The latest issue of Model Engineer is issue 4656 (15 - 28 January 2021).
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In this issue ...

We start two new projects this time – an epicyclic skeleton clock designed by William Strutt, built by James Buxton, and the restoration of an old beam engine, undertaken by Tony Bird.

The late Rodney Oldfield describes how he built a model of the engine from USS Monitor, one of the first iron clad warships in the American Civil War, to the design of Bob Middleton.
Ron Wright shows you how to adorn your work with ‘rust you can trust’, enhancing the verisimilitude of the model.
Terence Holland constructs the drawgear for his 5 inch gauge 0-6-0 Barclay well tank.
Luker shows how you can indulge in the hobby of model engineering without jeopardising your green credentials.
Tony Bird acquires a collection of apparently random bits in an old cardboard box and turns them into a fair approximation of a beam engine.
Peter Seymour-Howell completes the construction of the tender for his 5 inch gauge Flying Scotsman.
James Buxton continues work on his epicyclic skeleton clock by cutting the sun and planet wheels which define the relationship between the hour and minute hands.
Doug Hewson tackles the challenge of making the combined steam and vacuum brake for his 5 inch gauge GWR pannier tank.
Roger Backhouse takes a trip to the Haarlemmermeer in Holland to find out how the Dutch reclaimed so much of their land from the North Sea.