The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4625 (8 - 21 November 2019).

In this issue ...

A one inch beam engine gets a governor, a quarter scale aero engine gets a propeller, a Bridget locomotive gets a pair of cylinders and the Wrexham club gets a visitor.

Roger Backhouse spends an engineer’s day out at the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust museum, on the site of the Royal Aircraft Establishment.
Tony Bird gives a few examples of the use of wax chucks and wax mandrels.
Jon Edney machines the cylinder blocks and connecting rods for his 7¼ inch gauge Bridget locomotive.
Graham Astbury turns the impossible into the merely improbable by finding a dimly remembered book from his youth. Mick Knights brings the construction of his quarter scale Bentley BR2 rotary aero engine to a close by finding and fitting a suitable propeller.
Ashley Best begins the construction of his one sixteenth scale model of a Brill 22E tram truck, an American design widely used on British trams.
Robert Walker makes a backplate in order to fit a self centering four jaw chuck to his Myford 254 lathe.
Frank Birchall upgrades the valve gear on his Metre Maid locomotive to Walschaert’s.
Graham Gardner visits the Usk steam rally in order to admire the models in John Haining’s ‘steam corner’.
David Haythornthwaite completes the governor for his one inch scale model of the Model Engineer beam engine. Model Engineer visits the Wrexham and District Society of Model Engineers.