The latest issue of Model Engineer is issue 4641 (19 June - 2 July 2020). If you are having difficulty purchasing your copy please consider a subscription. Have your favourite magazine delivered to your door! See page 53 for some great offers!

In this issue ...

We look at the beginnings of the modern steam engine, consider the merits of a lathe thread dial indicator, enjoy a day out at a museum in Basingstoke and learn how a Weir pump works.

Rodney Oldfield makes the crossheads for his Middleton double beam stationary engine. Hotspur installs the water tanks into his 5 inch Beattie well tank chassis and adds the pipework to connect them all together and Luker shows how non-ferrous metals can easily be found at low cost how he makes his own copper alloys from scrap.
Ian Couchman unravels the complexities of the inner workings of the Weir pump.
Ron Fitzgerald tells the story of Watts’s decade of difficulties as he developed his ideas for improving the atmospheric engine, in particular the addition of a separate condenser, creating a true steam engine.
Jacques Maurel considers that a thread dial indicator is an indispensable accessory for a lathe if a thread is to be cut and explains how you can make your own.
Luker makes the bogie for his 5 inch gauge American outline 4-4-0 locomotive.
David Haythornthwaite approaches the completion of his 1 inch scale Model Engineer beam engine with the manufacture of the throttle and steam shut-off valve.
Roger Backhouse continues to enjoy his Engineer’s Day Out as he takes a look at the transport exhibits at Basingstoke’s Milestones museum.
Richard Castle builds a Bolton marine triple expansion engine.