The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4588 (8 - 22 June 2018).

In this issue ...

John Arrowsmith reports from the Wolverhampton MES while Roger Backhouse boards the paddle steamer Maid of the Loch and visits the Balloch steam slipway on Loch Lomond.

Roger Backhouse boards the paddle steamer Maid of the Loch and surveys the Balloch steam slipway restoration on Loch Lomond.
James Wells offers more memories of the activities of men in sheds after WW2.
Mike Tilby embarks on a series exploring the technology, history and modelling of steam turbines.
Jon Edney explains the design of the suspension for his 7¼ inch gauge riding trolley.
John Arrowsmith pays a visit to the Wolverhampton MES and reports on the activities of this busy club in the West Midlands.
Graham Sadler continues his series aimed at newcomers to the hobby by making some clamping bars and a set of ‘T’ nuts.
Chris Gunn adds a couple of drain cocks to his Garrett 4CD tractor.
Terence Holland makes further progress on the boiler for his Barclay well tank by tackling the Belpaire firebox and steam dome.
Geoff Theasby reports on news from model engineering clubs around the world.
Jacques Maurel explains how to make accurate measurements of dovetails and slant plane surfaces.
Wolfgang Tepper describes how he made the crankcase for his four stroke opposed-piston engine.
Alan Pickering recalls what inspired him to become a model engineer and how his workshop came into being.