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Thread: Coronavirus death stats
14/01/2021 19:04:46
Posted by peak4 on 14/01/2021 14:09:17:

Link 1 This contains an animation in the first graph.

Link 2 shows current ventilator occupancy.

Not that i want to disbelieve any of that-- but look at the doctor's name !!!!!!!!!!!

Thread: The Repair Shop is getting to me...
10/01/2021 18:00:40

My painting foreman's claim to fame was that he was painting a house when Barry Bucknell ( remember him?) turned up with a team, to do some filming. During the shoot he saw my painter applying mastic round a frame & asked what it was & its purpose. He then asked to have a go. Needless to say he could not do a good job. So my painter did a section, then they filmed Barry with the mastic gun, making it look as though he had done it. He also explained all about it & how to do it, from the info my painter had given him

Thread: Gloves and machine tools - my stupidity.
01/01/2021 10:52:57

There was a TV  film about some Japanese students versus some elderly engineers in a competition to design & build a spinning top. The idea was to see who could make one spin for the longest period. The older men won.

An interesting point I noticed was that during the complete turning and manufacture, the engineers wore very clean white gloves.

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 01/01/2021 11:02:41

Thread: excellent service from m machine
24/12/2020 17:10:55
Posted by geoff adams on 24/12/2020 14:36:57:

ordered 3/8 AF hex bar yesterday afternoon joking said to lady will it be delivered xmas day it arrived today in midday post now making 25 off m6 dome nuts something to do on xmas eve well done m machine


Yup! you are right. The courier services in this country are first class. Who delivered the goods?

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 24/12/2020 17:11:14

Thread: Calor gas butane workshop radiant heater
24/12/2020 12:01:55
Posted by Brian G on 24/12/2020 09:39:41:

I got curious about how an oxygen depletion unit like this one from Hamilton Gas Products works, as it cannot be that complex if they can sell it for a tenner complete with thermocouple and spark plug. I'm still not sure, but it appears that the pilot flame itself acts as the sensor, and that at under 18% oxygen the pilot flame separates from the burner, and therefore lifts off of the thermocouple, shutting off the gas valve, which sound like what you are describing.

I would guess that adjustment instructions are not going to be generally available, and wouldn't personally consider trying to adjust the pilot other than perhaps checking for blockages, but according to this article, one reason for the flame lifting off and shutting down the unit can be high gas pressure, so perhaps changing the regulator might be worthwhile?

Brian G

Thanks for the link. After the (one day crying) holiday, I will have a look & see if it is possible to swap the parts over. A new pilot fitting may be the answer.

Separation of the pilot light is exactly what is happening, but I did not know how to describe it.Sometimes the unit works from the start sometimes not, which started me thinking about the regulator , which came new with the heater. It happens with the door of the shed open so it is not actual oxygen depletion, but possibly a faulty fitting. Worth a punt for a tenner & a bit of fettling. -- After I have fitted the carbon monoxide unit off my boat, along with the portable gas leak alarm

24/12/2020 08:47:49
Posted by not done it yet on 24/12/2020 07:31:16:

If the pilot flame holds on the supply with a flame failure device is this turning off the heater? Ie fail safe?

If not the pressure regulator, I, too, would dump it - back at the supplier for a refund, after complaining to the regulating body or in a condition that it could never be used again.

Seems to me buy cheap, buy twice? As I’ve said elsewhere, only buy cheap if you can afford to throw it away.

The problem is that there is so much hassle sending back for the cost involved. Then there is the problem of knowing which one is " good quality". Like many of these one sees on the internet , there is no real way of telling. These far east things are 10 a penny & probably all from similar factories, so one just pays the cheapest price for the same product. I sent the first one back already.

If someone can give me recommendations for a good one, that would help.

As for damp - I have never really suffered from this in my workshop, even in the worst Essex winter.

As for carbon monoxide poisoning- It reminds me that I have a portable unit on my boat that I could put in my shed during the winter. Might do that.Good point.

As for using a gas heater in a shed being dangerous- well perhaps I should have died some time over the last 45 years, but still time yet so I do have the sense to open the door . The shed is very well insulated so I actually do not need the heater on for long so I heat the shed up for 30 mins then turn the heater off. That is normally enough so I have the door open for a while. It is a cheap & fairly efficient way of warming the shed which is well insulated.

But thanks for the comments everyone. It looks like I will have to put my hand in my pocket. I hope Santa delivers cash instead of socks this year

happy Xmas to one & allyes

23/12/2020 16:08:26

I purchased a new one of these18 months ago, when I suspected that my 45 year old one was giving off fumes. It is a cabinet type with the bottle inside. has 3 burners on the face.

It is ignited by first turning on gas at the regulator then depressing the rotating dial at the top & depressing the spark ignition to light a pilot light at the front central burner. One can then select 2 or 3 burners by rotating the dial further

The first one was returned to the supplier as the pilot light just blew up in a high jet & would not ignite the burner. The current one has not been used much & out of return warranty

My problem is that the pilot light seems to be getting too much air & is roaring like a blow lamp & then goes out. If i hold a sugar stirrer over the light when igniting I can force the pilot light to burn properly at the start, but after 10 mins it will suddenly start roaring then go out. The supplier says that it is fitted with a unit that assesses the oxygen in the air, but it does this with the door open as well

So does anyone have any clues how to adjust the pilot light please? Should I be looking for an air screw. Should I alter the gas regulator on the bottle? ( old ones were adjustable) should I bend the thermal coupling?

Am I wasting my time & my £ 55-00 & need to chuck it out after little use?

Any advice greatly appreciated ( I would rather not have suggestions of - use electric, diesel etc etc- I just want to get this working like my old one which just wore out but otherwise was great)


Sam L

Thread: Milton Keynes Metals?
21/12/2020 11:23:51
Posted by Andrew Johnston on 21/12/2020 10:24:31:
Posted by Bazyle on 21/12/2020 10:11:07:

Is slideway oil 'just' a regular machine oil of given viscosity then?

Definitely not. They have specific properties, including those listed. My slideway oil is slightly stringy so it stays where it is put; not all slideways are horizontal.


So a chainsaw bar oil might do the job -- Have not used any for years but that had a "stringy" property & is, in a way, a similar application, plus readily available.-- Or is that a rubbish suggestion as well ?????

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 21/12/2020 11:24:18

Thread: Cannot let this pass without comment
20/12/2020 07:53:54

I am a bit slow-- I will try & keep up next timeblush

19/12/2020 22:16:33

Well I wanted to post this video of a bidirectional thread cutting exercise. Not sure if it has been seen before, apologies if it has, but I thought it clever

You tube thread cutting

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 19/12/2020 22:18:01

Thread: Message from ARC to our customers in the E.U.
11/12/2020 17:40:33

It would be interesting to know what % of the goods that ARC sell into the EU is actually made in the Uk. Very little one might wonder But then I may be very wrong. If i am then that is bad for the UK because it is lost manufacturing.

Personally I have little sympathy with goods sourced in India & then sent to the EU, if there is no value added in the Uk. & I say that with the greatest of respect to Ketan. The only benefit being increased turnover for ARC meaning increased buying power of the product & hence reduced cost to us here in the uk perhaps

What I expect to see is an unholy mess for 6-12 months. considerable delays at ports etc, remainers will have a field day,( Laura K at the BBC will be on overtime laugh)Great political arguing. But once industry get to grips & actually KNOW what they need to know then things will start to run more smoothly. Couriers will reduce costs. Currently their charges are reflecting uncertainty & we cannot blame them for that. Without turning the debate into a political one it is clear that we would have been better off walking away ages ago. But that is for another debate.

10/12/2020 16:50:52

If the percentage of Ketan's business overseas is significant then there is a solution. I would guess that just about 90% of what he sells is imported anyway. If he is not selling to the EU he is not importing . If he tells us he does not make much profit then he is not loosing much. The Uks imports are less.

But if it is a significant business, rent a wharehouse in Boulogne (or wherever) I am sure that other small businesses will get wise & shared arrangements can be set up., import the goods to there & send them from there to the EU customers. The bookwork can be handled from the Uk by computer. Profits can come back to Uk so that foriegn tax is limited. All you need in Boulogne is a manager and a couple of parcel packers.

