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Thread: Tailstock Turret Plan from MEW 253 - FOR DIGITAL SUBSCRIBERS
23/03/2017 08:31:46

I cannot see any problem with this design at all

There are a couple of points that don't seem great to me :

The index pin is parallel - this will have some play when new & will wear looser. Commercial designs use a tapered pin to take up wear ?

The angled block is located with countersunk screws only - better to have made the angled block with a bigger footprint & use pins for location, or to have fitted the block into a closely machined recess in the back of the body ? Unless using fitted bolts to give a location and fastening in one, isn't it usual to use fasteners to hold things together and pins, tenons, spigots etc, to give a positive location ?

Nigel B

Thread: Can someone recommend a mill cutter supplier
19/03/2017 18:59:42

We use Cutwel at work - seem to give a very good price/performance balance, wide range of sizes & next day delivery. Worth signing up for their e-mail alerts to get forewarned of the special offers ( buy 2 get one free or BOGOF often on HSS & carbide milling cutters).

Nigel B

Thread: Oh - What a Beauty !!
16/03/2017 09:21:20

The lights are in lieu of brakes.

Regenerative braking ?

Nigel B

Thread: Lidll
15/03/2017 09:04:29

My good lady has just purchased a polished granite slab from Tesco Direct AKA chopping board under £15 about usual breadboard size about half inch thick. Might have alternative use???

Maybe, but probably not the use you are thinking of !

I bought an Aldi one thinking it might make an "economy" surface plate. Checking the reflection of the store lights in the polished surface showed no obvious distortions, so it looked like it might be a possibility and it was cheap. But a visit to the CNC CMM at work soon revealed that it was far from flat - subsequently I tried a knife-edge straight edge in a "Union Jack" pattern across the surface. Daylight could be seen between the SE and the granite plate, so no feeler guages required to find the errors (it was substantially hollow in the middle).

Might make a nice cheeseboard, rather than a chopping board, but it will take a lot of work to make it a useable surface plate.

Nigel B

Thread: Hofmann dividing head manual
13/03/2017 18:28:39

Might be worth dropping an inquiring e-mail to Zeatz UK (used to be Zeatz Hofmann when I dealt with them at my previous employment) here :

Never know - might have something at the back of a filing cabinet !

Nigel B

Thread: Doncaster ME Show and Warco.
10/03/2017 19:20:37

the cost is only amortized IF you buy something. It's the people who just go to tyre kick who cost you money.

A bit "Chicken & Egg" though John. On a large, non-essential, purchase like hobby machine tool equipment, many (most?) would like the opportunity to have a fondle of the product before committing to buy - I would not buy a £1500+ machine without having inspected one in the flesh, would you ?.

Shows have traditionally brought together competitors to enable direct comparisons to be made & the distribution of shows around the country allowed such comparisons to be made without excessive travel. For me, a visit to Warco (according to Google maps) is a 450 mile round trip, with Chester closer at 150 miles. Doncaster is 70 miles, so far more viable to go there to check out all the competitors in one place (should they choose to have a meaningful presence) than visit each individually. If I determine, after an inspection of the wares, that neither has a product that I am happy to purchase, that makes me an informed consumer, not a "tyre kicker". I cannot look over a new Warco machine at a show & go and purchase a new Warco machine from the internet cheaper from someone else. While the Chinese machines from various suppliers may look similar, that does not make them all the same.

I was considering swapping both my FB2 clone and RF30 for a WM18 type mill to free up a bit of space in the garage but determined, after a good look over the offerings at Doncaster last year, that I would rather stick with what I have - tyre kicker or informed consumer ?

With a reduced trade presence at Doncaster, I will probably not attend.


Nigel B

Thread: Long Chang Mill Lubrication
09/03/2017 07:35:46

Slideway oil of 46 or 68 viscosity on everything except rolling element bearings, which would normally be greased. But not with copper-filled anti-seize assembly compounds ! Just use a "normal" bearing grease.on the spindle bearings.

Nigel B

Thread: Something special coming in issue 253 of MEW
07/03/2017 08:53:22

You need one of these.

Is this real or "virtual" ? It looks like a rendered Cad drawing, so may not actually exist ?

it appears to be a commercial worm reduction box with, maybe, a ratchet positioning system in the plate bolted on the front behind the turret ? How does it clamp ? More details would be nice !

Nigel B

Thread: Guillotine Problems
06/03/2017 08:36:43


UK agent for Warner Electric clutches & brakes.

Nigel B

Thread: Warco power feed fitting
01/03/2017 19:23:26

Can,t be live Warco have produced this kit with no fitting instructions!

Warco don't produce it - they buy it in & it is probably generic.

