not be a problem during your ownership.

That sounds like a common phrase used in our village which has a high elderly population content

"Well it will see me out"

Most depressing & i am sure the Op will appreciate your prophecy.

I bet you will be trying to sell him an excellent  Sun Life life insurance policy next?sad



Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 02/02/2022 09:23:02

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