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Thread: Chester or Warco.
21/11/2017 11:27:27

Maybe we should contemplate the state of the hobby if China did not exist. I suspect that most of us would be seriously underquipped unless we had very deep pockets or/and have large workshops. There must be few typical workshops these days that don't own some sort of a mill to compliment their lathe, something that was rare in days gone by. Sure not much of what comes out of China aimed at the hobby end of the market is anything like a top class toolroom machine but much of the model making in days gone by was achieved on worn out and largely inadequate machines. Chinese imports have transformed what most of us can aspire to and as long as the importers offer proper after sales service to remedy anything that slips through the net I feel we should be pleased with our situation.

regards Martin

Thread: A model engineer gone wrong?
20/11/2017 12:14:09

Normalise for approx 0.7 % population growth and you get a bigger reduction.

One comment regarding "bans'. Laws are primarily made so that offenders can be prosecuted. They obviously do not directly stop something happening but they do act as a deterent where there are good chances of successfull prosecutions and stiff enough sentences. A real threat of prosecution does change behaviour.

regards Martin

Thread: Article Suggestion "White Elephant & Why"
17/11/2017 14:55:20

Well, I for one use my GHT dividing head regularly. It fits on the mill easily because I went to the trouble of making the raising blocks which are keyed into the T slots. It's a fixed distance fron the rear vertical face of the table so with the DRO and a wobbler can be mounted and referenced in a couple of minutes. It takes a similar amount of time to mount on the lathe boring table. The indexing plates and micro adjust are common to my headstock dividing arrangement and the Myford Nose adapter allows mounting of all my chucks or ER collet adaptors.

regards Martin

Thread: John Stevenson Trophy
17/11/2017 14:46:05

Must have at least one bit sawn of and welded back on again.



(No, seriously a trophy is a really good idea,well done.)

Thread: Article Suggestion "White Elephant & Why"
15/11/2017 15:33:41

Did the phrase "white elephant' originate with the practice of gifting such an animal to someone you wished to ruin. It was of no use, you could not get rid of it but it was extremely expensive to feed. So maybe No. 6 should be something along the lines of "it's too costly to run but I ws given it and I daren't chuck it out?"

Can't for the life of me remember where I heard this but I think it must have been an India practice.

Maybe someone else knows.

regards Martin

PS I do see to have been able of late to resist acquiring things that don't allow me to do anything I couldn't do before but just to do it with more style. Something that plagued me for some years, but maybe it's because I just ran out of stuff in that bracket. That said I've nearly completed the George Thomas retracting topslide because I just liked it, so . . . .

Thread: A model engineer gone wrong?
15/11/2017 14:03:23
Posted by Tony Pratt 1 on 15/11/2017 12:27:18:

Unfortunately many people are murdered by knives in this country no chance of them being banned.


I would appear that because of the sentences imposed for carrying knives there has been an increse in the carrying of acid as a weapon of choice. Maybe if possesion of a lathe were to be legally frowned apon it would increse the ownership of 3D printers.

Laws do change behaviour but not neccesarily in the way you want, not that there is anything wrong with owning a 3D printer.

regards Martin

15/11/2017 12:22:33

It appears I thought that this guy held the appropriate certificates and was acting within the law but supplying finished items to people who definitely were not so licenced.

I do defer to you lot regarding regulations as I know next to nothing on this subject. My comment was tougue in cheek about unfinished projects letting many of us off the hook.

regards Martin

15/11/2017 10:47:31

According to Radio 4 this morning making ammunition is not illegal but owning the finished article is unless you have a licence. Which, tougue in cheek, probably lets most of us off the hook who find it hard to actually finish anything before we start something else.



Thread: John Wilding 8 day Weight Driven Wall Clock
09/11/2017 09:24:40

Sorry I should have linked to the animation


regards Martin

Thread: Runout drilling 2mm hole
09/11/2017 09:21:52
Posted by Oldiron on 08/11/2017 20:09:23:

Never seen a drill bit that does not drill oversize. Most times its best to drill with an undersize drill then measure & ream or bore to size. If you decide to make the hole bigger try getting to the required size by reaming it or using an undersize drill. Metric drills can be purchased in 0.1mm increments.

If you stone the corners from a point to a radius you can get twist drills to cut undersize to the extent that you cannot fit the shank into the hole you just drilled.

It's more party piece than usefull.



Thread: John Wilding 8 day Weight Driven Wall Clock
09/11/2017 09:08:07
Posted by Jim C on 08/11/2017 17:16:58:

It just runs out of steam and does not appear to give any kick to the pendulum. Not sure where this kick is meant to come from ???

Take a look at this animation

You will see that the escape wheel puts pressure on the curved faces of the anchor escapement which impulses th ependulum. This is the power required to maintain the swing.

