The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4600 (23 November - 7 December).

In this issue ...

Terence Holland talks points, Martin Evans talks point motors, Doug Hewson makes even more signals and Stewart Hart works a little magic by putting a train into a bottle.

John Arrowsmith returns from the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition and reports on his first impressions.
Ashley Best concludes his description of the final development of the Bolton Corporation tramcar by looking at the construction of the roof the lighting and the drop sash windows.
Martin Gearing makes the firebox for his vertical boiler.
Graham Gardener visits Dorset and finds that the Great Steam Fair lives up to its name.
Martin Evans explains why he made his own point motors and how he went about it.
Chris Gunn starts work on the canopy for his 6 inch Garrett tractor by making the canopy supports, with the help of a well-stocked scrap bin.
Graham Sadler makes the first of three useful workshop items – a centre height gauge.
Terence Holland takes a diversion from locomotive construction and explains how he tackled the challenge of making points for his 7¼ inch gauge railway and the gadgets he made to assist in laying track.
Stewart Hart plays a variation on a theme by putting a train into a bottle for the amusement of his grandchildren.
Robert Hobbs tackles the motion work on his 2½ inch gauge Coronation Class locomotive.
Geoff Theasby is ‘on the busses’.