Nigel B

Thread: Warco WM18 has arrived
01/03/2017 19:21:44

Interesting that they have installed the scale on the back of the x axis

When I had to install scales on CNC conversions, I was lead to believe that "best practice" was to fit the scale as close as possible to the main guiding face of the slide i.e. the side opposite the gib strip. For manual milling machines, that would normally appear to be the side nearest the column - certainly my FB2 clone, RF30 mill drill & the XYZ KR2000 at work have that arrangement & the XYZ has it's Newall scale mounted at the rear of the table.

I will be interested to hear your opinion on the rigidity of this machine when you get it up & running.

Nigel B

Thread: drill chuck fitting
27/02/2017 11:24:03

IIRC my "no-name" Chinese pillar drill had a male B16 taper ended spindle. RDG (and others) sell B16 socket chucks. Again, IIRC, B16 is a stub Morse taper.


Nigel B

Thread: Linisher Advice Please
26/02/2017 10:21:23

I have an older version of this :- . Its killed one motor so far

Killed two of that style at my last employment using them on metal - they appear to have been designed to be used on wood only, but the instructions didn't explicitly say so. The dust gets into the windings & wears through the insulation, eventually leading to a terminal "bang". I have the carcasses under a bench at home, having had the idea of replacing the built-in motor with a pulley & "under driving" them from a remote mounted motor. Another project that will probably never come to fruition !

Nigel B

Thread: Roller Bearings for a Myford Super 7
23/02/2017 13:36:58

Sorry, this is Subscriber-only content...

No difference when I just tried again, Michael

Nigel B

Thread: Clutter in lathe swarf tray
23/02/2017 13:03:39

I bought a set of 4 magnetic shelves from Machine Mart & have a couple stuck to the Super 7 stand (one at each end). Gives a bit more horizontal surface (with no-roll-off edges) for "stuff" - but the tray still gets cluttered.


Nigel B

Thread: Roller Bearings for a Myford Super 7
23/02/2017 12:59:18

Logged in, MEW subscriber & can't access this Neil ?

Nigel B

Thread: VFD Cable Screening Correction in MEW252?
18/02/2017 17:20:56

Ulimately, the correct approach surely is to comply with what the particular inverter manufacturer recomends in the specific device documentation & not try to generalise !

Nigel B

Thread: Tramming the Sieg SX3
16/02/2017 08:34:35

putting a 3" dia x 9" long bit of steel on one end of the table

No need to have it on the end of the table - centre the table on the underslide, then position the square with just enough offest from centre of the table to allow the head to pass it unobstructed. The dial gauge will be offset to one side naturally if you you use a magnetic base to attach it to the head casting.

It would not be difficult to put plugs in the end of a piece of thick wall tube, rather than use solid bar, if the weight bothered you - though a bit of heft means you don't have to worry too much about clamping the square down. The lump I cleaned up at work was solid cast iron.

Nigel B

Thread: Source of SK30 Arbours
16/02/2017 08:26:16

I did a bit more looking into the SK bit - seems the German for "steep taper" as used to describe this type of tooling is "Steilkegel", so I suspect that the "SK" used in the Emco brochure is just German short hand for "steep taper" - German tooling catalogues tend to confirm this. So the "SK + number" just gives the taper size & and the DIN standard used in conjunction with the "SK + number" defines the form of the toolholder. Likewise, I suspect that our use of "SK" to define the DIN 69871 form is also just a form of shorthand - though in this instance, a confusing one.

Type "Steilkegel DIN2080" into Google & you get German tooling catalogues. I think this is just a difference in how the tooling is described in the machine tool builder's native language.

Nigel B

Thread: Tramming the Sieg SX3
16/02/2017 08:18:45

I don't have a big reference square

If you have a lathe, as Hopper said above make a cylinder square. A bit of round bar 2 1/2 - 3" diameter by 8 or 9" long - recess the end(s) leaving a ring at the o/d to sit on, then centre drill. Turn between centres to as parallel as you can get & face the ring at the end at the same time and you are good to go.

To use, sit the cylinder square on end on the table, set a dial gauge pointing in the direction you wish to check from the head & set zero by passing the square past the dial gauge and zero on the high point. (i.e. point the dial gauge along the X axis (table) & "wipe" the square past the gauge tip with the Y axis). Move the head up as far as practicable & pass the square past the dial gauge again, noting the high/low reading which is the error. Working this way rather than running the gauge up the side of the square only shows the error in the direction you are checking, rather than a compound error. Then repeat for the other direction.

I don't have access to precision granite squares any more, but did find a rusty cylinder square where I work now that had come in with a job lot of stuff from an auction. After de-rusting, a check between centres showed it wasn't parallel, so a couple of hours messing about with the tailstock position & taking light passes had it parallel with about 0.005mm over 350mm, near as I could measure. I know it isn't perfect, but a quick check on a couple on vertical maching centres showed no more than 0.01 mm / 300 mm squareness error. I am not confident enough in the setup to claim that the readings are gospel, but they did suggest that the machine alignments were in the right ballpark,

Nigel B

Edited By Nigel B on 16/02/2017 08:21:50

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