The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4635 (27 March - 9 April 2020).

In this issue ...

Alan Pickering demonstrates the value of a well-stocked scrap box as he rummages through his own and emerges with the material required to build an inverted Ross Yoke Stirling engine.

John Olsen makes a steel boiler, of the Yarrow type, for his full-size steam launch.
Martin Ranson concludes the construction of his pair of 32mm ‘pepperpot’ locomotives and offers some tips on steaming them.
Ian Couchman adds the cladding to his redesigned boiler feed pump and then subjects it to a rigorous performance test.
Jeremy Buck builds a new corridor tender for his 5 inch gauge A4 locomotive.
Hotspur completes the well tank for his 5 inch gauge Beattie 2-4-0 locomotive.
Peter Kenington adds a versatile power supply to his steam raising blower.
Ron Fitzgerald takes a look at the technical development of the Newcomen engine, in particular improvements to the steam admission valve and valve gear.
Ray Griffin offers a novel technique for boring eccentrics.
Brian Baker makes a set of olives to go with the union nuts he made last time.
Roger Backhouse visits the Brass, Steel and Fire exhibition at the National Railway Museum, York, before its move to the Science Museum, London.
David Haythornthwaite makes the steam chest and cover for his 1 inch scale Model Engineer beam engine.
Alan Pickering dives into his box of odds’n’ends and surfaces with an inverted Ross Yoke Stirling engine.