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Thread: Motorcycle 'blipping'...
04/06/2019 18:45:00
Posted by Mike Poole on 04/06/2019 18:38:13:

Up to 217hp for Ducati Panigale, I think it is only the speedo that stops at 300kph the bikes can exceed that speed.


Amazing, in the 50's, 60's the manx nortons and bsa goldstars, were the top of the heap and they made about 50 hp.

04/06/2019 17:43:25
Posted by Haggerleases on 04/06/2019 17:32:06:

I'd say it was youth and exuberance, but most of the buggers seem to be in the 40 to 60 bracket. Mind you, I'm a joyless sod and reckon all vehicles should be limited to 70, full stop.

I reckon a lot of born again motorcyclists don't cop the fact that modern bikes have multiples of the power of the old stuff. Old bonnevilles, commandos, 60 hp if you were lucky, a bit more for the japanese bikes of the 70's and 80's, but now they are crazy, up to 200 hp in a road bike surprise

Thread: Where is best to buy??
04/06/2019 17:35:50

Things on ebay can be a fair bit more expense than buying direct. I found this out the other day buying chainwheels for the motor/ hydraulic pump on my surface grinder. Much cheaper buying directly off simply bearings, than ebay.

Thread: Quicksilver
04/06/2019 16:52:11

Didn't W.G Armstrong use mercury in his lighting system In his country pile, Cragside ? The first house in the world to have electric lighting ?

04/06/2019 16:48:07
Posted by Kiwi Bloke 1 on 04/06/2019 10:23:12:

SOD; no I haven't forgotten. We are straying off the topic, however, the deranged individual you mention is best forgotten, I think. He was, to the best of my knowledge, not a bureaucrat, and it was about them that I being rude. Since you apparently take an interest in the goings-on in NZ, you probably know that a major re-write of the Arms Act was passed within a week of the atrocity. Further legislation is promised. There was no reasonable time allowed for public submissions, nor sensible parliamentry debate. The revised legislation contains a number of 'Henry VIII' clauses. These are dangerous and I would have thought incompetent in law.

74A Order in Council relating to definitions of prohibited firearm, prohibited magazine, and prohibited ammunition

The Governor-General may, by Order in Council made on the recommendation of the Minister,—

(a) amend or replace the description in section 2A of a semi-automatic firearm (except a pistol) or pump action shotgun that is a prohibited firearm:

(b) amend or replace the description in section 2B of a magazine that is a prohibited magazine:

(c) declare any semi-automatic firearm (except a pistol) or pump-action shotgun of a stated name or description to be a prohibited firearm for the purposes of this Act:

(d) declare any magazine of a stated name or description to be a prohibited magazine for the purposes of this Act:

(e) declare any ammunition to be prohibited ammunition for the purposes of this Act.

In other words, the government can re-define various terms as it thinks fit, when it thinks fit. These 'catch-all' clauses allow for any, or all firearms or ammunition to be declared illegal, on a whim. This is not a reasonable way to write legislation. The bureaucrats responsible are dangerous: a danger to reason and democracy and are no longer acting as servants of the public.

Exactly the same thing in Ireland. The relevant minister can issue an S.I, a statutory instrument, which is basically an amendment to the act, without consulting anyone. Democracy is unfashionable currently, especially with institutions like the Eu. Which as we have seen in the past few, leaned on Switzerland, who are not even a member of the eu, to amend their historically liberal gun laws.

Thread: Motorcycle 'blipping'...
04/06/2019 16:39:19
Posted by Tim Stevens on 04/06/2019 14:21:40:

In the 'good' old days, many motorcycles were not inclined to tick-over reliably even when new. Especially the cheap two-strokes preferred by beginners. And re-starting the engine was a pain, too. The situation was not improved when amatuer tuning took place, often requiring such sophisticated tools as a coal hammer and a mole wrench. Then the beginner went to a race meeting, and noticed that all the racers did not tick-over at all, but kept blipping their throttles as they warmed up etc (as they had too little flywheel and too much valve overlap). So, a habit turned into a culture.

