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In this issue ...

We visit the Kinver Society of Model Engineers, make a couple of oscillating engines for a pair of small boys and look at the last stages of development of Watt’s steam engine technology.

Martin Gearing gives a step by step guide on the cutting of helical gears with a tool made using his button cutter. Stewart Hart makes the cylinder and covers for his grasshopper haulage engine.
Ron Fitzgerald examines the final stages of development of the Watt engine.
Hotspur makes the safety valve casing for his 7¼ inch gauge 2-4-0 Beattie well tank.
Rhys Owen traces the development of locomotive braking systems all the way from the era of hardly any brakes at all through to fail-safe vacuum brakes.
Robert Walker explores a little understood phenomenon – stress corrosion.
Martin Robinson completes the construction of his 7¼ inch gauge Diesel-electric locomotive, Queen’s Messenger. Helmut Heitzinger makes the flywheel and rope pulley for his non-dead centre compound Musgrave engine and faces the tricky task of making the Pickering governor.
Luker makes the valve chests for his 5 inch gauge 4-4-0 American locomotive, Wahya.
John Merrett made good use of lockdown by making a pair of miniature oscillating engines for two small boys. Robert Hobbs has fun with the sheet metal work for his 3½ inch gauge locomotive County of Devon.
John Arrowsmith finds out what is afoot at the Kinver Society of Model Engineers.