The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4590 (6-19 July 2018) (Correct image coming soon!).

In this issue ...

We visit the Sweet Pea Rally at the Bristol SMEE and feature one of the more unusual locomotives on our front cover, while Geoff Theasby reports, as usual, on the club scene.

Alan Pickering continues the story of the development of his comprehensively equipped workshop and expands on the benefits of a three-phase electricity supply.
Jacques Maurel show how you can make an attachment for drilling holes accurately on a lathe into work held in the headstock chuck.
Mike Tilby explains the science and basic principles that lie behind the working of all kinds of turbines.
Chris Gunn makes a whistle for his six inch scale Garrett 4CD tractor.
Terence Holland makes rapid progress with his Barclay well tank, making up the dome from the pieces made last time, dealing with the lagging bands and setting to work on the smokebox.
Henk-Jan de Ruiter looks at the history of possibly the world’s favourite toy; the Meccano construction set.
Having guided us through the manufacture of all the parts, Martin Gearing now assembles and tests the hand pump for his vertical boiler.
Wolfgang Tepper makes a camshaft for his opposed piston engine and discusses the ignition trigger device.
Graham Sadler starts on his toolpost by using the fly cutter made last time to make the body.
Graham Gardener spends a day at the Bolton Steam Museum, run by the Northern Mill Engine Society.