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Thread: What spray do you use to stop your tools from rusting?
27/10/2021 18:55:25

Spray / wipe with oil, to prevent moisture and air contacting the steel..

For long term storage, intermittent use (Verniers, etc Shouldn't be left outside in boxes!. ) you could use Waxoyl, or Lanolin. Both need warming to thin for easier wiping and coating.


Thread: Mill table wonky
27/10/2021 18:50:16


Try attaching the bearing for the leadscrew with one or two setscrews, Hopefully after a number of combinations the tapping that is out of position will be obvious.

You then have a choice.of solutions, depending on how far out the hole is.

1. Open up the hole to clearance around the odd man out.

2 Using the bearing block as a jig, drill a jig, but with the rogue hole only drilled to thread size (Probably 1/4 BSF )

Open up the hole to tapping size for 3/8 BSF, 8,25 mm 

Using the jig to drill the rogue hole out to 8.25 mm and tap 3/8 BSF.

Turn up a bush with a 3/8 BSF external thread, and an internal thread (Presumed to be 1/4 BSF)

Screw the bush into the hole, ensuring that it not above flush. Use thread locker if you wish.

When the anaerobic has cured, reassemble, and hopefully table movement should be as wanted.


Thread: How can I make an accurate 90 grind using a diamond whetstone?
27/10/2021 12:05:19

You are unlikely to be particularly aware of the smell of the solvents.

Marking and Layout Blue are very difficult to remove from fingers and hands. A pumice stone will remove most but may leave some in the bottom of you finger prints, that will have to wear out!

For small areas, a chisel edge felt tip is adequate, but, easily rubbed off in my experience.

being depressive, am not sure that you have the means of achieving what you want.

Sounds to me as if you need to farm the job out to someone with a surface grinder.


Thread: Warco milling machine speeds
27/10/2021 11:53:38

My Economy shredded the primary belt within 6 months of occasional use.

Realigning the motor with the intermediate pulley (Straight edge over the two pulleys ) has meant that the new A30 belt, like the original,secondary, has survived over 20 years of use.


Thread: Blackgates Stent T&C Grinder
27/10/2021 11:46:00

If you can't get the kit for a Stent, how about making a Worden?

Easily machined and assembled, and a range of accessories to extend what tools can be sharpened .

Like many others, such as Giles Parkes, rather than make a sleeve for each and very drill size, I made an ER 20 collet holder, so that any Drill, End Mill, or Slotting Drill up to 13 mm can be gripped for grinding, as well as lathe tools.

The fixture for Slitting Saws needed modification to be a useable item, but now works well.

With a Diamond wheel, carbide tools can be ground. This enabled me to sharpen an inserted tooth shell mill.

In fact it cuts better than when it was new!


Thread: Mill table wonky
27/10/2021 11:29:48

The two ground surfaces should be running against each other.

But, the Ground face fixed to the table should ensure that the table moves in a plane, X axis, left to right, perpendicular to the Y axis, to and from the operator.

It seems that you are likely to to be in a situation which is the reverse of the way that things are normally done,, by needing to align the ground face of the strip so that it is parallel to the Tee slots

I would suggest removing both strips and fitting to ground strip,(but not yet dowelling it ) so that it rides against the ground face on the bed of the machine. Adjust the table relative to the strip, until the T slots clock true. A copper/hide mallet is going to be useful for this.

When the strip is aligned drill and dowel / rollpin to maintain that alignment.. This may mean that new holes have to be drilled, countersunk, and tapped at new points along the strip.

Once you have achieved that condition, the problem of the 0.027" variation can be addressed and correcte on the other strip, in similar manner.

(You need the Tee slots to be in the same plane as the motion of the table, or will always have to clock the vice to set the jaws parallel to the line of the cut. Once the T slots and line of travel are the same, the vice can be aligned to the table with keys, or an alignment fixture ).


Thread: How can I make an accurate 90 grind using a diamond whetstone?
27/10/2021 11:01:22

Departing from the immediate subject of how to produce edges square to a face.

Layout out Blue, sometimes called Spirit Blue, is a very runny prussian blue painted onto work, so that scribed lines are more easily visible.

(NOT to be confused with the blue used when scraping surfaces flat, often referred to as the trade version sold as "Micrometer" blue.

Both are very difficult to remove if you get them on your fingers or hands!

It looks a s if you have to do the job by fitting. Mark out, Saw, File, File and Emery, and then hone/ scrape using a square . It sounds as if you are aiming for a virtually air tight fit.

Not a quick job, but lacking machining to do the majority of the work, about the only way to do the job.,


26/10/2021 22:47:16

IF you had a lathe with a large enough headstock bore, (Probably 5 MT to pass 32 mm ) the plate could be gripped in a four jaw chuck and faced

In this way, if the side faces of the plate were square to each other, which i would expect ground flat stock to be, the facing operation would produce end faces square to the rest of the material.

But it looks as if that is an impossible situation for you. This not something that you are going do on your own, without a lot of very careful, and time consuming FITTING work

Where are you located ?

Maybe someone near you could help?


Thread: Mill table wonky
26/10/2021 22:37:40

If the strips on the underside of the table are out (Both? Maybe only one )

Could you make a new strip?

Clamp to the table, clock so that the edge is parallel to the table movement, and then drill and countersink the holes

Alternatively could you remove all but one of the screws and adjust the position until the edges of the strips are parallel. Hopefully one edge IS parallel to to to where it should be, and can be used as a datum.

You need to find which one, or you may remove the wobble but have a table which runs out by several thou relative to cutter when traversed.

I would feel inclined to start by clocking the T slots on the table when it is pulled /pushed against one of the locating strips, so that the slots are running true. In this way, you ahould be able to decide which of the strips need to be remade / adjusted..

