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Thread: Roller Bearings for a Myford Super 7
23/02/2017 13:36:58

Sorry, this is Subscriber-only content...

No difference when I just tried again, Michael

Nigel B

Thread: Clutter in lathe swarf tray
23/02/2017 13:03:39

I bought a set of 4 magnetic shelves from Machine Mart & have a couple stuck to the Super 7 stand (one at each end). Gives a bit more horizontal surface (with no-roll-off edges) for "stuff" - but the tray still gets cluttered.


Nigel B

Thread: Roller Bearings for a Myford Super 7
23/02/2017 12:59:18

Logged in, MEW subscriber & can't access this Neil ?

Nigel B

Thread: VFD Cable Screening Correction in MEW252?
18/02/2017 17:20:56

Ulimately, the correct approach surely is to comply with what the particular inverter manufacturer recomends in the specific device documentation & not try to generalise !

Nigel B

Thread: Tramming the Sieg SX3
16/02/2017 08:34:35

putting a 3" dia x 9" long bit of steel on one end of the table

No need to have it on the end of the table - centre the table on the underslide, then position the square with just enough offest from centre of the table to allow the head to pass it unobstructed. The dial gauge will be offset to one side naturally if you you use a magnetic base to attach it to the head casting.

It would not be difficult to put plugs in the end of a piece of thick wall tube, rather than use solid bar, if the weight bothered you - though a bit of heft means you don't have to worry too much about clamping the square down. The lump I cleaned up at work was solid cast iron.

Nigel B

Thread: Source of SK30 Arbours
16/02/2017 08:26:16

I did a bit more looking into the SK bit - seems the German for "steep taper" as used to describe this type of tooling is "Steilkegel", so I suspect that the "SK" used in the Emco brochure is just German short hand for "steep taper" - German tooling catalogues tend to confirm this. So the "SK + number" just gives the taper size & and the DIN standard used in conjunction with the "SK + number" defines the form of the toolholder. Likewise, I suspect that our use of "SK" to define the DIN 69871 form is also just a form of shorthand - though in this instance, a confusing one.

Type "Steilkegel DIN2080" into Google & you get German tooling catalogues. I think this is just a difference in how the tooling is described in the machine tool builder's native language.

Nigel B

Thread: Tramming the Sieg SX3
16/02/2017 08:18:45

I don't have a big reference square

If you have a lathe, as Hopper said above make a cylinder square. A bit of round bar 2 1/2 - 3" diameter by 8 or 9" long - recess the end(s) leaving a ring at the o/d to sit on, then centre drill. Turn between centres to as parallel as you can get & face the ring at the end at the same time and you are good to go.

To use, sit the cylinder square on end on the table, set a dial gauge pointing in the direction you wish to check from the head & set zero by passing the square past the dial gauge and zero on the high point. (i.e. point the dial gauge along the X axis (table) & "wipe" the square past the gauge tip with the Y axis). Move the head up as far as practicable & pass the square past the dial gauge again, noting the high/low reading which is the error. Working this way rather than running the gauge up the side of the square only shows the error in the direction you are checking, rather than a compound error. Then repeat for the other direction.

I don't have access to precision granite squares any more, but did find a rusty cylinder square where I work now that had come in with a job lot of stuff from an auction. After de-rusting, a check between centres showed it wasn't parallel, so a couple of hours messing about with the tailstock position & taking light passes had it parallel with about 0.005mm over 350mm, near as I could measure. I know it isn't perfect, but a quick check on a couple on vertical maching centres showed no more than 0.01 mm / 300 mm squareness error. I am not confident enough in the setup to claim that the readings are gospel, but they did suggest that the machine alignments were in the right ballpark,

Nigel B

Edited By Nigel B on 16/02/2017 08:21:50

Thread: Source of SK30 Arbours
15/02/2017 18:48:41


If you need a contact at Cutwel, try Caroline Hunter - she is my account manager & is very helpful at getting the best pricing for tooling packages. IIRC form the February flyer, the "6 for £99" offer on 40 taper tooling is current again. And they are well made holders - I have tooled up 2 VMCs with them & don't know how they can make such a quality item so cheaply (probably fully automatically from bar stock, untouched by human hand !)

I did a bit more looking into the SK bit - seems the German for "steep taper" as used to describe this type of tooling is "Steilkegel", so I suspect that the "SK" used in the Emco brochure is just German short hand for "steep taper" - German tooling catalogues tend to confirm this. So the "SK + number" just gives the taper size & and the DIN standard used in conjunction with the "SK + number" defines the form of the toolholder. Likewise, I suspect that our use of "SK" to define the DIN 69871 form is also just a form of shorthand - though in this instance, a confusing one.

Nigel B

15/02/2017 16:00:35

The UK Emco agent is showing the FB3 as a current machine - see **LINK**

The spindle spec for the FB3 is DIN2080 SK30. For it's bigger brothers, the spec is shown as DIN69871 SK40 & they have what appears to be a hydraulic drawbar, so these would require a pullstud. The "SK" here may be a German abreviation for "Steep taper" or similar description of the taper, with the DIN spec showing the tool holder style.

That seems quite clear to me ? DIN2080 style tools with a 30 taper for the FB3. You could try contacting the UK agent for confirmation.

The Chinese tooling I have purchased so far has been fine, but I have yet to get any 30 taper tooling from there - the Denford Triac I have in storage is QC30, with an Erikson locknut. Gloster Tooling in the UK list 30 taper tools, but they are usually more expensive than Cutwel.

