The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4610 (12 - 25 April).

In this issue ...

In a truly international edition we go to France for pressure cookers, Spain for locomotive nameplates, Japan for cylinder blocks and North Lincolnshire for GWR pannier buffer beams and frame stays.

Martin Clarke remembers the life of the inventor of the pressure cooker, who inspired the design of Newcomen’s atmospheric engine and for whom a memorial is to be erected in London.
Graham Gardener spends a day in the West Country and visits the West Somerset steam and vintage rally.
Kevin Barry presents a design for a compact and comparatively simple six cylinder stationary rotary engine.
Norman Barber looks back at his experience of making his first locomotive Rainhill and recalls its renaissance with a new boiler.
Andover model engineers hit the international scene last year with their Rob Roy rally and Rex Hanman invites all owners to this year’s rally.
Chris Gunn embarks on the manufacture of a pair of water gauges for his half scale Garrett 4CD tractor.
Doug Hewson details the buffer beams and frame stays for his rework of LBSC’s GWR pannier tank.
We showcase John Tomlinson’s Stuart beam engine steam plant while Mike Tilby looks at the major sources of losses in model steam turbines.
Terence Holland considers how to make a set of nameplates for his Barclay well tanks and Hiroyuki Watanabe tackles the complex task of designing a three cylinder block for his Japanese C53 locomotive - as featured on our cover this time.