Cheers, Tim

The infamous BSA goldstars were fitted with carbs that had no provision for a throttle or slide stop, that and the tuned engine, they were never going to tick over. Still wished i had one in the shed though.

04/06/2019 16:36:56
Posted by John MC on 04/06/2019 07:48:02:

The new Amal carburettors made by Burlen's are made from decent material and the slides are anodised/plated. Something Amal should have done!

It should be remembered that Amal had to give their customers (the motorcycle manufactures) what they wanted. When BSA wanted carburettor costs reduced Amal needed to react. What we got was the "concentric" replacing the "monobloc". A inferior device but much cheaper to manufacture.

As for "blipping" the throttle, worn carb., incorrectly set, poor maintenance, habit, macho?


Yes John, and the british motorcycle industry did exactly the same thing with Lucas. Forever looking for reductions in price and of course that was to reflect on quality. Leading to British Motorcycles becoming a joke in reliability terms.

03/06/2019 17:37:07

Because Amal carbs , as fitted to older british bikes, are made of metal that makes lead look like through hardened die steel. They wear quickly, so if you set up tick over when the engine is cold, the tick over is too high when the engine warms up. Then if you adjust the tick over when the engine is hot, it won't tick over when cold.

But with modern bikes with fuel injection, electronic ignition and all sorts of electronics monitoring everything 200 times a second, blipping is not needed.

Thread: Colchester Lathe Factory
31/05/2019 17:15:18
Posted by Phil Stevenson on 31/05/2019 16:47:52:

According to a House of Commons briefing paper, in 2016 the UK produced 8 million tonnes of steel; China produced 808 million tonnes. UK is such a small producer it is almost off the graph. This represented something like 0.01 of the UK's economic output. Not many other similar sized industries get quite the attention that steel production does.

I'm sure I read somewhere recently that in the last two years China produced more steel than the UK has in the whole of history.

I would hope still though that the steel industry in the uk does not and is not allowed to die. Maybe if the industry concentrated on quality special steels rather than mass producing mild steel, it could survive that way.

31/05/2019 15:03:11

Colchesters ? Piles of absolute rubbish, toytown lathes. Having worked in many workshops professionally as a turner, i never had any time for them. Harrisons are better machines, if you wanted something from the 600 group. The headstocks get noisey after the first bit of hard work, the supposedly hardened bedways are rapid wear, they leak oil, get loose generally, the finish is appalling, and the price of spares is daylight robbery.

The only decent colchester i ever seen was a Japanese copy, it was vastly superior to the english made machines. Someone said they were disappointed to discover the modern colchesters are made in czech republic or somewhere around there ? Why ? Tos are czech and are top notch machines, light years ahead of colchesters. I seen 50 year old tos lathes that were better than 5 year old (or less) colchesters.

If you think i am wrong, head over to the practical machinist forum and ask for opinions on them, but be warned, put on your tin helmet and be ready to take cover.

Thread: Rejects for Sale.
31/05/2019 13:50:46
Posted by Russ B on 31/05/2019 13:48:59:

I remember picking up a centre punch from the car boot tool man for 99p..... I remember thinking how hard could it be to get a centre punch wrong..... I'll chance it for 99p.....

it lasted 20 seconds, blunt after the first hit, domed after the second and bent on the third...... I was only using a small tapping hammer!!




WOW, a lead centre punch !

Edited By ronan walsh on 31/05/2019 13:51:13

Thread: Chernobyl TV Series
28/05/2019 23:51:10

The BBC did an excellent dramatisation of the disaster, with the actor Ade Edmonson (from the young ones). Its available to watch on youtube. I was also watching a documentary with Guy Martin, he went out there to make a programme, and there still some people living relatively close to the reactor to this day. One old woman i recall. She said no one was moving her from her home, she had lived there all her life and she had no where else to go.

One thing that is wrong with the whole story is the men in the control room of the plant were scapegoated for the whole thing, which is very unfair. It was the design of the boron control rods that caused the explosion.

