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Thread: Reading the small-print
23/11/2021 09:47:22
Posted by Circlip on 23/11/2021 09:37:16:

And the latest Christmas coupon offerings from the big M specifically excludes Christmas "Spirits" and allclohol.

Regards Ian.

I see you have started on the Christmas spirit (allclohol) early. devil

Thread: Import duty/tax/VAT
23/11/2021 09:44:34

does that £60 include postage? If not, any taxes/duties will be paid on the total amount + you have to add the couriers inport handling fee of about £8 to £12.

You will find you are paying a lot more than your original £60.

Thread: The Internet of Things The Internet of problems
22/11/2021 09:32:52

Paranoia reigns, we're doomed captain Mainwaring, doomed!

If you can't read this, then your Tesla probably won't start either.

EV's are NOT the future......

Thread: A very close call with a scammer
14/11/2021 08:55:10

Sort codes and bank account details can be entered online and checked for validity.

as an example - i recently had some roof work done (costing an arm and a leg.), the roofer wrote down the details for me rather than in an email, i went online and put the details in - the roofer is based in Worksop, the bank account details also came back to Worksop.

there is a simple solution to this type of scam is to send a small amount (say £10) then ask trhe recipient what amount they have received, before sending the rest.

Thread: Is this blindingly obvious?
14/10/2021 09:53:59

3d printers have improved tremendously in the last couple of years and come down in price quite a lot.

I took the plunge this year and started to research what was available, after much 'umming and 'arhing settled for an Artillery Genius as it offered a lot of bang for reasonable bucks. The average price seemed to be about £340 which compared well with Ender 3 and others (at about £250). I was about to do the deed when I spotted an advert from BangGood with a price of £178 - too good to miss. Came from UK warehouse in less than 48hrs and has been superb. I too use Sunlu filament and found it a quality product. Only had one filament jam caused by an overlap on a different brand filament reel. Reel of filament sits on top gantry like most 3d printers but the real sits on ball bearings and puls of realy easily. It also helps having a direct extruder rather than bowden tube. Heavy learning curve to begin with, lots to learn about type of bed, bed adheasion, bed temp. bed leveling, first layer deposition etc.

the only mod I have done other than print extra covers for various parts of the printer and heater cable support, is to replace the (good quality) yellow bed leveling springs with silicon replacement springs. The bed now needs very little in the way of adjustment between prints, in fact non over the last dozen prints.

One thing I have learned, is that, auto bed leveling DOES NOT level the bed, it just tries to fool the software that the bed is level - go figure.

Thread: EV Charging Hacks
03/08/2021 09:56:13

Just to set the record straight, What we have been led to believe about EV chargers. There is NO charging circuitry in them at all. All the charging is done in the car (EV) itself. The 'BOX' has some minor electronics that talks to the charger in the car, may provide wifi access so that an APP can be used to monitor the charging process. It is this 'NEED' for an APP to do everything these days that adds to the security flaws. The bean counters won't allow the extra to provide simple WIFI security.

As has been said on here before EV's are NOT the solution to greenhouse gasses, you only have to look at the logistics - How much electricity would be needed if all petrol/deisel cars were replaced with EV's, how do yoiu charge an EV if you live in a terraced house, who is going to provide the infrastructure and at what cost?

Governments have not thought this through at all, it is just an attempt to show how 'GREEN' they are.

Anyone foolish enough to think they are saving the planet by having an EV, think again.

There will ultimately be a viable solution but WE will still have to pay, goverments cannot afford to lose the tax revenues whether we all have our own transport or use public transport.

EV's are NOT the solution.........

Thread: Best soldering iron for electronics
19/07/2021 09:57:27

you have opened a real can of worms, having played around electronics for more years than I want to remember, my advice would be a cheap Chinese temp controlled iron. I recently bought one from Amazon, just be aware prices can vary wildly for the same item, even on Amazon. A lot are the same item with different name, go for the cheapest.

mine cost about £25 ( I could have paid £60+ for the same solder station and that was on Amazon)

If you are happy to wait a week for delivery then Banggood, Aliexpress etc are worth looking at, I have used Banggood for both cheap and expensive items, recent purchases are Digital scope, 3D printer, plus some very cheap electronic bits. If they have the item in the UK warehouse, delivery is a couple of days tops, recent Chinese warehouse purchase took about 6 days.

Even though I do a lot of electronics, I would not consider paying silly prices, As for teperature accuracy, I have found mine to underestimate slightly but was easily adjusted. My normal temperature would be 380-390 going up to 420 if the extra heat needed (they will go higher) for certain tasks i.e tinning enamelled copper wire.

Some will probably point you to Antex and other premium makes, my advice is ignore that advice. The Chinese stuff is far better bang for buck, Yes! I have had Antex and Weller and would still go for the cheap Chinese.

What you now do with the advice is up to you, the choice is enormous and bewildering if you are not sure exactly what you want.

Once you are into electronics and once you have had time to use the cheap end, you may want to go further with SMD components and go for an all singing all dancing solder station with hot air /desoldering options for a lot more money but at this stage a cheap temp controlled iron will do you for the next few years.

Thread: Lifting an SX2P Mill
17/07/2021 09:41:08

you might be a little older than me but we still have our marbles. teeth 2

enjoy the SX2P, best thing I have bought, apart from the lathe of course.

