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Thread: Can Anyone Help Me to Identify This Very Old Boiler Please?
16/08/2019 06:11:23

I don't think it was for steam, looks similar to the old Geyser hot water boilers - large tea urn??


Thread: good service Arc eurotrade
01/08/2019 19:11:08

I guess the postal service may have played a large part in that success devil


Thread: Laser cut plates
01/08/2019 11:19:50

Hi Bill,

Its so that the dimensions can be entered directly into the computerised cutting machine whithout the company having to do any design work.

Only problem is, if there is a mistake its the CAD artists fault and not the cutters.


Thread: Upgrading to fibre optic broadband
31/07/2019 12:17:57

Can recommend Virgins' 200 Mbps fibre, regularly getting over 200 Mbps DL and over 20 Mbps up

Ping ranges depending of time of day. but usually about 10 -12 in the evenings


Thread: Warco GH600
24/07/2019 11:36:17

Hi Jed,

Check with Warco, when I had my GH1330 and Supermajor mill delivered they transported it on an electric pallet truck all the way down the drive and put them in the workshop where I wanted them.


Thread: Surplus subjects learnt at school.
23/07/2019 11:40:02
Posted by Mike Poole on 23/07/2019 10:23:25:

I struggle to learn things that do not interest me, do the people who rack loads of exam qualifications have an interest in all of them or just soak stuff up because they are presented with it? One of my sons had an inspirational history teacher and for that year was interested in history, the Kids didn’t get enough exam passes and the teacher moved on. I think I would prefer my son to be interested in history which provides a lifelong interest in what surrounds us and what has happened to us and how we arrived in our present position. Unfortunately when you leave education your exam achievements are the first crude sift to the next stage. As I had a fair idea where I wanted to go the subjects that interested me came easily but I had to put in some effort to get enough to get started on the next stage. Luckily I have been offered every job I have ever applied for but that is only 4 and I took 3 of them. It doesn’t seem so easy these days, a friend has applied for 200 jobs since Christmas and not been successful yet, glad I’m retired.


Working today in engineering education with young people, the most common attitude of the learners is in the main ' Fire and Forget' in other words they cram hard for an exam to be able to pass it, but a few weeks down the line 'skill fade' sets in with little or no memory of the subjects taught.

We used to split our machining courses up into theory and practical, with an exam at the end, in some cases it could be quite a few weeks between the two parts being completed.

We had to stop doing that because the majority of learners had virtually no recollection of the earlier part, and even when told to revise before cominig in to the exam, expected to be given the answers on a crib sheet before going in - a school policy in some cases in order to keep pass marks up.

I too am an Calisthenic (may be the wrong word) Learner - I learn by 'Doing' I cannot sit and listen to someone ramble on for ages as it gets boring. in addition I'm mildly dyslexic, so Secondary School (Yes failed the 11+ too) was a total pain, but nobody back in the 60's knew what was going on - words were just a mess to me - it took a massive amount of effort just to be able to learn to read and write properly, let alone learn Latin et al.

Left school for a mechanical engineering apprentiship, getting in by submitting my CSE project - a Suart 10H which I built in engineering class over three years. I don't profess to being brilliant in any way shape or form and sometimes i do wonder if the phrase ' Can tell you the square root of a jar of pickles, but can't get the lid off' is applicable to some of the writers on this forum.

Perhaps one set of lessons that should never be classed as suplus within education is 'Equality and Diversity'


Edited By FMES on 23/07/2019 11:59:56

Thread: Western Steam
23/07/2019 11:15:06

Hi Puffa.

You need to call them, Helen and Geoff are very helpful, and as Dave says they quote virtually on a daily basis due to the copper price vaiation.

I did initially contact them by email, and got a quote back virtually straight away, they will also discuss the way forward with unobtainable sheet sizes.

BUT, please be aware that quality takes time and there is quite a long delivery forecast.


Thread: How badly do I need a surface plate?
22/07/2019 15:22:28

I don't know what you would be doing surface table wise on a lathe, bus you definitely need some form of reference flat for taking measurements, using a height gauge for example.

I was lucky enough to obtain (not going to say 'pick up' a 3' x 2' cast iron table on its own stand - hadn't built the workshop at that time - just the concrete base, literally built everything else around it.

We put it in the middle and its stayed there ever since, no way I'm trying to move it, and I can get all around it for access.

FWIW, I have a cheapy Clarke CL300M for work that is too small for the bigger lathes, mostly small valves and pipe fittings certainly never needed to put it on a surface table.


Thread: Dangerous 2" Scale BB1 Boiler
22/07/2019 15:09:52
Posted by old mart on 22/07/2019 14:24:50:

The work hardening aspect is interesting. Copper work hardens by stretching, so how much smaller do you have to make the boiler for it to be the correct size after testing?

Never had a boiler fail to fit its intended purpose yet, then again if you build and test the boiler first, everything is machined to fit.

And you are only talikng a few 'thous' of growth if you test properly.

There is always a difference in sound after testing too - before the metal will sound dull if you gently tap it, afterwards it will 'ring'


21/07/2019 07:47:39

A newly constructed silver soldered boiler usually has the strength integrity of a piece of chocolate until it has been fully work hardened, normally by carrying out the hydraulic test in stages and slowly building up to the required pressure.

Pumping a new boiler up to working pressure in one hit will almost certainly cause deformation in all sorts of places.


Thread: A little rant about Emojis and their kin
18/07/2019 16:51:17

You got your money back if you pressed the right button - I think that was 'B'

Otherwise you pressed 'A' to connect your call

And Lord help you if you were on a 'Party Line'


Thread: The Chocolate Fireguard as designed by Mercedes Benz
17/07/2019 08:23:40

Posted by pgk pgk on 17/07/2019 06:45:12:

I've forced myself to stop ranting on now but on a lighter note I once wrote an article called 'mince up your granny and spray her on the meadow'. It wasn't popular.


Soylent Green?

17/07/2019 08:11:00

Lets be practical, in a few years the majority of us will not have personal transport as we have today.

For one thing, most of us couldn't afford to buy an all electric vehicle, andd wouldn't have any way of charging it easily if we could.

then of course there is always this **LINK**


Edited By FMES on 17/07/2019 08:14:41

Thread: Jet Washer Nozzle
06/07/2019 21:11:20

Tried here Vic?

Nilfisk Ltd
Nilfisk House
Bowerbank Way
Gilwilly Industrial Estate
Penrith, Cumbria
CA11 9BQ
Thread: Hot water from the snifting valve,
05/07/2019 19:38:47

Terry, I'm rather surprised that you have had this loco for getting on six years and not had any luck steaming it.

Anyhoo, lets get back to basics. its a big old lump even at 3.5" gauge and the boiler must hold a fair bit of water.

One of my locos holds about 7 litres and on a cold day 20- 30 minutes of firing doesn't always show pressure on the gauge even with a good fire going. As SOD says, it takes considerably more energy to convert hot water into steam rather than to get it to boiling point in the first place.

So as long as all of your tests have been completed properly - safety valve checks etc, then you need to wait quite a bit for the pressure gauge to start to rise even with a good fire going.

At the same time as you are heating the water a lot of expansion is taking place, and any water trapped after the regulator in the superheater for example will find the easiest way out - first easy option - the snifting valves, and this is a common release point on stream up.

Sounds to me that you may not be waiting long enough and dropped the fire before it had got going properly, there are plenty of ways to test boiler pressure indication even without a gauge - gauge blass blowdows, blower, whistle etc, so if none of these are working you get the idea that the boiler is hot but not steaming.

For mine, I normally keep everything shut off during the initial firing with just the electric blower in the funnel, dampers opened, fire door SHUT, - a common mistake that stops the draft being drawn through the grate.

I keep it like this until I see about 20 - 30 psi reading on the gauge before opening the boilers own blower, total time for the bigger engines can take 40 minutes to an hour to get to the point of the safetys lifting.

If you are totally unsure that the pressure gauge is working properly, with a empty boiler connect up some piping to a convenient port - blow down valve is good, and with the valve open feed up 10 - 20 psi of air into the system, this should make everything work (to a fashion, make sure the wheels are chocked first tho because an inadvertant regulator operation even at these pressures can cause everything to set off on its own.


Thread: Rover V8 drilling valve guides
13/06/2019 21:49:14

There is absolutely no need to drill out the guides on any of the BOP engines, they press out easily, with the correct tools, and likewise press back in with the correct tool to the correct depth.

Replacement guides are a couple of thou oversized from standard to allow for any wear caused by the removal operation and give a tight grip on refit.

I would suggest that as the ten bolt heads are fitted with bolts as standard, you consider the use of the stud kit from ARP No 157-4301 which will allow for a better grip onto the gaskets, which should be composites on these engines rather than the metal shim type.

Are you changing the cam? if so don't forget the rocker shaft shim kits for setting the follower pre load.


Thread: Drawing errors for LBSC Maisie
10/06/2019 11:30:26

Hi Bob, Not specifically answering your question, but a friend of mine built a 31/2" Maisie back in the 1980's, as I recall there were no problems with the running gear, but when I was building the boiler there as degree of difficulty in getting heat for the silver solder to the front of the combustion chamber without melting the vertical water tubes.

In the end we opted for the alternative non- combustion chamber boiler.

Can't think of anything else.


Thread: Aluminium cylinder blocks
09/06/2019 07:45:24

As traction is affected by weight I would be more tempted to balance the light back end with additional lead.

Just a thought


Thread: Tyrosemiophilia
07/06/2019 16:16:05

Barometers, from the early mercury column to the latest digital, and yes I do have an EPP licence.


Edited By FMES on 07/06/2019 16:17:23

Thread: Hi and GMT Question
04/06/2019 16:05:05

Having seen Edwards Burrell in the flesh you are going to need some fairly large machinery to complete it.


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