Once the strip has been adjusted parallel to the datum strip, it can be located with dowels or rollpins, before drilling and tapping new holes and countersinks

The strip is located by the dowel, rather than the countersink, which is then only to provide clearance for the screwhead.

Where are you located?

Maybe someone on here could give some face to face help Seeing things rather than just looking at pictures might give a better understanding of the problem area and how to overcome it.


Thread: Guided bus lane
26/10/2021 22:19:20

No Bill,

I am quoting the St Ives Park and Ride. en route to Cambridge, before the Bus route was extended to start from Peterborough, to join the Guided Bus way at St Ives.

The buses, usually double deckers, are identifiable by the guide wheels, mounted horizontally immediately behind the front wheels

We just followed the signs into the Park and Ride car park.

En route from St Ives to Cambridge, the busway does not share any public roads, but crosses several roads, with the crossings controlled by traffic lights. The bus slows on the approach, until the change to green for it.

I fear that you inadvertently strayed onto the start of the busway, rather than the entrance to the car park..

In Cambridge you also get bollards that rise out of the road, allowing only certain vehicle tom access certain areas. You cannot fail to see those since, there are at least two in each lane, and are about 100 mm diameter and at least a metre high..


Thread: Warco milling machine speeds
26/10/2021 22:02:40

The Warco Economy has four sheaves on motor, Intermediate and Quill pulleys

These are supposed to give speeds, on 50Hz Single Phase mains of:

90,170, 200, 250, 280, 360, 600,700, 950, 1290, 1590, 2150 rpm


Thread: An Uninvited Guest!
26/10/2021 21:44:15


It is more blessed to give than to receive. Especially where this stuff is concerned


Thread: Mysterious Russian Emails
26/10/2021 21:41:40

My advice would be to avoid like the plague.

Delete, and then delete from the Trash box.

Some of these "Become a millionaire in a month" sites are there to tempt the greedy and unwary.

Some of the obvious scam messages received have had Russian suffixes. ALWAYS, in my view, dodgy.


Thread: Guided bus lane
26/10/2021 21:20:55

The first time that we used the guided bus (Before the route extended to Peterborough ) we just drove into the Park and Ride car park.

The strange thing was seeing the driver put on his jacket as we drove along; but no hands needed for most of the journey

The signs warn of Car Trap, and do what it says on the post.

Sadly, you appear to have literally fallen into the trap, but less fatal than a head on with a bus travelling at 50+ mph

There have been a couple of instances of buses coming to grief on the busway, but otherwise the journeys have been without incident.

The worst is a slight lurch as the guide wheels align the bus with the busway.

The guided bus saves all the hassle and expense of trying to find parking in Cambridge, and is cost free if you have a bus pass! (One of the few advantages of old age! ).


Thread: Lathe Drilling
26/10/2021 17:46:36

If the drill lips are not the same length, it will wander and cut oversize because the intersection of the lips is not on the axis of the drill.

It might be worth ensuring that the tailstock is DEAD inline with the Headstock, and then try with another drill to see if it just the one frill that wanders or whether others do (Preferably drills that have not been ground at home.)

This assumes that there is no excess clearance or dirt between Tailstock and bed ways in both planes.


Thread: An Uninvited Guest!
26/10/2021 17:37:53

Had a similar problem with the previous workshops. The problem was that the main stem was between the shop and the fence, so VERY difficult to cut off near the ground.

A saw blade fixed to a long pole did the trick, eventually.

Now the problem is one of SWMBOs plants that can cause heave depending on the weather, making the door stick sometimes. What started as a tiny stem is now nearly 100 mm diameter, but cannot be pruned other than gently.

Ivy seems to share some of the genes of Mile a Minute Russian Vine., and is very difficult to keep in check

SWMBO put some weedkiller on the grass,(Supposed to be safe for grass ) Killed the grass as well as the weed, A year on it still has not recovered, despite reseeding. This might be the stuff to put on the root, if you can dribble some down a tube into the area. "Weedol" perhaps?

Squirt from a water pistol may get the killer where it is needed.


Thread: Wanted - Someone to make some screws
25/10/2021 15:52:27

In my experience, Sterling keep a wide range of types. Got to be worth visiting to ask the question, and seeing what they can offer


Thread: Wandering mill table
25/10/2021 15:42:21

If you grip the ends of the table, and can wobble it back and forth, the gibs are not set correctly.

I would expect the gibs to be trapezoidal in section, Wide faces at an angle to matc h the dovetails, but with the narrow faces horizontal, and not fouling on any other part, with the adjusting screws engaging in the dimples.

Ideally, the gibs should be adjusted with the leadscrew disengaged. (Removed? )

If the table gibs can be adjusted so that it moves smoothly, but with absolutely minmial slack, but it tightens when the leadscrew is fitted you need to investigate the leadscrew and the nut, Possibly as suggested the nut is out of place in some plane.



Thread: Wanted - Someone to make some screws
25/10/2021 15:22:55

Have you tried Sterling Nut and Bolt in Royce Road, Peterborough? They have a minimum order of £5 + VAT, so your 4 screws will cost you £6.

Might be worth a phone call or better a visit, especially if you can take examples.


Thread: Rust Protection
25/10/2021 15:19:44

It would be worth buying /making some duckboards to keep your feet off the cold concrete floor.

When Toys R Us were in business, they sold rubber mats 1 metre square. Cut in half, provided two metres of matting in front of a lathe or milling machine.

Sit down before you look at the price of mats from industrial suppliers, like Cromwell.

But look around for alternatives from cheaper sources.

Amazon do some Wellmax 60 x 40 cm barrier mats for £11.99 with free delivery on the first order.

Have a look on Google to see what is available.


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