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Thread: Beaten and robbed.
27/01/2020 08:57:49

anyone daft enough to buy a car on ebay deserves to get ripped off.

Thread: scam alert
24/01/2020 12:57:55

was this by phone or email? either way, how would they know your phone or email, i don't recall tv licencing ever asking for that detail. A little bit of common sense is all that is needed to determine what ios a scam and what is not.

Thread: Bengs Kits
30/12/2019 09:08:29

yes! built 3 so far, very good quality kits, instructions in German but there are some build logs on the Bengs web site for most of the kits. The castings are very good, very easy to machine.

All of mine run well on compressed air.

Thread: Hints and tips for cutting small(ish) male threads with a die
09/09/2019 09:23:47

some dies will only cut from one side, usually the one with the writing on, been cought out by this before now.

not found the need for split dies on small threads 2, 2.5,3,and 4 mm, no need to go undersize i.e 3mm thread use 3mm material or machine to 3mm, does not matter if slightley under, also helps if there is a slight champher for the die to engage on.

usually turn the lathe by hand using spindle handle and tailstock up against the die holder. you can put slight preasure on the die using the tailstock handle.

ordinary cutting fluid usually used, nothing fancy.

rule number one - nevoer overlook the obvious!

Thread: Mill hand wheel upgrade
20/08/2019 09:13:50

i changed mine on an SX2P mill recently, got two 100mm cast iron wheels from China for not very much. Nice quality cast iron, easy to machine. drilled and reamed to suit and turned down the boss to fit the ring with the markings on. Wheels came very quickly considering from China and would have coizst me more than double in the uk. Wish I had done it sooner!

04/08/2019 09:51:37

had a Singer chamois (luxury version of the imp!!!) then soild it to buy a Ginetta G15, got 100mph on the motorway but had to hold on to the dash to stop it vibrating so I could read the speedo.

very disconcerting when a bus pulled up beside you, you got a very close view of the wheelnuts, ones bum was about 4 inches off the ground, ooh! err! missis!

Steering wheel was about 8" in diameter, didn't need much turning to get round a corner.

them were the days eh?

Thread: Upgrading to fibre optic broadband
31/07/2019 09:26:08

do not understand why you are paying so much, I have been with talktalk since they took over Tiscali.

I changed over to fibre as soon as it was available as I was lucky to get 2mb/s due to the distance from the exchange.I pay £23.50 for fibre (up to 38mb/s) and land line, so can't quite work out what you are paying for?

While TalkTalk may not be the best provider, I have not had any problems (apart from 2 data breaches of course

I am not on the latest router which is supposed to be quite good, but mine seems to do the job as far as wifi reach is concerned.

one thing that most people do not know, is, that youy can change your contract at ant time to a better deal, current cheapest price is/was £22.50 but i didn't bother for the sake of £1.

I have thought of changing provider many times but stayed with TalkTalk,

All the other providers are more expensive, don't like BT, Plusnet had a good reputation but is going downhill, Sky I don't like having had so much hassle getting rid of Sky TV, can't get Virgin in my area, so there you are.

you pays your money and makes your choice

Thread: Surplus subjects learnt at school.
23/07/2019 09:15:51
Posted by Bill Phinn on 22/07/2019 19:03:11:
Posted by Howi on 22/07/2019 13:13:05:

One good win on the lottery and you won't see my arse for dust.

If anyone wants a more authentic translation, the following will serve:

simul et usus ero alea satis prospera, podicem meum prae pulvere non videbis.

Just shows wot a good education gets you.

try this one!

Once I cuttent even spel injuneer and now I are one.

22/07/2019 13:13:05

why do so many people dread the prospect of retirement? Just before I retired, I was asked numerous times what on earth I was going to do with my time. I really enjoyed my work the whole 49 years ( without a break).

I just find it so sad that people do not know what they are going to do with themselves once work stops.

I can now do what I want when I want (or not as the case may be). I can take on new activities as well as carry on with exsting ones. I can spend quality time with my new grandchildren (then hand them back at the end of the day!)

Only subject I found a waste of time was Religious Education, I went to a secondary modern so was considered factory fodder, metalwork was chosen over woodwork in my first year and never regretted it, looking forward to Wednesday afternoons for the rest of my school time. Like Peter above, I too joined the Post Office Telephones as an aprentice, after a number of years doing tech courses at tech college I switched over to the Open University. Best thing I ever did, 6 of the best years education I ever had. All in all a good all round education for me as I can turn my hand to many tasks rather than specialise in just one, you don't get as bored either.

Only latin I ever used was taken off a toilet door on my first residential training course for BT, Nil illigitum carborundum and one I had on as my work screen saver a good few years later - Uno Lotto Victorum et perceptus rectum terra.

