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Thread: ER40 Collet run out.
29/03/2017 08:44:13
Posted by Neil Wyatt on 28/03/2017 22:47:55:

Your tests appear to show the collet chuck itself is perfectly concentric, if you are not detecting runout at either end of the tapered hole.

That means that either:

  • You have a inaccurate or damaged collet
  • A poor nut
  • Improperly fitted collet
  • Dirt
  • Test bar itself not true.
  • Insuffcient tightening

If you cannot improve things with the above, then you need to further prove out the ER chuck.

Then need to make a tapered mandrel, same taper as the collet location, drilled and tapped to enable clamping back. Initially set compound over by clocking the internal taper of the ER chuck.

Carry out fine tweaking if needed to get a perfect bed using Engineers blue. Clamp back and clock face and recess for true. Any errors are then further magnified at the outer recess diameter and adjacent face.

Thread: Small Milling machine
24/03/2017 20:50:53

Home and Workshop are showing a half decent looking BCA Mk3 that may be of interest.


Thread: Won't be long before this lathe goes.
22/03/2017 14:42:12

cheap price on this one.


Thread: chuck spares
22/03/2017 08:07:27


Most if not all imperial Burnerd chucks are now obsolete and sourcing chuck spares other than from Ebay is difficult. I have had limited success in the past from Thame Engineering, Rotagrip and Universal Workholding Ltd in Netherton. There may also be some milage in giving Myford a call as they always seem to have some odds & ends knocking about.

Thread: Warco GH 550
21/03/2017 11:56:56

When I sold my Boxford AUD not too long ago I was looking for a geared head lathe from either Warco or Chester. You cannot ignore the fact that the Chinese offer a lot of machine for not a lot of money.

My choice narrowed down to picking between the Warco 1236 model and the Chester ( more local to me ) Crusader Deluxe. Both 300mm swing plus for gap bed removal. At the time both had similar price tags and had DRO's fitted. The Crusader Deluxe is more expensive now.

I chose the Chester Crusader Deluxe, mainly because of location and which I almost bought.

In the end I finished up with a late model Harrison M300 which my local machine tool dealer ( who I had dealt with for a long time ) had just got in stock and did me a great cash deal.

My initial choices were based mainly on two factors, the gap bed removal, they had DRO fitted and decent bed length.

When you look at the GH550 spec, it seems to be really quite light at 300kgs. I Think my Boxford was more than that on its very robust cabinet. Seems too light for its capacity.

Personally if your funds would run to it and you could accomodate the size the 1236 would be my choice from the Warco stable. £700ish more gets you extra diameter and length capacity plus fitted DRO. Its also a more substantial machine and almost double the weight of the 550. I have seen both the Warco 1236 and the Crusader deluxe and they were very similar, however not actually seen the 550.

Thread: Machinery removals
20/03/2017 17:08:34

I would have a word with your nearest machine tools dealers and see who they use and can recommend and get a price from them. On their recommendation I did this with my M300 and for a local delivery they only charged £80 for a decent flat wagon with hihab cash in hand.

In 1983 we engaged Pickfords for a full factory move into new premises , office blocks, 3 x machine shops and a foundry.

They dropped a two year old Adcock and Shipley Horizontal mill from a large fork lift, broke the main casting and wrote it off. The dropped a near new 48" Webster and Bennet V.B. on its side breaking handwheels and flattening the copiers hydraulic pack. When breaking out the Kitchen Walker radial arm drill from its foundations they tried lifting it with two of the foudation bolts still secured causing considerable chain damage. So called proffesionals.

After this I used Beck and Politzer for bringing in several new machines, but in 1999 when delivering a new Bins & Berry Data 90 ( 1M swing ) with live tooling they slung it over the main lead/ball screw and damaged it. New screw needed. The proffesionals dont alway get it right. Most machine suppliers are now using their own transport specialist, hence not required much nowadays untill moving used machines.

Thread: Can someone recommend a mill cutter supplier
19/03/2017 19:33:18

"cncpoorboy" On Ebay does some qood quality cutters at competitive prices

Thread: Accurate hole location
14/03/2017 17:55:07

Hi Mike,

By the initial sound of it I dont think you have a milling machine, so my thoughts depending on your cash availability, would be to look out for a half decently calibrated dials compound table for your drill.

I would then eliminate the variables from marking out, punching and picking them up and go for indexed pitching from the calibrated hand wheels. Easy to map out your co-ordinates on paper, but you will need an accurate start datum.

Edited By MalcB on 14/03/2017 17:56:21

Thread: Doncaster ME Show and Warco.
13/03/2017 21:57:41

I also went to the last Harrogate show and the first Doncaster show.

To say one show was better than the other in just that open context isnt really correct. There are quite a few different reasons that people wish to attend the shows. What are they going for? In no order:

Model Steam engines, traction engines, locos, stationary engines etc, New machinery and equipment. New and used tooling, new technolgy items, raw materials, fittings, fixings, kits, castings etc. Club exhibitions, information, meet builders, examine finishing of item and the list goes on and is exhaustive.

