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Thread: In praise of angle grinders
24/02/2018 10:27:32

Got the 150 x 1mm discs this am

They cut a max of 40mm with the stop removed in 60-90 seconds, so 3 inches if you come in from each side

Not even that noisy, Wish I'd done this years ago

(The garage does smell like the hoose is on fire though)



Edited By Ady1 on 24/02/2018 10:49:21

Thread: Gazelle 2-2-2 Drawings
23/02/2018 09:03:28

The post before yours was in 2010 so you may not have much luck

Thread: 10,000 Year Clock now under construction
22/02/2018 01:24:30

A clock designed to run for ten millennia without human intervention is now under construction.

The 10,000 Year Clock is a project of the Long Now Foundation, a non-profit organisation that wants to make "long-term thinking more common".

It is being built on property owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, beneath a mountain in the middle of a desert in Texas,

There is currently no completion date scheduled for the project.

The clock's creator, American inventor Danny Hillis, first publicly shared the concept in an essay for Wired in 1995.

In it, he describes his vision of a timepiece that ticks once every year, with a century hand that moves just once every 100 years and a cuckoo that emerges every 1,000.

The clock is designed to capture energy from changes in temperature to power its timekeeping apparatus, according to the Long Now Foundation. But it will not be able to store enough energy to display the time unless visitors "wind" it with a hand-turned wheel.

Bezos shared a video of the clock's construction on Twitter on Tuesday:

linky winky

Thread: In praise of angle grinders
21/02/2018 11:25:28

I use hand held stuff but this is a portable fixed bench unit where nothing moves, costs 40 bananas and has a 3 year guarantee, a great starter pack choppy uppy setup for any poverty stricken ME dude

Rebar for example is a chrome vanadium steel, tuff stuff

Those rage evo things look pretty mental bits of kit, bet you don't get 10 discs for 15 quid

Edited By Ady1 on 21/02/2018 11:44:21

21/02/2018 10:45:38

It gives you a nice fast and very portable alternative to hacksaws and is rated to 50mm

Apart from my fluffy cocktail dress and high heels I use welding gloves and a full face mask as recommended by the chaps in here(in this thread actually)


21/02/2018 10:41:07

So I took out the parkside disc, stuck in a 115mm blue spot, the grinder spindle is a standard 22mm affair, removed the internal stop to increase the cutting depth to about an inch and a bit and went after my rebar again

Pure doddle, took 5 mins to do 3 cuts on the 40mm rebar with an undersize disk, turning the bar between cuts

The cuts took seconds, most of the time was spent lining up between cuts


Edited By Ady1 on 21/02/2018 10:55:44

21/02/2018 10:35:35

Bought Lidls fixed angle grinder yesterday and I thought I'd share


The main reason I'm posting on it is its portability and adaptability

Behind the electric cord is a second black lifting handle so you can lug it outside like a toolbox and put it on an extension outside or in the garden(away from the carrots etc of course).

When I got it I stuck a bit of 40mm rebar in and set it off, and away it went

and went

and went

At first I thought "oh dear me I've bought a lemming" (or various unprintable words to that effect)

On closer inspection the metal cutting disc was probably too thick, even a 1.6mm disc has to do 60% more work than a 1mm disc, which is my preferred hand held angle grinder option

I cant find 1mm by 175mm discs but I've ordered 150mm ones, I only use stainless steel cutting disks, 115mm from blue spot have been really good for me

Thread: Couple of things at Lidl
19/02/2018 15:32:00

Forgot to say, they had a metal chopper disc saw at Lidl yeaterday, 40 bananas

Does up to 50mm, apparently, picture here

Edited By Ady1 on 19/02/2018 15:34:36

19/02/2018 10:57:23

So smaller simpler lighter more reliable tooling

Plus stuff like paint spraying, air cleaning and shot blasting is directly on tap

Makes sense

19/02/2018 00:10:54

A ton of air powered gear in there today, 3 to 350 quid would have amassed an amazing amount of air tooling

Is it meant to be for h+s puposes in a professional environment? instead of electric tooling?

The compressor clacking away every few minutes would get pretty annoying for me

Thread: Magic erasers, useful
16/02/2018 14:25:36

They've turned me into an OCD cleaner.

Got a monster cold at the moment but was doing the shower at 1am. It's theraputic!

Seriously though, handy for when squeaky clean is essential, glueing stuff, welding stuff, fabby for cleaning plastics like grotty computers

15/02/2018 01:56:39

I only bought these a week or two ago but they've become essential now because their ability to remove grease and normally tough stains is pretty unbelievable

Plastics, mirrors, fridges, old scruffy microwaves, car dashboards, car windows whatever, rub gently and watch that hard to shift grot disappear

If it's got a film of grease these things gobble it up and make it squeaky clean, and all you need is warm water to squeeze the junk out

Packs are about a quid for 4 sponges but the secret is actually in the foam which is melamine foam and you can buy packs of 100 for under a tenner from a well known site kinda thing

Just thought I'd share

Thread: What quality vs cost considerations drives your buying?
13/02/2018 10:12:47

In 30 years most of us will be deid

The market has changed in that time since the 1980s. Nowadays they can do reasonable quality at a very low price

If you don't want to use it to do a job then you paid too much for it

(My expensive Bosch from the 80s packed up recently too btw, might be the brushes)

Thread: Anodising kits
13/02/2018 01:03:10

I've swithered over trying anodising out a few times

Power for the aluminium anodising is provided by either a 12v car battery or battery charger used in conjunction with the current controller included in the kit.