My chief fire officer happened to be looking over my shoulder and saw the screen save message and wanted to know what it meant - One good win on the lottery and you won't see my arse for dust.

first time I had seen him smile!

Edited By Howi on 22/07/2019 13:16:31

Thread: What Did You Do Today 2019
15/07/2019 09:24:10

completed a simple electronic leadscrew (gearbox) using an arduino UNO, found details on web and moddified to suit my lathe. probably not going to do much thread cutting on the lathe but usefull for selecting different feed rates. can now do away with the change gears, what a pain they are (were?).

no more noise from the gears, or getting covered in grease when they needed changing - anyone want a set of change gears? (only joking!)

lots of ideas for ELS on web but most are trending towards CNC, very little for inbetweeners like me who just want something simple.

If trending to CNC why not go the whole hog?

Thread: Small air compressor sufficient to run a Potty Mill
01/06/2019 09:37:49

if you do not want the expense of a suitable compressor (best is low pressure high volume type about £50) you might want to try a fence paint sprayer from such as ALDI for < £10, pumps up by hand up to 3 bar or 40-50psi and more air volume than a coke bottle.

Thread: Changing Broadband
12/04/2019 09:18:01

a lot has been said about TalkTalk but I have been a customer ever since they took over Tiscali. Yes they have been pretty poor for customer services, but when two companies merge like this it is bound to happen.

Then there was the two major data breaches - should not happen in this day  as most times it is the site you are visiting that will lmit your actual spee, butt it did seem to focus Talkalk somewhat.

My standard broadband was crap at less than 2mb but that would have been the same for any porovider due to the distance from the exchange. As soon as Fibre was available I was on it - 35mb , plenty of speed for me, as it is usually the site you are visiting that will limit your actual download speed.

One bonus of the data breaches was that existing customers had some incentives to stay, one being that you could move onto ANY deal at any time. as an example I had to set up a new 18 month contract when I moved house. within 6 weeks there was a special offer for new customers that was much cheaper than what I was paying ( and that was less than full price ( never actually paid full price)) . I have taken up all special offers to new customers and have not been refused yet! The Fibre is consistant in speed and has been reliable so no need to change supplier (Yet!). No problem with customer services yet, in fact no problems at all.

I am just telling it like it is (for me)

would not touch BT or SKY with a barge pole as I used to work for BT, as for SKY just try stopping their services, if you have any hair, you won't after dealing with SKY.

Yes! we have all had the phone calls regarding problems with broadband it is not specific to talkTalk, the scammers are getting clever now though, they have an automated resaponse line, press1 for BT 2 for TalkTalk etc. I just tell them to p**s o** seems to work........

Edited By Howi on 12/04/2019 09:20:21

Thread: LED lighting
08/03/2019 09:12:43

What are you going to use them for?

LED bulbs are so cheap now why bother.

A lot of time/effort for very little gain IMHO

Thread: What type of compressor do you use to power your engines?
26/01/2019 09:23:01

there are two types of airbrush compressors, piston type and diaphram type, you need the diaphram tytpe as they have a larger air volume (but lower max pressure - about 40lb). get the one with the largest air volume.

just bear in mind though that they will only run fairly small engines - Stuart No. 10 or double 10 max.

bigger air compressors are more costly and VERY noisy unless you are prepared to pay megabucks.

have a look on ebay to get an idea of whats available and at what price.

Thread: Some big tools
23/01/2019 09:29:47

gas smart meters do NOT plug into the mains supply, they have a long life 9v battery inside as do water meters.

Edited By Howi on 23/01/2019 09:30:08

23/01/2019 09:29:36

gas smnart meters do NOT plug into the mains supply, they have a long life 9v battery inside as do water meters.

Thread: 5 Cylinder Rotary Air Engine
23/01/2019 09:20:21

+1 for plans please

Thread: The Diamond Tool Holder
20/01/2019 09:21:36

made my own, saved a fortune cheeky

Thread: Milling for beginners
12/01/2019 10:03:02

tapping with the SX2P is easy if you have the R8 version as you can slacken off the quill, allowing the tap to thread and reverse under its own steam without binding.

Thread: depleted batteries
11/01/2019 09:42:38

Li-ion batteries should not be discharged below a certain voltage otherwise permanent damage will result.

I used to work in IT and had lots of Li-ion phone batteries that would not charge, simple slution was to apply pulses of 12v to the battery by repeatedly tapping the 12v pos to the Li-ion pos.Once you get the battery above it's minimum, the original charger would take over.

you do this at your own risk of course.

I would get a replacement battery myself if it is for camera use, plenty of batteries on ebay.

never had a problem with 3rd party batteries on any of my cameras.

Brand I use is EXPRO, not the cheapest but good capacity and fully compatable.

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