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Thread: Is Model Engineering in Decline
18/08/2018 19:26:25

I think the problem is years ago, most people lived in houses rather than what are now comically called apartments, or it would be comical if young people did not have to take on a lifetimes debt for a place only slightly larger than Harry Potters cupboard under the stairs. If you think i am joking, have a look at one, terrible.

My grandparents, on both sides had very ordinary houses but with gardens large enough to make growing your own veg worthwhile, back when people had to do things like that. In both cases there was also enough room to build a pretty decent sized shed.

And as you all know once a shed is built, it makes a great bolt hole to hide from the wimmins/swmbo/'er indoors. Once in the shed you might as well do something, home brew, carpentry, fiddling with motorbikes or cars, model engineering, or all of the above.

That is something that is simply not going to be open to most younger people in the future, trying to re-enact the industrial revolution in a pokey apartment is simply something that is not going to happen. Even with modern houses, the developers cram as many of them onto a plot of land as possible, a friend has a garden just big enough to fit two wheely bins.

Thread: Engine plans
07/08/2018 22:15:51

I have known very skilled people, Toolmakers, Fitters, Machinists, Cabinet makers, Carpenters, probably more skilled than most around now, who for nearly all of their working life used imperial. They seemed to cope alright. Also you speak as though imperial is dead and buried, its still used in America, and then by people here who work on American products, such as train locomotives, and aircraft.

I worked for years in a hose company, machining threads on fittings, making up hose assemblies etc, all in imperial, usually BSP, British standard pipe.

Thread: Crankshaft repairs
07/08/2018 01:36:12
I have a crankshaft somewhere from a jawa speedway engine. I would imagine it had to cope with 60hp passing through it. There is no splines, serrations, tapers,rivitted flanges, cotter pins or anything else holding it together. Both the mainshafts are press fits into the crank cheeks, and the big end the same.
06/08/2018 22:17:41
Posted by Tim Stevens on 06/08/2018 15:18:02:

ronan - One-off or even ten-off manufacture is very time-consuming - just ask others on the forum who have been doing it for years. Therefore we have to expect rather high prices. These shafts are not something you can knock out in an afternoon on a Myford - they involve things like heat treatment, & cylindrical grinding, so even if you only need one of each I bet you need two or three material blanks to be sure of getting it right.

I'm sure a web-search on Velocette Owners Club will prove rewarding. And if it is, please join. They can only provide a service if they have money to do it. Worth every penny.

Cheers, Tim

Oh yes Tim, i know all about time consuming engineering work, the amount of people who want a "quick job done for a tenner" who i tell to take a hike is quite large, i do not work for free.

As has been said if En24t is used, then the material is already heat treated, as for the cylindrical grinding, i am not so sure if its necessary in this case, i have access to a cylindrical grinder if i need it, and its very rare i do. I would think fine turning would fit the bill.

06/08/2018 22:12:44
Posted by John MC on 06/08/2018 17:53:07:

I believe Alpha are not trading at the moment, hopefully to return soon.

I would disagree with the "aftermarket scene" for post war Velo's being huge. The main supplier is not getting any younger and would like to retire. Anno domini is making itself felt with four other specialists (repairers). Some other classic bike dealers sell the common stuff, the more specialist stuff will become hard to get unless someone picks up the reins, may be the owners club?

Its also been mentioned someone is making complete engines, not quite but I believe that is his ambition. The price will mean that very few will be able to buy these parts.


I really hope Alpha comes back, i did hear that Max Nightingale died suddenly and was wondering if the firm would continue work. As for serious engineers making spares for old bikes, its a difficult one as most people into old british bikes are getting on in years, as are the engineers. Also i think a lot of people are buying old bikes now for investments, and not to ride, which is a pity.

Thread: Engine plans
06/08/2018 22:06:06

Why not use imperial and learn a new skill, nothing wrong with imperial, beats that nasty french metric hands down. I did this with a project, good imperial tools are very cheap, and dro's can work in both metric and inch.

Thread: Let's hear it for British manufacturing!
06/08/2018 22:03:23

Westley Richards gunmakers in Birmingham, excellent products that are exported worldwide. They have a large toolmakers shop next door that i believe do superb work for the MOD and is hush-hush mostly. CCM motorcycles in Bolton, doing really nice big cylinder motorcycles. Triumph motorcycles make their frames in malaysia, and have a plant in India, but i believe they only make small capacity machines for the asian market. So they produce their engines and everything else in Hinkley.

The problem is Manufacturing was left to rot for so long, worse it was actively discouraged, as everyone was going to work in services according to the uk government.

Thread: Crankshaft repairs
06/08/2018 13:46:54

To those that advocate going to a specialist parts maker/supplier, i suggest going online and looking at the prices of their parts, excellent though they may be, they are eyewateringly expensive.

Looking at those shafts, there is perhaps £20 worth of steel in them, why not try to make them and if they do not work out, you have lost little. I would have a bash.

06/08/2018 01:14:34

Alan i will be following this thread with interest, as i am into old motorcycles too. But am more of a BSA and Triumph man, but have lusted after a Velo for years.

