The latest issue of Model Engineer is issue 4681 (14 - 27 January 2022).
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In this issue ...
This time we face a handful of challenges – making tiny engines, cutting gear teeth on a large radius, understanding injectors and completing a circuit of the Sheffield society’s track.

Rob Speare takes a trip to Andover to attend an exclusive gathering of locomotives celebrating the designs of the Southern Railway’s Oliver Bulleid.
Ron Fitzgerald continues his survey of the history of the stationary steam engine with a look at the development of sand moulding for casting large items such as cylinders.
Peter Seymour-Howell makes a pair of front buffers for his finely detailed five inch gauge Flying Scotsman.
Ian Couchman tackles the problem of making the racks for his Ransomes elevator, which involves cutting the teeth on a gear segment of unusually large radius.
Roger Froud considers the science and technology of one of the most ingenious devices to be found on a steam locomotive, the injector.
Pete Targett creates large quantities of aluminium swarf as he mills out the crankcase for his four cylinder 30cc internal combustion engine.
Gerald Martyn rises to the challenge of creating very small steam engines.
John Arrowsmith pays a visit to the Sheffield Society’s very fine but rather challenging track.
Adrian Garner begins the construction of a case for his astronomical bracket clock. Bob Lilley describes the Bristol society’s new club locomotive, a GWR Class 800 Diesel electric named, appropriately, Isambard Kingdom Brunel.