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Thread: Another sandgroper from Perth
07/06/2016 18:07:48

Welcome aboard!

You will learn plenty on this forum. There is a VAST pool of knowledge among the members, and they will be only too happy to help you, if you have a query or a problem.

Incidentally, is your Perth,Scottish or Antipodean?

If you are not already a member of a M E club, if possible join, assuming that there is one within reasonable travelling distance.. Again, you will find like minded folk who are happy to help, demonstrate, or even lend tools.

Know what you mean about time spent on the Forum. More addictive, probably, but certainly less damaging to health, than drugs! You will go "cold turkey" if you don't make some swarf pretty regularly!


Thread: Adjusting drive belt
06/06/2016 09:41:57

Try giving the motor a good shaking. It is possible that the belt tension has slightly twisted the motor on the rods.

(Probably a little squirt of WD40, or a spot of oil on each rod, followed by a five minute wait for it to wick its way in, may help)

If all else fails, a tap with a hide mallet, in the "slacken direction, t MIGHT just shake it loose.

Once loose, it may be worth checking that the locking screws have not raised a burr on the rod, which are causing the jam up


Edited By Howard Lewis on 06/06/2016 09:43:17

Thread: An Application to create dividing head tables
24/05/2016 17:19:30

Neil has now kindly posted links at the head of the thread "Corrected Dividing Tables for VERTEX HV6 Dividing Head" for the corrected chart and to the EXCEL spreadsheet.

I am pretty sure that by changing the numbers in the formulae, it can be applied to worm/wheel ratios other than 90:1, and to Division Plates with different numbers of holes.

If I am wrong, someone is sure to tell us!


Thread: ZIEHL•ABEGG Axial Fan
24/05/2016 16:54:00

Glad that Geoff now has the wind up!

With regard to boiler, or any pressure vessel, failures, think on the force produced from, say, 80 psi on a larger area. Would you want to be on the receiving end of even four square inches powered by 80 psi?

Looks like 320 lbsF (145KgF) And that is a small proportion of the area of even a small boiler. Add steam, under pressure, with its temperature raised, to say 170C at 80 psi, from memory. Then comes the heat energy. The latent heat of vapourisation of one gramme of water at 100C is 536 calories, which will reappear as the steam condenses, PLUS the heat liberated in cooling from 170C to 100C, plus that of the water as it cools to body temperature (from 100 to 37C) and you would have a serious scald, liable to remove skin. (Sorry about the mixture of units, but you get the message?)

A former colleague lost a finger or two when a compressed air reservoir exploded, because of oil vapour entering it, at high temperature. (Not too different from what powers a diesel engine)

For what my advice is worth, treat all pressure vessels with care. The last thing that any of us want is someone being hurt, and our hobby being labelled as dangerous.


Thread: 80w90 gear oil
24/05/2016 16:26:47

Should be good for the changegears, Apron, or Norton box, but a bit viscous for bedways etc. It will be slow passing through drip feed oilers!

As Neil says, Hypoid oil does tend to have a characteristic odour; reminiscent of the "ginger tom next door"


Thread: An Application to create dividing head tables
24/05/2016 16:15:55

Apologies to anyone looking on the Stub Mandrel website for my spreadsheet. What Neil has published is my revised chart for the Vertex HV6 Rotary Table.

Being in EXCEL, the spreadsheet ought to make it possible to change the numbers in the various formulae, to suit any worm/wheel ratio, and number of holes in a Division Plate.

Obviously where the number of holes quoted is not an integer, then that number of divisions is not obtainable with that particular hole circle. From memory, (some time since I devised it) the integer holes are highlighted.

In the past the spreadsheet has ben E mailed to a few Forum members who requested it.


Thread: Myford ML2 Change gear headache help needed.
24/05/2016 15:14:19

Its a long time since I sold my ML7, but do not think that Myford used Mod 1 gears, but 20DP; so your lathe may have been hybridised (or a previous owner did know what he was seeing, and labelled them wrongly).

The ML2 and 4 used pins to connect gears, and gears were prone to breakage because of the small wall sections, if abused.

(Once made a couple of 20DP replacements for a friend with a ML4, who had just that problem)

Would be worth checking what the gears that you have, really are.   If 20DP, a 20T gear will measure 1.1" OD Formula is OD = (T+2 ) / DP, if you want to check some of the other gears.



Edited By Howard Lewis on 24/05/2016 15:18:22

22/05/2016 19:15:43

I have an earlier version of this saw, when set up properly it will cut as this as 1/16". Blade tension is important, too slack and a curved cut will result.

I did have a problem when the very thin tubular spacer between the bearings failed and worked its way through the bottom bearing and oil seal. Since replacing both bearings and the seal and fitting a thick wall brass spacer, no more problems.

Did find that one of the wheels was running out, so trued it up, and again, no problems since.

Can also be used as vertical saw for some work that needs it

All in all a useful machine to have, which saves a lot of time and effort.


Thread: supplier praise
22/05/2016 18:29:45

Have never had anything but satisfactory service from Arc EuroTrade. For many things, their catalogue or website is usually my first port of call. Very fair and helpful with whom to deal.


Thread: Stuck brass screws
22/05/2016 18:23:29

DON'T try Easyouts! (A misnamed tool)

Left hand drills MIGHT work, if you have any the right size, otherwise, as JD says try drilling, but try a tapping size drill first, and then clean up the threads. If that fails, as said, drill out and tap next size up (Assumes that there is enough meat left behind the scenes for this)

Maybe applying an anti seize compound when fitting the new screws may help for next time, whenever that may be?


Thread: Doncaster Model Engineering Show
22/05/2016 18:17:48

Can only second Peter Ravenscroft's Thanks to you John.

