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Thread: Garden shed find
20/08/2019 11:34:13

Good find!

At least you know what the winter project is going to be.

If you remake any gears out of Tufnol, do ensure that the laminations are the correct orientation. Made from a disc, cut out of sheet should be O K . Rod is a No No, or the teeth will soon shear off.


Thread: 1935 Austin Seven Ruby ARQ
20/08/2019 11:29:00

Hope that you recover soon, Geoff!

By the sound of it, you should soon be able to run much faster, having roller or ball bearings in every joint!

Get well soon!


Thread: Mill hand wheel upgrade
20/08/2019 10:40:35

Am sure that Arc Euro will help if at all possible. Since you have a Seig machine, it is likely that they can


20/08/2019 10:29:53

Last night, Brian Parker gave a talk to our Society, on, and demonstration of, Powder Coating.

Following after the articles recently published in MEW, it was particularly appropriate.

He described the techniques needed to ensure a good result, He had brought along a selection of powders, showing the effects, and the demonstration included two different types of gun, and a small spray booth and an small oven, with nits control system.

It was pointed out that Industrial systems tended to use even higher voltages than those in "hobby" systems, (upto 25Kv ). And so, his preferred use of a hand control rather than a foot control.

The demonstration was backed up by a wide selection of images showing the principles of powder coating, and its advantages over spray painting. The images shown included Brian's sophisticated equipment, at home, for cleaning the workpiece, and the spray booth and oven used to produce the end result.

Having shown a variety of finishes, the demonstration ended with an empty baked bean tin being coated with a green powder, which was then cured in the oven.

To our surprise it was possible to coat non mettallic materials such as glass or even wood. Brian intends to exhibit at The Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition a loco, comprised of different materials, to illustrate this.

The only materials that are not suitable seem to be plastics and soft soldered items, because of the temperatures involved in curing the powder.

It was a very interesting and informative evening!


Thread: Digital inclinometers
18/08/2019 12:05:06

Wixey used for setting, most of the time.

Battery issue can be that it is gets switched on, inadvertently, while in the box. Cut a piece of 4mm plastic with cut out to clear the buttons, ( sort of rectangular C shape ) and that goes in the box after the instrument, so that any pressure on the box does not press any of the three buttons.

The Zero is set using one surface as a datum, so that it measures the one face relative to the other.

Agree with the comments re making sure that the Wixey is square on the work when measuring, to avoid spurious results.

For measuring, tend to use a vernier protractor, bit of an overkill, most of the time. For a quick check use a cheap metal angle gauge/protractor, from one of our favourite suppliers.


Thread: TTFN
18/08/2019 11:55:49

Welcome back, Andrew!

The Forum will be the richer for your input.


Thread: Parting problem - Morse taper
17/08/2019 22:11:56

Have just repurposed the arbor from a Jacobs chuck (TIGHT!! )

The Jacobs taper had been turned down to 11 mm parallell witha CCMTO0604 tip, to give something to hold in the chusk. So hard that a new Sandvik hacksaw blade would hardly scratch it. No hope of cutting it. An angle grinder did remove the tang.

A CCMT0604 tip cleaned up the rough end, and a TiN coated centre drill cut into it. Ordinary HSS drills 4 facet ground, did not want to know, even as a 3mm pilot. Have had bad experiences with so called Hard Drills, but this time, they worked. With speed and LOTS of pressure the swarf was blue, rather than the air, (and the OD of the taper ). Opened it up gradually to 12mm, loctited in a plug and when cured overnight, drilled and tapped 3/8 BSW, so ready for use!

Lacking patience, did this rather than ordering a blank arbor, and waiting for delivery.


Why do I always spot the error just as I hit SEND?

Edited By Howard Lewis on 17/08/2019 22:13:05

Thread: Heartbroken!
17/08/2019 21:52:01

"Experience is what allows you to recognise the mistake, the next time that you make it!"

A hard taskmaster, but makes the memory work better!

Gunmetal will expand faster than steel, so maybe a session in boiling water may ease things enough, if you can grip the remains, to uncsrew it. Hopefully, after the first 1/4 turn things will become easier!,

Hope you get it fixed.


Thread: Borrowing
17/08/2019 21:37:22

This defines the two sorts of human being.

The ones who are honest and concieneous, who, if they borrow something return it clean and tidy, and promptly.

Possibly, better than when you lent it.

The others are, as said, reckless, careless or even dishonest. IF you get it back it is dirty, damaged of missing parts.

Somethings just vanish, "No, I never had it" and so on. Even if you can see it among their other possessions, "No that never came from you" Careless of other folk's possessions, at the least.

They get crossed off the list of friends, and the Christmas Card list.

But I love dealing with the first sort. They are a pleasure to know.


Thread: Metal Cutting Power Saw
17/08/2019 21:23:49

Having the wrong blade or tool in place is governed by Newton's Fourth Law, sometimes attributed to Sod

As my Physics master said, "The Law of the Eternal Cussedness of Things.

(NO, not Silly old Duffer! )


Edited By Howard Lewis on 17/08/2019 21:24:03

Thread: Kennedy Hacksaw bearing replacement
16/08/2019 07:53:30

Even if the bearings are cast in, they pose a little project of ingenuity in boring them out and turning up replacements should be easy in comparison.

