The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4605 (1 - 14 February).

In this issue ...

We look at some classic model engineering in the form of a flywheel, crankshaft and cams but also at some rather more odd and eccentric aspects of the hobby.

Julie Williams looks back at some of the more unusual objects at the recent Lowestoft Model Engineering Exhibition, showcasing the talents of a few of Suffolk’s less conventional craftsmen.
Roger Davies completes his construction of a one third scale water crane for the Bath and West Railway by making the water control valve and organising the ground works and water supply.
Martin Gearing continues the task of turning out fittings and parts for fittings for his vertical boiler.
Stephen Wessel discusses cam shapes and the valve timing for his ENV aero engine.
Ron Fitzgerald concludes his survey of English and French locomotive design in the second half of the nineteenth century and the opening years of the twentieth.
Tony Bird revisits a design for an easy to build model outboard racer first published in 1933.
Mick Knights carries out the finish machining on the crankshaft for his quarter scale Bentley BR2 rotary aero engine.
John Arrowsmith reports on the Beech Hurst Learning Centre, a new venture for young model engineers.
Bob Bramson considers the causes of corrosion within model boilers and explains the processes going on and David Haythornthwaite machines the flywheel for his one inch scale Model Engineer beam engine.