Nice to be able to put a face to the name.

Wish that I could have made it the Red Dot in time to meet other Forum users.

(A good idea to have a meeting place)

Next time perhaps?


Thread: Deliberate mistakes
17/05/2016 17:12:03

After seven pages of grammar and semantics, we STILL have not discovered the mistake, (deliberate or otherwise).

Could it be the failures to obey health and Safety guidelines in operating a machine with unguarded gears and driving belt, or the lack of Safety Glasses (as opposed to wearing plain spectacles)?

It can't be that the chuck lacks the jaw lying in the chip tray?

Will someone, PLEASE, put us out of our misery, by telling the answer.


Thread: An Application to create dividing head tables
14/05/2016 22:34:32

Following problems with the chart supplied with the Vertex HV6 Rotary table, I made up an EXCEL spreadsheet for the three Division Plates for the HV6. Look for the thread on earlier pages of this Forum.

Neil said that he would post it on the Stub Mandrel website.

Although for a 90:1 ratio, it ought to be useable with a substitution of Number of Holes and/or Worm/Wheel ratio.


Thread: Tool Height
14/05/2016 22:28:20

FWIW, make up a Centre Height Gauge. It will save LOTS of time setting tools to centre height.

Just shim/adjust the tool until it touches the underside of the blade (which has been set to centre height), and you are ready to go.


Thread: cutting/tapping fluid
14/05/2016 22:21:13

Despite having at least half a tin of Rocol RTD still to use, and being a total cheapskate, I use bacon fat.

Not too different from tallow, probably, and seems to work pretty well.

Apologies to any vegetarian readers.


Thread: Warco VMC lamp bulbs
03/05/2016 16:59:17

It may be that the machine is consuming lamps fairly quickly.

The safety interlocking on my lathe runs on 24V, and so does the worklight The light on my lathe needed a new lamp every few weeks, and 24V 50W Q H lamps are like hens teeth around East Anglia. (Eventually, I managed to buy several lamps from the supplier of my lathe). After that, I stripped the worklight and filed two diametrically opposed (about 8mm) slots on the outer edge of the "reflector", to improve ventilation. Touch wood, no more lamps have failed, in the last nearly ten years or so.

it is possible that the light on the VMC is a similar unit, and may benefit from a similar modification.

You could probably source a replacement lamp from Warco or Chester, since my lathe is a look alike of the BH600 / Craftsman. (I would buy a few, to be on the safe side)


Edited By Howard Lewis on 03/05/2016 17:00:35

Thread: Carburettors!
03/05/2016 16:08:56

On most fixed jet carburrettors, as on constant vacuum units, the initial throttle opening on full choke was vital to ensure a start. Presumably, this controlled the air flow, and probably, the fuel spread over the throttle plate to give increased area for vaporisation. As an instance, the Solex fitted to the 1198 Ford Anglia engine called for a the throttle to be opened, on full choke, to just allow a No 57 drill between the throttle and the carb body.

Getting three identical carbs on song on an in line six cylinder engine may well be difficult, since each one is not subjected to equally spaced induction pulses. In all probablility, they will each need to be set up differently, because of the variation in interval between pulses. ( 1 and 2 are separated by three cylinders, 3 and 4 by two, and 5 and 6 are consecutive for Firing order, and therefore induction pulses for 153624. For the reverse Firing order of 162453; the pulses for 1 and 2, and 6 and 3 are separated by one cylinder, but 4 and 5 are consecutive.

Two carbs on a six, each feeding one end of the engine will provide equal pulse spacing. Which is why, often, the exhaust offtakes are from 123, and then from 456.

For an in line four, ideally, 1 and 3 would be fed from one carb, and 2 and 4 from another. Since this is difficult to arrange, a balance pipe allows some of the induction pulse to be felt by the carburettor at the other end of the engine. But, a balance pipe with too large an area can make acceleration less sharp, since it begins to approach the effect of two carburrettors feeding a common inlet manifold, and reducing the depression on each one.

The object of having equally spaced pulses is to have uniform air/fuel ratios for each cylinder, to maximise the torque under any speed/load condition.

Vee or boxer engines are an entirely different matter! Just look at the complicated inlet manifold passages for a V8 fed by a four barrel carb, in the attempt to produce equally spaced pulses!

Timed injection into the ports, afforded by modern electronic control systems, does away with such problems.


Thread: Dividing Head help
03/05/2016 15:20:00

Just to be a party pooper for anyone getting a Vertex Rotary Table, I have had no mechanical problems with my HV6, when used for dividing. BUT, Had a major problem when trying to produce a 13T gear. After several failures, made up a spreadsheet on EXCEL, and found eight errors or omissions in the chart supplied. Needless to say, one of them was for 13 divisions. Posted a thread on this, and Neil Wyatt posted my spreadsheet on the Stub Mandrel site.

So just check the chart before cutting metal, in case your work is one of the incorrect entries!


Thread: Tap & Die logo
03/05/2016 14:37:57

In my book, Triangle, LAL are good quality British made taps, HSS no doubt. Treat them with respect and they will serve you well.


Thread: carbide/ceramic tool inserts
03/05/2016 14:35:03

Jenny at JB Cutting Tools may be able to fix you up with smaller size shank tool holders. They certainly sell a lot of CCMT tips and holders. One of their specials is a holder which you turn over so that it can be used as either a Right Hand tool or as a Left Hand.

Seems to be difficult to get replies to E mails, so try phoning. JB attend almost all the M.E.shows, as well as the Classic Car, Bike and Tractor Shows. If you can get to one of these, you can see close up what you are looking for.

Greenwood Tools also sell a holder which allows you to use the 100 degree corners. I use one for roughing, to use up the tips that I chip elsewhere!.


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