The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4619 (16th August 2019).

In this issue ...

We look back at the first day’s running at this year’s IMLEC at Leyland and look forward to both the LBSC Rose Bowl competition and the Southern Federation rally.

Chris Rayward fabricates the blast pipe for his 5 inch gauge LNWR ‘D’ tank locomotive.
Mick Knights makes a set of piston rings for his quarter scale Bentley BR2 rotary aero engine.
Alan Crossfield reports on the first day’s running of this year’s IMLEC, held at the Leyland society track.
Jon Edney needed a steam locomotive for his 7¼ inch gauge garden railway and decided that Ken Swan’s Bridget was the ideal choice.
Geoff Theasby enjoys a steamy weekend in Sheffield.
David Haythornthwaite manufactures the eccentric strap and sheave for his 1 inch scale Model Engineer beam engine.
Jon Freeman considers the science behind regenerative braking for electric locomotives.
Roger Backhouse goes on an engineer’s day out to Arkwright’s mill at New Lanark.
Steve Eaton and Tom Parham present previews, respectively, of the LBSC Rose Bowl competition, to be held at the Southport club track, and the Southern Federation rally, to be hosted by the Maidstone society.
Les Phillips makes a pair of boilers for his 5 inch gauge New South Wales C38 locomotives.
Jason Ballamy describes how he made the columns, capitals and pedestals for his ‘Muncaster’ entablature engine.
Graham Sadler explains how you can turn precise tapers.