Is a charger with auto (digital?) control switching system going to work with these kits?

Like what you get from Lidl etc?

I just chucked an old 12v type Selmar charger into the dump last week because it buzzed like a hornets nest

Thread: Couple of things at Lidl
12/02/2018 09:29:06

Got quite a lot of handy stuff in this week.

Oscillating saws, offset ring spanners, mini pliers sets, washers nuts screws

Thread: Negative feedback loop
10/02/2018 09:52:37

I don't know why I thought of this place when I read this article

all these explanations lack granularity and do not contain metrics sufficient to let us know if we need a new paradigm


Are these the worst examples of business jargon?

Earlier this month, when we set about to demystify some of the worst business jargon at the World Economic Forum in Davos, we could not have imagined it would hit so many of our readers' raw nerves.

Hundreds felt compelled to get in touch with their own submissions, some unprintable, but the best of which we have "outlined" below.

There was, of course, plenty of criticism of our selections, with many objecting to the singling out of "benchmarking" - a term that has been in use in many disciplines for several decades - and a passionate debate about the precise meaning of "negative feedback loops", more of which later.

But perhaps the wittiest critique came from Charles Crowe, who maintains that "all these explanations lack granularity and do not contain metrics sufficient to let us know if we need a new paradigm".

We have taken that on board, Charles.


Alec Finney vented his frustration: "Everything HAS to be AGILE now. Managing projects, building computer systems, having lunch." There was no shortage of agility at Davos, come to think of it. Indeed, shaping the "agile governance of technology" was one of the key themes of 2018's World Economic Forum.

As of yet

Hugo Pettingell emailed: "When I was a lad 'as yet' was considered sufficient to indicate 'until now'. Or am I being picky? Bit like the unnecessary 'per' in 'as per usual'."

We think you are being a tad picky with the last one, Hugo. "As per usual" was used as far back as 1923, by none other than acclaimed writer Katherine Mansfield.

Pete S wondered what we should call this jargon: "When my father worked in the Pentagon in the '60s this claptrap was called 'bafflegab'," he emailed. "What is the term now? Perhaps, 'globaloney'?"


"I don't have the bandwidth for this" - meaning "I don't have the time or capacity". Adrian Watt added: "probably destined to become interchangeable with headspace".

Centre around

This one irked David Burns. It's widely used, but pedants, or "careful writers" as the Routledge Student Guide to English Usage calls us, would do best to avoid the phrase, as strictly speaking, a "central point cannot go around something else".


"I think it means to reduce the risk of something happening or to dump risky stuff (it's always stuff) somewhere," said Richard Nash. Your guess is as good as ours, Richard.

Forward planning

Robert Webb joined many in submitting this hideous phrase for consideration. "Planning is always for the future so the addition of "FORWARD" is totally irrelevant," he fumed.

High net worth individuals (or HNWIs)

David Burns again. "Of course," he wrote, "Davos is not for rich people, it is for 'high net worth individuals'." Well, and for low net worth journalists, David.

Learning receptor units

A gem courtesy of Michael Rosenthal, of Warwick University. "Take a look at the language university administrators use," he emailed.

"Some time around 2000 I wrote 'our principal aim must be to maximise the cost-effective throughput of learning receptor units' in a document that went through two or three meetings before someone suggested we might substitute 'students' for 'learning receptor units'."

Negative Feedback Loop - THE BACKLASH

Such was the level of feedback to this entry (irony alert), that it almost took the BBC email servers offline.

"Sorry to have to correct you but your explanation of negative feedback loop is totally the opposite of its true meaning," wrote Airbus spacecraft engineer Ian Walters, joining a chorus of condemnation.

"A negative feedback loop, as used in every control system on the planet, provides stability by feeding back a control signal that is opposite to, or negative, to the measured error."

"You perfectly describe a system having positive feedback from one economy onto others."

Steve D, who works for the UK government, had similar expertise to impart.

"You're incorrect about the negative feedback loop, also known as balancing loop. This is a term from systems dynamics. It happens when an increase in something feeds into a loop of interactions that ultimately tends to dampen down the increase."



Edited By Ady1 on 10/02/2018 09:55:13

08/02/2018 14:39:38

No cobalt HSS?

That stuff has changed my lathe and shaper life kinda thing, it has the toughness of carbide and the ease of HSS

Thread: Comments??
08/02/2018 01:04:53

Aha, she's on the BBC front page!

Can we have a fake porn video thread too?

I could never imagine John Major and Edwina Currie or Corbyn and Abbott in my minds eye, I really really need some visuals to help me here

08/02/2018 01:00:17

What's she doing??

Apart from looking fabulous of course

08/02/2018 00:47:16

The survey doesn't close after you enter your choices

I put 50 shaper user entries in

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