I would agree with JohnF, en24t is easily available, very tough, and yet not too difficult to machine. I made a new central flywheel for a Norton commando crankshaft out of it years ago, to replace the original cast iron one, and really liked it.

Also consulting the fabulous book "The vintage motorcyclists workshop" by Radco, he says its suitable for shafts, spindles, connecting rods etc, and has good resistance to wear and shock loadings.

You should have a go at making the spindles, i think i would.

Thread: Mike George
05/08/2018 22:08:31

Just seen this now, terrible news. I used to buy "sporting gun" magazine every month since the mid 1980's. Always enjoyed Mikes practical maintenance and repair articles. RIP Mike.

Thread: Moped Restoration -NSU Quickly/Chinese scooter- constant rebuilds
02/08/2018 11:57:38
Posted by Ian S C on 02/08/2018 11:01:46:

Nephew has a couple of Red Hunters, don't no if they get much use.

Ian S C

Pity if they don't, really nice machines, very well built.

Thread: Suspected stuck piston rings
01/08/2018 17:40:53

Have you checked the valves clearances ? I know you said you lapped them in, but has anything, Tappets etc, moved ? An old trick for getting pistons free in bores is to chuck boiling olive oil down the plug holes (on a petrol engine obviously) but it might work to get the rings moving.

01/08/2018 12:40:11

I never heard of a cylinder bore being tapered like that deliberately, usually the other way around, with the top being worn. I was told any taper is a bad idea as it causes the rings to constantly expand and contract. What oil are you going to use ? Can you not take off the barrel and inspect the rings ?

Thread: Moped Restoration -NSU Quickly/Chinese scooter- constant rebuilds
01/08/2018 12:36:36
Posted by Samsaranda on 31/07/2018 17:38:02:

Far from the saviour of the British Motorcycle Industry the Ariel Three was probably one of the nails in the coffin, however Ariel did have some good designs; I used to ride an Ariel Leader and commute long distances when I was in the Air Force, a cracking bike for roadholding nice low centre of gravity, shame about the brakes. Ariel did have plans for a four cylinder version, which had it come to fruition, with suitably modernised brakes etc could have been a winner, however not to be the finances ran out.

Dave W

Dave, quite a few people are building their own 3, or 4 cylinder ariel 2 strokes. Its a nice home workshopn project i would imagine. I do not know how easy of difficult it would be to do, as i am unfamiliar with the ariel engine. But you are correct, ariel made some really nice big singles, that they wisely did not tune up for maximum performance, and like the bsa b31/33, anyone i talk to who has one, really likes them.

31/07/2018 16:06:05

Get yer self an Ariel three, saviour of the British motorcycle industry.............

But seriously, i was never into mopeds, though i did have a lend of a honda 70 for a while and found it fantastic in terms of reliability, fuel consumption etc, Little gems those honda step-throughs.

Thread: Zeus book download
29/07/2018 22:38:36

Keep your eyes open at secondhand book stalls and shops for old engineering books, i have picked up some real bargains over the years. I bought a banana box full of 1950's/60's engineering books a few years ago, and i think i paid about the equivalent of £25 for them. Not knowing that i would find them, i had no way of carrying them home, so had to lumber them to the bus stop. Did not care though, it was like christmas come early.

Thread: EN24T or P20 steel - anvil material
23/07/2018 20:51:29

Lovely steel the two of them. I bought a slab of p20 last year for a job, its a nice fine grained steel, not the easiest to machine. I also used en24t a few years ago to make a central flywheel for a norton motorcycle crankshaft. Again really nice steel, found it slightly easier to work than the p20.

A bit of a shame using either to bash on imho. For an anvil, i was able to find a foot of railway track, its a ready made anvil.

Thread: Tom senior M1 horizontal arbor
19/07/2018 16:29:41

My Senior's horizontal arbours are 30 int. The vertical spindle is 2mt. Info is hard to find on this make, but then again info is usually hard to find most machines over 30 years old.

Thread: Political views within the forums
13/07/2018 18:51:48

I heard an old saying recently, "He that governs least, governs best". I have to say there are too many people, that think, that any problem that arises in society, can have a piece of legislation passed, and the issue is solved.

You can see the lack of wisdom in this, with the sale of blades being banned online, that will do absolutely nothing to stop knifings.

Thread: Make your own 'Air Rifle'
11/07/2018 23:34:58
Posted by mark brockley on 11/07/2018 17:55:58:

I know this is now an old post but I have seen the for mentioned book along with a book I think called the tool makers air gun. Is it legal to make your own gun ? I now there is a power limit in the uk 12ftp for a rifle but do remember an article the other year saying the powers that be wanted to licence the purchase of engineering equipment to combat illegal guns. I think this was regarding the conversion of imitation guns though.

They did, i think it was during tony blairs time, and never happened. The idea of restricting and licencing machine tools, is like something out of Orwells 1984, or communist Russia, simply impossible unless the UK became a police state.

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