Thread: How long does it take to make things?
20/06/2021 09:43:13
Posted by SillyOldDuffer on 19/06/2021 12:20

It's because I flit between jobs, never mastering anything. I can do electrics, plumbing, woodwork, tiling, gardening, fix cars, and cut metal: none of them well.


Edited By SillyOldDuffer on 19/06/2021 12:29:44

Ah! a man after my own heart, I have often pondered on whether it is better to be able to turn ones hands/mind to many varied tasks or to only do one thing well.

I think if you can do either then you are truely blessed..........

Thread: 10TB HDD
20/05/2021 10:03:04

only thing that I backup properly is photographs (raw), everything else is on Mac Time Machine.

Even 4Tb is overkill for most people, other than that it is a case of 'mine is bigger than yours' syndrome.

My pet hate is people who store treasured memories on USB sticks/phone/computer withou t a backup, then come to me to try and recover them.

At work we distributed USB stick to staff (fatal mistake on a number of issues) but we were told to do it by senior management.

They now tend to trust what we advise...... lesson learned.

Thread: What is a Lug Sweater?
20/05/2021 09:43:20

I thought it was something my gran knitted to keep my ears warm in winter......!

Thread: Painting staircase spindles
13/05/2021 09:40:13

Buy a bungalow.........

Thread: Ropey Radio Reception?
08/05/2021 09:38:36

there are more dinosaurs on this site than in the natural history museum devil

Thread: How Do I Open Walker-Midgeley Documents Please?
30/04/2021 10:15:08
Posted by Nigel Graham 2 on 29/04/2021 22:44:57:

I received several model-engineering insurance documents today from Walk-Midgely but had had to ask for proper, paper versions, and remarked that in future I will complete the renewal by post.

None would open, and the 'Properties' tool would tell me almost nothing about some, suggesting very tight encryption or non-standard formats.

Most claimed to be .pdf files so I knew they are images, and indeed I found the computer had stored them among my photographs. A few would open MS 'Media Center' with its TV tool highlighted, but stay firmly closed themselves. No other photo-processor I have will open them.

'there is no reasoin that Walk-Midgely would use anything but propietry PDF's.

Just because your computer put these files with your photos does not mean they should be, mine go into Documents.

There are plenty of PDF readers, PDF Reader being one of them surprise, surprise. There is a free and a paid for version, I find the free version more than adequate, I also think most browsers will open pdf's.

There have been other suggestions, you have plenty to choose from.

Also, most companies that send PDF's (all my insurance companies do) will have a link to a suitable reader, have you looked?


Thread: Help wanted, How can I use a stepper motor as a table feed.
19/04/2021 09:10:21

A cheap and effective power supply can be had by using a laptop power supply, there are plenty that give 19v at 3.2 amps, perfect for steppers.

Thread: New car - or is it a wheeled computer?
08/04/2021 09:24:21
Posted by Phil Meaken on 26/03/2021 15:26:33:
Posted by Journeyman on 26/03/2021 14:21:42:

A digital toaster simply makes toast either uncooked or charcoal ie. 0 or 1


I always thought that it either toasts or does nothing; if nothing, you throw it away and buy another.
I'll stick to our Dualit; 1947 to present design and completely free of electronics.


You might just be surprised if you look inside one............

Thread: Call me cynical / Call me thick ... but
07/04/2021 09:11:55
Posted by Robert Atkinson 2 on 06/04/2021 12:50:04:

In my home workshop I can measure time to 20 picoseconds for one off events, much better for something that can be averaged. Thats 2x10^-11 or 0.00000000002 s. Thats good enough for most practical purposes. Light travels about 6mm in 20 ps.I can measure frequency to over to 25 GHz (2.5s10^10). I have 4 atomic frequency standards, but like most time nuts I mostly use GPS based clock. I have several of those with 3 different models running 24/7. You need three because if you only have two and they are different you don't know which is right nerd
I built a precsion quartz oscillator at over the weekend. I can easily see the effect of gravity on this e.g. the frequency change when you turn it on its side, +1 G to 0 G

Robert G8RPI.

Someone has far too much time on his hands me thinks............

on second thoughts.........

but then how do I measure that?

time I was going..........

OMG I have just wasted two minutes of my life Aarrgh! panic.

Thread: Canon printer
04/04/2021 09:44:20

have Canon TS8250, best printer ever, after my last Canon had to be scrapped due to foreign object being sucked into the printer mechanism (Yes! my fault).

After supplied ink cartridges run out, I always use after market inks,

A full set of inks (6) from Canon cost more than the printer did,

The after market inks are much cheaper and work really well, I could not tell the difference.

Forget Epson and HP.

simple piece of advice DO NOT buy at the cheaper end, pay a bit more and go middle to top of range depending on depth of pocket and anticipated usage.

Thread: Power supply companies.
30/03/2021 09:05:19

OVO has got too big, had good service from them though, now use Octopus Energy, likewise with OVO very good service.

Thread: Are we being listened to on the phone
27/03/2021 09:53:12

I am NOT paranoid, I just know someone is watching me.

just remember everything has a price, including freedom.

If you have nothing to fear, why worry.

Modern technology is wonderful, but comes at a price, if you think that price is too high, don't use the technology.

If it bothers you that much, become a hermit, remove yourself from modern society and see how long you last.

Come on chaps, lets have a smile, the world is NOT that bad.

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