The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4627 (6 - 19 December 2019).

In this issue ...

A tale of three locomotives, a tram and a pair of singing birds, along with visits to the Nottingham society and the Midlands Model Engineering show at Leamington Spa.

John Arrowsmith visits the Nottingham Society of Model and Experimental Engineers at their Little Ruddington site to see the results of three years’ work on their new track extension.
David Haythornthwaite contends with the intricacies of the parallel motion on his 1 inch scale Model Engineer beam engine.
John Moorhouse goes into the details of the inner workings of his singing bird automaton, showing how they are hidden in, and emerge from, the body of the miniature violin concealing them.
Rhys Owen ventures out to the mountains of South Wales for a ride on the Brecon Mountain Railway.
Hotspur resumes his account of the construction of Wenford, a 7¼ inch gauge LNWR Beattie 0-4-2 well tank.
Frank Birchall concludes his conversion of the valve gear on his Metre Maid locomotive to Walschaert’s.
Ashley Best fabricates the side frames for his Brill 22E tram trucks.
Luker explains how he makes patterns for his castings and how to arrange and use sprues and risers for defect-free results.
Jon Edney completes the chassis of his 7¼ inch gauge Bridget locomotive by making the smokebox and chimney. John Arrowsmith reports on the competition classes at this year’s Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition.