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Thread: 2040 deadline for Diesel and Petrol cars.
26/07/2017 09:54:34

You could always charge it from your petrol generator !

" Bring back steam and sail "

regards Martin


Thread: Welding square tubing - Warping!
26/07/2017 09:17:43

So far as I understand, not that I do much welding, local expansion occurs when the weld is taking place and freezing locks the material into that configuration. The weld area then cools and contracts which introduces the stresses that cause the distortion. I've seen fitters remove large bearing outer journals from printing machines by running a weld around inside of the journal. Subsequent freezing, and cooling down to room temp contracts the bearing sufficiantly for it to tap out.

regards Martin

Thread: First Project
24/07/2017 13:44:19
Posted by David George 1 on 24/07/2017 13:16:42:

I have tried to fit ball bearings into the headstock so I can run it at a higher speed, two in the front bearing and one in the rear. When I have made the spindle I shall see if it works.


Aha. That would be it then.


24/07/2017 12:09:45

Are the bearings not in Brass?bronze?

Looks nice though.

regards Martin

Thread: Larger VFD/Motors
21/07/2017 11:01:52

Slightly off topic. Not all 13A sockets (and indeed plugs) are equal. I have certainly come across examples that have much less conducter material than others. I would suggest that the three critical points are the connection to the back of the socket (the better versions have duel screw connects and doubles work better than single sockets in ring mains), the contact between the plug and the socket itself and the cable connetion in the plug. Of the three probably the weakest (prone to the highest resistance) link would be the connection in the plug. I am of the opinion that this is the seat of failure in most cases of overheating with the heat then being conducted down the pin and affecting the socket. YOu then get more resistive connections and the temperature rises.

In my workshop I have two 2.5mm2 rings and one 4mm2 rings. All the heavy loads, such as they are, are on the 4mm cabling which gives a larger area of contact on the back of the sockets which have 'in and out' screw terminals. The main feed from the house is 10mm2 SWA.

I would freely admit it's way over engineered but I was only going to do it once and the extra cost was not huge.

I do have a 3HP motor on my table saw which I have been known to stall without ill effect.

One more comment on the VFD input current. For installations with long feeds from a house on small diameter cable the input voltage cannot just be assumed to be 240V. With VFD's the will work with lower voltages but will draw more current for the same output load.

regards Martin

21/07/2017 09:49:01

There must be many set ups where 3HP motors are fitted but are never loaded to the max. So some of this is somewhat theoretical.

regards Martin

Thread: 4 Jaw Chuck clean it or not?
19/07/2017 12:30:50

Rotagrip sell Pratt Burnerd grease.


Basically a Moly-diSulphide grease.

regards Martin

Thread: What Did You Do Today (2017)
19/07/2017 10:45:33


19/07/2017 09:44:51

Set up a few things for our Lab Art Show. Photo posted in my album.

Pair of Oak side tables, Vertical Steam Engine, Stuart Turner Engineering Lathe, Spherical Turning Tool.Hand Turning rest, Versatile Dividing Head and Tailstock + Raising Blocks for Milling Machine and a couple of stoneware pots.

Too many interests, too little time.

regards Martin


Thread: Silky smooth taps
18/07/2017 12:30:45

Have you noticed your knees don't creak and your hip pain has gone and as for the constipation . . . .?

If so stick with the molyslip.



Thread: No respect. :(
18/07/2017 09:47:43

Narrowboats don't turn they always wind.

       (you really need to be a boater to understand that)

regards Martin




Edited By Martin Kyte on 18/07/2017 09:49:02

Thread: What Did You Do Today (2017)
18/07/2017 09:40:29
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 16/07/2017 15:43:04:

Final results of my camera butchery. Other people's experience suggests I may get as much as 30 degrees C of cooling.

How much shake do you get from the fan?

regards Martin

Thread: 4, Independent, jaw chuck
14/07/2017 15:08:17

I'm amazed you managed to find a bit of steel as straight and round as that.



Thread: What Did You Do Today (2017)
14/07/2017 12:28:34

Well if you can't understand it from Dick Feynman you are never going too. Enjoy.


Thread: Restoring chrome plated hand wheels.
14/07/2017 11:15:26

If you do want to rechrome you could do a lot worse than this lot.


They will triple plate for you.

I used them for a complete set of rechroming for a Yamaha 750, so quite a lot of bits and it was around £300 - £400 quid if I remember correctly.

Ask them and find out a price. It does get cheaper the more you send up to a point though, so ask your mates if they want anything done at the same time.

As far as the company goes your stuff will go in with a batch so the only extra for doing one offs is keeping track of who owns what.

regards Martin

Edited By Martin Kyte on 14/07/2017 11:17:05

14/07/2017 09:39:07

Just an idea, but give Myfords a ring. When they refurbish exchange lathes they fit new solid handles (not spoked) so they presumably have a pile of old handles somewhere. Ask them to sell you a good one.

regards Martin

Thread: Magnetic Permeability of Thai Black Steel
14/07/2017 09:20:10

and you really want to keep the amplitude of the swings constant so impulsing every 3000 swings is not really on.


13/07/2017 12:13:30

It's going to be near constant so the effect on period will likely be minimal. It will likely have an effect but could be ignored.

It would be interesting to see the planned arrangement. Especially as Collin is attempting to make something with 'zero escapement error'. Presumable the first thing is to trigger the impulse optically followed by a good constant energy discharge for the drive current, temperature control for the solonoid. Add to this the variation of earths magnetic flux so really the pendulum needs to be impulsed in both directions which would provide the same overall energy but bias the force away from centre. The pendulum itself would need to be magnetic that is probably going to be magnetised to some extent too so apart from the impulse is going to be affected by variations in earths magnetic field. Not surprising that the Shortt synchronome system used solonoid only for resetting the gravity arm and let that do the impulsing

Just a few musings really.

regards Martin

13/07/2017 10:03:22

When I made the coils for my synchronome I was fortunate to have some pieces of Swedish Iron from work but in that case the armature is actually in contact with the pole pieces so it is of greater importance. For a 'non contact sport' such as your magnetic impulse pendulum remenance is not actually going to stop it working so mild steel should be good enough.

regards Martin

13/07/2017 09:17:28

I would suggest that the parameter you are most interested in is remenance rather than permiability. (Google magnetic hysteresis if you don't know what I'm talking about.

regards Martin

Edited By Martin Kyte on 13/07/2017 09:17:56

Edited By Martin Kyte on 13/07/2017 09:18:39

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