The latest issue of Model Engineer is issue 4662 (9 - 22 April 2021).
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In this issue ...

Two of our contributors decide to machine parts from the solid rather than rely on castings – a set of connecting rods for an internal combustion engine and a set of locomotive cylinders.

Peter Seymour-Howell makes a set of leaf springs for the tender of his 5 inch gauge Flying Scotsman locomotive.
Luker uses his 3D printer to make patterns for casting a variety of locomotive parts.
D.A.G. Brown reviews Sharpening Common Workshop Tools by Dr. Marcus Bowman.
Norm Norton improves the platforms and platework on his rebuilt Modelworks 5 inch gauge Britannia locomotive and Doug Hewson presents the platework for his 5 inch gauge GWR pannier tank.
Roger Backhouse enjoys an engineer’s day out on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, which celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year.
Peter Worden completes a set of connecting rods for his FOCAS engine by machining the small end bushes and big end bearing shells.
Wim Merks completes his account of a finite element analysis of a model steam boiler by looking at the stresses imposed on the boiler by hydrostatic pressure testing.
George Punter designs and builds an 150cc three cylinder petrol engine to power his 5 inch gauge Queensland DH class locomotive.
David Earnshaw bores the cylinder blocks for his 5 inch gauge Duchess locomotive.
Jason Ballamy presents a mill engine first described by S.L. Thompstone in Model Engineer 120 years ago.