Thread: Arrand boring heads.
25/05/2019 22:00:36

Are Arrand boring heads still made ? I was looking for one last year and wanted an arrand, could not see much online about them. Bought an American made head instead and its good. Most of the asian made heads i have used seem to use a mystery measuring system on the dial.

Thread: stamford show vandals
21/05/2019 22:31:34
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 21/05/2019 20:20:12:
Posted by ronan walsh on 21/05/2019 19:07:56:

People who say dire retribution does not work are misguided. A village idiot my father worked with decades ago, went to the Isle of Man for a holiday, when they still had the birch there. ...

It worked, he never dared go back there, and if he was mouthing off at work, the father would ask him if he was heading back to the IOM for a holiday anytime soon. It always shut him up.

In response to the undocumented 'a village idiot my father worked with decades ago', I offer the well known 'Mad Frankie Fraser', known as 'The Dentist' because he removed teeth with a pair of pliers.

Despite various official thrashings Mr Fraser spent 42 years in jail and was certified criminally insane 3 times. Mad Frankie said that corporal punishment made him a big man in the gangster world - it was a badge of honour like a schlager scar. Curiously, the last man to receive the Cat O'Nine Tails in Wandsworth Prison ended up in hospital after Frankie hit him with an axe (Eric Mason, another gangster). Mad Frankie finished his criminal career with an ASBO at the age of 89.

Frankie was more afraid of being sedated at Broadmoor than physical pain.


Yeah, but if he was in America, he would have fallen foul of the three strikes and you are out law. He would have never seen the light of day again and good riddance. How much crime was there in Russia under Stalin ? Very little, as the penalty was, after a short trial you got sent to a siberian prison where the life expantancy was three days. Who would risk petty or anyother crime, with something like that hanging over your head like the sword of Damocles ?

21/05/2019 19:07:56

People who say dire retribution does not work are misguided. A village idiot my father worked with decades ago, went to the Isle of Man for a holiday, when they still had the birch there. His idea of a holiday was getting as drunk as possible, causing fights, stealing/vandalising anything not nailed down, and being a general twit.

Anyhoo he went on his holiday, and within a day or two was arrested for violence in a pub. He was dragged, very quickly before a court, sentenced to so many lashes of the birch and was then taken to where ever the lashes are done. He got half the lashes, was dragged down to the port and chucked on the ferry and warned that if he set foot on the IOM again, he would get the rest.

It worked, he never dared go back there, and if he was mouthing off at work, the father would ask him if he was heading back to the IOM for a holiday anytime soon. It always shut him up.

Thread: An old Shaper found in Phuket Town
21/05/2019 18:52:14

There was a planer where i served my time. Only seen it used a couple of times while i was there. Invented by Nasmyth i seem to recall, or was that the shaper ?

Thread: stamford show vandals
20/05/2019 22:21:34
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 20/05/2019 20:32:45:
Posted by Mikelkie on 20/05/2019 19:10:24:
Posted by Harry Wilkes on 19/05/2019 15:25:46:.

... in my opinion the problem lies with the human rights bullshit, ...

Specifically which of the Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights do you object to? They seem harmless enough to me.

Inverting a few articles might give a better sense of what they're about, for example:

  • No one has the right to life, liberty and security of person.
  • Everyone shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be allowed in all their forms.
  • Everyone shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

No doubt Human Rights are imperfect but I submit we are better off with them than without.


So would you be all for the returning ISIS fighters to be given a council flat and generous social welfare payments ? Because thats what the liberal human rights nuts are fighting for.

19/05/2019 18:28:07

The club have a funding page open if anyone wants to give some money.


19/05/2019 17:56:23
Posted by Rik Shaw on 19/05/2019 17:31:59:

My anger is directed not just to the verminous scum that have done this but to the "leaders" and lawmakers of our country who encourage this anti social filth by insufficient punishment wherever and whenever it happens.

A very sad Rik

Its not just that, they encourage breeding of such rubbish by generous welfare payments. I see it all the time, have a kid and get payments you can blow on cheap beer, weed and gambling.

19/05/2019 15:07:46

What a negative and aimless little bunch of fools to destroy peoples possessions. I suppose a very stiff binding over awaits in court face 5

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