At worst, keep reaming out until there is nothing left of the original?


Thread: Hello from Northampton
16/08/2019 07:46:48

Good Morning Jim

You can Google Northampton Society of Model Engineers, or

From a VERY quick look at the website, they appear to be on London Road, and operate as The Delapre Park Miniature Railway.

I am sure that, like many clubs, they have other interests besides model railways

My own Peterborough Club has members who are interested in Road Engines, Boats, Clocks, and Workshop Tooling, as well as Railways from OO to 7 1/4"., so I would expect a similar spread of interests, in other Societies.


Thread: Grinding your own lathe cutters
15/08/2019 20:31:33

Made my first Tangential Tool to a set of drawings in an article in MEW, a long while ago. Was so impressed that I bought the Eccentric Engineering model. Sharpening is an absolute doddle, with only one face to grind, and a jig to hold it in the right orientation, for grinding.

Used almost all the time, except for hardened material, when carbide tips are necessary. The only carbide tips in regular use are CCMT0604 in a Boring bar, and the holder for the 100 degree corner, when the 80 degree corners in the Boring Bar become chipped. This is then used for roughing.

The parting tool used for almost all jobs is HSS. This blade must be over 20 years old, and still about half length!

HSS toolbits are ground up for any specialised jobs, like chamfering, screwcutting, etc

HSS seems to be cheaper in the long term, in that grinding is pretty easy, and nothing like like replaceable carbide tips.


Thread: Metal Cutting Power Saw
15/08/2019 20:00:34

My 4 1/2 saw, from Warco, but looks like the Machine Mart one, uses 14 tpi or 24 tpi blades.

You can buy blades with different tooth pitches. Screwfix offer next day delivery on Starrett brabded blades; and rhey are cheaper than Warco!

You can also find companies that will make up a blade to your spec. length, thickness, depth, tooth pitch.

Cromwell Tools offer such a service, I think, but at a price!


Thread: Hello from Northampton
15/08/2019 19:37:21

Welcome Jim!

Suggestion to both you and to Graham: Join the Northampton Society.

Have never met them, but one of my fellow club members regularly visits and runs his loco there.

If they weren't friendly, he wouldn't go back.

So you will have a source of help and advice, close at hand, as well as the huge fund of knowledge on here, with the advantage of the ability to see / be guided, face to face, if you have a problem.


Thread: Chosing a drill grinding attachment or machine
13/08/2019 16:53:30

For my Worden, I made up the Hemingway first version, but found it a bit prone to the drill slipping in the holder that is supposed to provide two locations at 180 degrees. Then made up the alternative version, which was the subject of an article in MEW. (Possibly by Mr Jeffree?) Was not confident of locating the drill flute against the tiny peg, consistently The version that I now use, still uses the inclined base, but with ER20 collets in an inch square holder.

For this, the cutting edge of the drill is aligned, with another shop made fixture, before the collet is clamped. Once clamped, turning over the holder means thatb the other lip is presented at 180 degrees. Four facet drill grinding is now much easier.

The same holder can be used in the standard base, normally used for lathe tool grinding, with another small alignment block, to grind the cutting edges of End Mills or Slot Drills. Three flute End Mills will require a reset for each cutting edge.



Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
12/08/2019 19:09:07

Possibly a bit of very expert engineering? lasts just long enough to be out of warranty, and non repairable, so that you have to buy another so that you can throw away an item that is fully functioning, apart from from one cheap component. I delight in fixing such things, if they are mechanical, and it possible so to do.

If only to spite the "built in obsolesence" merchants!

Some years ago, I read of a £30M print line, only a few years old, which was kept going by an electronics whizz. He mounted a breadboard on each stand as the original circuit board failed one IC. His breadboard carried the components to replace the failed IC which had gone out of production after about three years.

"For want of a nail" and all that!

Sometimes our repairs are superior to the original parts, because we are aiming for durability, rather than minimising cost to keep the bean counters happy.


Thread: Ran out of screws?
12/08/2019 18:47:05

Face enough off the capscrews, to dispense with the spacers, and allow the backplate to contact the Mandrel flange, and better engage the register?

After all, they are only going to removed / replaced on the odd occasion when the chuck is stripped for cleaning.


Thread: New member!
12/08/2019 17:46:42

A few years ago, in a market in Ludlow, I saw a set of Matrix (Coventry gauge and Tool ) for sale at £15..

Not likely to be used every day, ,but a useful item to have, for the times when a measuring tool needs a check, or a dimension needs to be measured using a DTI on a Height gauge.


Thread: Chosing a drill grinding attachment or machine
12/08/2019 17:41:56


In trying to be helpful, I made the assumption that once having a cutter grinder, facilities for grinding drills, end mills etc would follow shortly.

I made the error of thinking that others would do the same things that i did after making my Worden.

My logic is "What good is a lathe without cutting tools?" and so a cutter grinder without the accessories that allow it to be used is an expensive doorstop.

You are correct that anything made from plastic is going to be suspect, accuracy will not be good, and any hard grinding will produce enough heat to distort, if not, melt the plastic. I found that very early on. hence the Worden, which led me into four facet sharpening and better holes, once i had made the accessories.


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