Is it really so hard, once the initial problems are sorted & of course there has to be a will to develop a business opportunity. Ketan already has the supply chain to his business ,He knows how to handle the goods, he has experience of international trade. He has all the tools he needs.  The hard bit is building the initial stocks & moving small quantities from the Uk to ensure he has the stock in the EU to start it up.Of course he will need additional capital to cope with the extra stock until it starts to move. He then needs to change the delivery address & learn to manage French company rules.


Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 10/12/2020 16:57:07

Thread: Cutting copper tube square
13/11/2020 16:39:23

Get a piece of 2 inch plastic waste pipe. Cut that & then, using some sand paper on a disc or the bench, get it as square as you can. when satisfied, cut a slit in it & snap it over the copper pipe. Possible with a bit of double sided tape to hold it in place. Cut along the edge of the pipe with a hacksaw.

On the other hand, I have a plumbers, eclipse pipe cutting wheel, that cuts 54mm OK & that cuts copper pipe nice & square. Can you borrow one?



Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 13/11/2020 16:42:14

Thread: Is this better than single purpose rope?
12/11/2020 15:44:23

Don't believe a word they say. They are just stringing you along

Thread: Gear cutting company
29/10/2020 21:29:21

These do custom gears



Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 29/10/2020 21:31:46

Thread: Parcelforce or DPD
29/10/2020 13:06:48

DPD every time. Always deliver in notified time slot. Same regular driver, who on one occasion noticed the wrong address (wrong village) & managed to knock me up & check it was my parcel because he knew my name & recognised it was a marine item from the suppliers name on the parcel.

As for Herpes they regularly deliver the day after the day they say they will. Possibly because we are at the end of the round & driver cannot finish on time

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 29/10/2020 13:07:25

Thread: Thank you Arceuro
28/10/2020 13:09:53
Posted by Sam Longley 1 on 28/10/2020 13:06:43:

I often see these posts & wonder why.

If my wife walks into a shop she expects to be served quickly, Unless there is a queue. So why would it not be the same for expecting a supplier to get the goods off to a customer fairly quickly. Can one tell me the difference?

The real heros in the story are the couriers who are able to collect the goods from the supplier & get the goods to the customer toot suite.

It is not the supplier that needs congratulating for doing what one would expect from any shop is it?

If , however, the supplier offers advice, or good returns service etc then by all means they deserve praise.

Now tell us who carried the goods & congratulate them-- Yet you do not-- Why?

28/10/2020 13:06:43

dual post

Edited By Sam Longley 1 on 28/10/2020 13:12:55

Thread: DRO errors, or are they??
25/10/2020 18:10:20
Posted by Dave Halford on 25/10/2020 18:06:17:

The DRO doesn't like being the only lathe earth .

I am confident that the electrician who wired my workshop did it properly. Whilst the lathe itself is poor the earthing in the workshop is Ok. The mill DRO works perfectly well. I could disconnect the earth from the lathe, but i cannot see how this alters the readings. I will try it though.I will give any suggestion a go, thanks

25/10/2020 17:45:03
Posted by Dave Halford on 25/10/2020 16:26:23:

Have you swapped the cables around to see if the fault moves to the other axis display?

Have you tried zeroing the readings and using it as a basic measuring tool cutting out the maths?

There have been issues with scales changing reading when the motor is switched on, that was a lack of AC earth.

I had not thought of swapping the cables but will give anything a go.

I do have a wiring issue. Ever since I had the machine from new I have had to press the start/stop switch sometimes up to 5 times to get it to start. I have found that wedging a piece of wood against one of the components to push it up against the copper strips does help, as the clips that hold it in place are naff. Perhaps there is an issue there, but I tend not to stop the motor if poss, because I have found that having pressed the start switch & it does not start, if I then forget to press the stop switch it sometimes starts on its own whilst i am handling it. No fun with the chuck key in place. It has rapped my knuckles twice, but i gave it a good swearing atsurprise

However the DRO is wired through a different 13 amp socket & it is earthed to the lathe.

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