Nice looking little machine - bet they don't come cheap !


Nigel B

15/02/2017 14:27:05

Which flavour you require depends on your mill.

SK & BT are tool changer flanges & the taper is truncated. An SK flange has evenly spaced lands above & below the groove, whereas BT has a deeper flange overall & the top land is wider than the bottom. The small end of the taper is machined to take a pullstud. The machine tool change holders will be designed to take one or the other - they are not interchangeable. SK holders seem to be favoured by European builders, with BT used on Far Eastern & US machines (sometimes called CAT/ANSI), though many MTBs offer a choice.

DIN2080 & QC have a thinner, ungrooved drive flange & the taper is topped with a short parallel stub. The stub is tapped for a drawbar, not a pullstud. Difference between them is that the QC variant has both sides of the flange machined, as it is intended for use with an Erikson locknut mounted on the bottom of the spindle nose & clamps the tool via the front face of the flange not using a drawbar - popular on Bridgeports. Both are primarily manual change, though the Dana Summit toolchanger fitted to Matchmaker (and others) NC turret mills gripped around the outside of a DIN2080 flange to change the tool & the tools were stored upside down in the chain, using the stub for location.

Cutwel would be my first port of call, though I don't think that their 30 taper tools are included in the 6 for £99 offer alluded to by Muzzer.


Nigel B

Thread: Reaming cast iron
15/02/2017 14:07:24

Rocol RTD* liquid used for parallel & taper pin reamers into machine tool castings where I last worked.

Nigel B

* Reaming Tapping Drilling

Thread: Tramming the Sieg SX3
15/02/2017 09:51:03

70 um is 1.7 thou surely?

0.07mm / 25.4 = 0.002756" (rounded) is it not ?

Nigel B

15/02/2017 07:42:25

Have you checked the column to base squareness in both X & Y directions during your column shimming ?

This is what you are adjusting with the shims & what you should be checking with this adjustment. Aim for 0.001" per foot against a known accurate square. Ignore the spindle alignment while doing this. When the column is truly perpendicular to the table top (which should be parallel to the base), then check the spindle alignment . If it is out, adjust at the swivelling head joint, not with the column.

Pretty pointless having a spindle that trams "true" if the column is not perpendicular to the table IMO - raising the head when the column is out of square will move the datum point on the job. Tramming the spindle should be the last thing you do whan you know everything else is within spec.

Nigel B

Thread: Warco WM18 T Slot size
14/02/2017 16:08:42

How does a 14.25 wide nut fit in a 13.5 wide slot Dave ?

Nigel B

Thread: Cromton Parkinson Motor Replacement Bearing
13/02/2017 11:45:24

As that rating plate makes no mention of Hawker Siddeley, your motor must have been made before the 1968 HS take over of Crompton Parkinson - spare parts off the shelf may be a problem ! The Doncaster factory closed in 2008, after the company was "horse traded" through several owners.

There are other threads on ME relating to these bearings - a search might glean something ? Or you could try here : **LINK** though at least one of the threads on here that gives dimensions suggests that the bearings may not be standard off-the-shelf items. Bowman' s site suggests that "low cost" specials can be made - though "low cost" to industrial users may not meet your definition of "low cost" !

From an industrial viewpoint, I generally regard fractional motors as being disposable - when you add labour cost to bearings cost for an overhaul, it is generally cheaper overall to fit a replacement motor complete. This also means that older, less efficient, motors get replaced with a current spec. energy efficient type.


Nigel B

Thread: Where to get a bed regrind?
12/02/2017 13:16:23

Presumeably the four thou on the top surface can be taken up by twisting the Myford's licorice bed into shape.

You will just end up with a twisted worn bed that way, rather than a straight worn bed. Only cure for a worn bed is to re-machine to take out the wear.

Nigel B

Thread: Quality digital vernier calipers
12/02/2017 13:13:33

We have been using the "Insize" brand calipers sold by Cutwel for 3 or 4 years now at work. We have several & not yet had one fail. The 3V CR2032 batteries last very well too.

Less costly than Mitutoyo & it's worth getting on Cutwel's mailing list for the monthly special offers.

Nigel B

Thread: Tom Senior
12/02/2017 13:09:14

Looks like no trace remains of the Tom Senior empire.

I can recall the old works, but IIRC the site was re-developed several years ago. I have a recollection that Seniors was bought out by Denfords & that the old works had Denford signage when it lay empty until it was demolished. Probably went around the same time that Mercers closed down & their site was re-developed for housing.

Nigel B (also not a million miles from Liversedge !)

Thread: Looking for a 1/4" ratchet
09/02/2017 15:28:42

I have between 3/4" and 1" max to get in between two cabinets

The Wera 8001A head is 12.2mm thick. The Allen key bits I have are 25.2 long & a bit inserted in the head measures 27.3 overall. The bits have scope to be ground down on the 1/4" hex part by around 7.5 mm, retaining the full length of insertion into the bolt head, so this could just about meet your criteria.


Nigel B

Thread: Warco WM250
09/02/2017 13:17:29

Or does having a higher HP motor mean they will have more torque at the low end of the speed range than a smaller HP motor would running at the same speed.

Yes - fitting an "oversize" motor to get decent bottom end performace without a gearbox is not unusual. IIRC my Denford Triac direct drive spindle motor is around 1.5Kw for that reason.

Nigel B

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