With an anchor escapement you will see an amount of 'drop'. This is the reverse motion of the escape wheel when the pallets first touch the escape wheel and occur just before the pendulum reaches the end of its swing at either side. If you consider a situation where the reverse movement is equal to the forward movement then mo power would be extracted from the train. For max power to be delivered to the pendulum the reverse movement or drop should be at a minimum and is adjusted by setting the depth of engagement of the escape wheel with the pallets. On this clock there is an eccentric bush to do just that.

I apologise if someone else has already said all this as I have not had time to trawl through every post.

Anyhow do study the animation and get fixed in your head exactly what is gong on.

regards Martin

Thread: The true cost of Diesel?
08/11/2017 14:39:41

The best electric truck is a train.


08/11/2017 11:09:48

"So while it may simply look like the pollution is simply displaced, the truth is far more complicated." Neil

I think that is the whole point with NOX isn't it. NOX is a problem in cities because the concentrations are so high.

Not all pollution is equal. With NOX it's the peak concentration acting on individuals in a specific location, with CO2 it's the global average affecting th entire planet. Domestic coal fires were only ever made illegal in urban environments.

Thread: John Wilding 8 day Weight Driven Wall Clock
08/11/2017 10:59:46

My mate Barrie was having problems with his English regulator pendulum clock. A very well mannered design. In order to effect a repair he had set it up on his clock horse which would normally have sat on the concrete in his worshop. It was however on his hall carpet. The clock ran but raising the bob had the effect of slowing the clock down and the clock speeded up when he lowered it contrary to all common sense. As a clockmaker of many years standing he was baffled. Eventually he twigged that the stand was swaying. Adding weight to the bootom of the clock horse compressed the carpet, reduced the sway and everything went back to making sense again.

So even the expirienced clockmakers get caught out sometimes.

regards Martin

Thread: Gib material - Is brass best?
08/11/2017 10:04:15

In clocks brass wheels tend to wear hardened steel pinions (OK after some time). The reason being that dust gets embedded in the soft brass of the wheel and creates an abrasive lap which harms the pinion.

I could imagine a similar situation occuring with brass gibs. Ideally in any mechanism when you can you want to arrange for the cheapest or most easily replaced componant to wear in preference to the parts you wish to preserve.

In this argument a harder material compliant with ease of manufacture, friction characteristics, cost and utility would be better.

regards Martin

Thread: The true cost of Diesel?
08/11/2017 09:50:24

aha the dreaded figner dexliskia sroikes agin.


Thread: John Wilding 8 day Weight Driven Wall Clock
08/11/2017 09:43:19

Once you have got the beat to your satisfaction, run it untill it stops and then mark each wheel where they engage each pinion and set it going again. If it consistantly stops in the same place (one of the marks will be consistant you have idntified a tight spot.

You may have stated this but is your test set up fairly rigid. If the clock does not have a stable platform you can absorb quite a lot of energy as the pendulum causes the movement to sway about so fix it down tight to a stable platform.

regards Martin

Thread: The true cost of Diesel?
08/11/2017 09:34:32

So if we want to be truely fussy.

Deisel engine - a compression ignition engine created by Herr Deisel (which could be running on petrol)

deisel engine - an engine running on deisel fuel (which could be a steam engine using deisel fuel to fire the boiler)


07/11/2017 09:21:34
Posted by David Standing 1 on 07/11/2017 08:55:47:
Posted by Martin Kyte on 07/11/2017 08:50:23:

So a petrol fueled deisel engine then.


Nope, a petrol fuelled Diesel engine wink 2

I apologise.

Thread: myford etc.
07/11/2017 09:17:54

Hi Vladimir

In regard to turning, the lathe is probably the least problematic machine for working in duel measuring systems either metric on imperial or imperial on metric. The reason being that slideway micrometers indicate how much you machine off rather than being set to aboslute diameters or lengths and that amount is rarely whole numbers anyway.

Digital mics or calipers can readily be set to the required dimension in say mm, zeroed and switched to imperial. Subsequent measurement of the workpiece will indicate how much is required to be machined off the part and measurements will be in the same units as your imperial lead screws.

The main issue for imperial lathes such as the Myford is cutting metric screw threads which can be done but requires generally more complex change wheel set up's or additional equipment on gearbox machines. For most smaller threads you are going to be using taps and dies rather than screwcutting in any case.

The addition of Digital Read Out units obviously makes the slides at least 'ambidextrous' in that you get to choose the units and have no requirement to look at the micrometer dials at all.

Similarly DRO's render Milling machines duel metric and imperial (ambidextrous) and in my opinion are much more to be desired as absolute position from an edge or edges is exteremely usefull.

You can convert slide lead screws but personally I would not bother when there are other ways round the problem and you can bet your boots that the next project you wish to do is going to be in the system of measurement you have just swapped from.

So buy yourself a decent digital measuring kit and get turning.

Best wishes Martin

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