The latest issue of Model Engineer is issue 4687 (25 March - 7 April 2022).
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In this issue ...
We find out how to drive a brushless motor, how to make a Tellurian for an astronomical clock, how to construct a stainless steel boiler and how to measure both accurately and precisely.

Hotspur makes a set of special springs for his three-cylinder oscillating engine and makes a start on the assembly of the engine.
Rhys Owen looks at the development of increasing accuracy and precision in measurement and considers to what extent various measuring instruments meet these two distinct requirements.
Adrian Garner creates the sun and earth for his astronomical bracket clock and starts work on the tellurian.
Luker makes a stainless-steel boiler for his 5 inch gauge Australian 0-4-0 locomotive, Ballaarat.
Ron Fitzgerald continues the history of Watt’s Soho Foundry, discussing the arrival of its first cylinder boring machine.
Tim Coles constructs a body for his 7¼ inch gauge driving truck with an authentically prototypical look.
André Rousseau reviews Kimble McCutheon’s book telling the story of Tornado, a Curtiss-Wright aero engine that tested the limits of reciprocating engine design.
Ted Hansen makes the input shaft and clutch assembly for his more prototypical transmission for Westbury’s road roller.
Brian Gawthorpe reports on his experiments in driving brushless DC electric motors.
Peter Seymour-Howell constructs a highly detailed cab for his 5 inch gauge Flying Scotsman locomotive.
Mick Knights’ latest project is Little Demon, a twin carburettor supercharged V8 internal combustion engine..