What makes it "better" over another show is how much is there which relates to those particular interests of the visitor.

To someone really looking at comparing new machinery equipment, tooling etc then Warco would be sorely missed and the show may well be deemed not as good.

To somebody going for say, the model locos then it likely wont make a difference or may be a tad better if more club exhibits take their place.

Thread: lathe identification
11/03/2017 20:28:25

Yes an unusual bed profile for sure. Not one I have seen before.

No reason why a slightly bigger chuck wont go on, just a case of sorting out a backing plate. Until spindle nose configuration is known, will not be able to tell if shop bought is available or a homemade one will be necessary.

Thread: inverter
11/03/2017 20:00:46

Hi Richard,

I have recently converted my Harrison M300 2.2kw 3hp with similar single speed motor using the Teco 2.2kw 230v single phase to 230v 3 phase Inverter EV series from Direct Drives.

Edited By MalcB on 11/03/2017 20:07:39

Thread: Digital Angle Finder
11/03/2017 18:49:43

Went in yesterday to get one of their dampness meters and picked one up also. Rude not to at the price.

Thread: Economy Hit & Miss Engine Build.
10/03/2017 19:46:05

Hi Nick,

Have to say am very much liking the progress to date. Think you are doing fine job with your machining.

Its my next project after finishing off one or two things, as I ordered the alloy kit from them at last years Doncaster show, along with the gears already cut etc. Hope to start shortly and this will help considerably and set high bench marks by the look of things.

Soldering the joints on split bearings can be a little hit and miss on the final diameters once split. If you put/use just 0.0010" at each joint that would give you 0.0020" on peripheral length, divided by pye would mean that when the tinnning/solder was completely removed after splitting both the original machined O.D. and I.D. Would reduce by 0.0006" and more than that pro rata if the solder/tinning is thicker than 0.0010". Not easy to control.

I follow with great interest.

Thread: Milling Machine
10/03/2017 16:25:58
Posted by Mike Bondarczuk on 09/03/2017 17:38:34:


I also have a Chester 626 mill but an earlier one from Taiwan and have a three phase motor via a VFD and four DRO's and it is all that I need, though an extra 4 inches on height clearance would be nice when tapping sometimes.


I bought same early Chester 626 as this in used condition, it had Full 3 axis DRO + vernier scale on quill + supplied with power feed ( which I had to fit myself ) for bargain price of £1k about 18mths ago. It was a well sorted machine.

As others do i made a 110mm head spacer which means i can leave the ER40 chuck on most of the time.

Personally I am pretty much old school and favour British machines, however I do very much appreciate what you can get for your money from the Asian suppliers. Big question would be would I pay more than double what I personally did for a new 626. Simple answer would be, more than likely if a decent British machine was not in my sights. I do think that the 626's fully kitted out are extremely good value. As a second hand unit it has so far been an excellent choice. I recently converted to 3 phase with VFD for much easier speed control.

Thaiguzzi mentioned the T Senior on site which went recently within 2 hours of being put on there. For its price it looked an absolutely stunning buy.

But there is also a 28" x 8" Marlow ( Dronsfields ) vertical still listed on the same site which is less than £1k that also looks a really good buy. Had It been available when I was looking, it would be in my sights. Its a nice size somewhere between the 626 and the short 42" tabled version of the Bridgeport.

If your choice is a new machine, then the 626 series have got to be the best value mills around given their versatility.




Edited By MalcB on 10/03/2017 16:26:31

Thread: Drilling tiny holes.
05/03/2017 17:17:24

When spotting for tiny holes I use a very pointed D bit I made quite a few years ago, relieved on the back of the taper.

Drill Speeds already covered by others



Thread: Posting Links - Ipad/Iphone
04/03/2017 21:28:09
Posted by Vic on 04/03/2017 19:56:11:

Copy the link you want to paste then click the globe and chain (link) button and paste your link in the box. Job done. It's a bit perverse but this website seems to use very very old software. I'm guessing those responsible for the site still use DOS.

Thanks Vic, will give it a run shortly.


04/03/2017 19:39:08

Have read the post on how to post Links using PC and mouse, however:

Is anybody able to talk me through posting a link from an Ipad/phone please?

Thread: Random Paint Job
04/03/2017 18:25:44

Can't believe the chuck was missed.

04/03/2017 07:06:31

People have probably seen this but:

One way of covering up any signs of bed wear..

Thread: Chuck binding
27/02/2017 18:08:15

To do properly the chuck has to be stripped.

However, you can degrease both jaw and slot once again. Lightly Engineers blue the jaw and see if you can see any obvious areas of rub when you wind it in and out. If its visible a light scrape in the chuck slot may just ease it.

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