The latest issue of Model Engineer is issue 4669 (16 - 29 July 2021).
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In this issue ...

We look at making the frames for two very different locomotives, both in 5 inch gauge – a highly detailed model of Flying Scotsman and Ballaarat, an Australian narrow gauge 0-4-0 engine.

Noel Shelley tells of his adventures in The Wash with a large and rather powerful amphibious creature.
Peter Seymour-Howell makes a set of stretchers for his 5 inch gauge Flying Scotsman frames.
Jacques Maurel takes a rather jaded bandsaw vice and restores its joie de vivre.
Ron Fitzgerald looks at the rise of the competition in the manufacture of 18th century steam engines and how Boulton and Watt found they were not getting it all their own way.
Brian Baker looks back at the 40th Parklands Railway Week and takes us on a tour of this relatively unknown but rather charming 7¼ inch gauge railway in Norfolk.
Norm Norton tackles the lubricators, regulator and water gauges for his rebuilt Modelworks 5 inch gauge Britannia locomotive.
Adrian Garner saves work by cutting all the gear wheels in his astronomical clock with one setup.
Mike Tilby examines the methods of turbine rotor construction used in the LMS Turbomotive locomotive.
Martin Gearing explains the ‘Pallion’ method for creating sound silver soldered joints and demonstrates how the correct amount of filler rod can be calculated.
Luker begins the construction of a new locomotive project – an Australian 0-4-0 narrow gauge engine in 5 inch gauge.