The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4553 (3 - 16 February 2017).
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In this issue ...

The use of adhesives in the workshop can be something of a sticky subject - knowing when best to use chemical bonding, choosing the right one and using it correctly are all covered in a short article by Mick Knights who shares his experiences.
And speaking of sharing experiences; Rafe Shirley was once a very young engineer, struggling to make a good job of a model traction engine when his Mentor changed things for ever by the loan of a … (read the story to find out!)
Chris Boll brings his popular construction series, ‘BollAero 49’ to a close as he sets the aero engine in motion. Three more construction series are featured: Barclay Well Tanks, an Allan Brothers semi-diesel engine and the attractive little shunter, Southam.
Bradford Model Engineering Society, being an active group of productive model engineers, puts on its own annual exhibition and the 2016 event was attended by Graham Astbury who brings us an illustrated report. There’s an addition piece about the cover feature; John Mills’ Merlin Band Clock, by the builder himself.
Anthony Mount continues his in-depth review of the Warco WM16B milling machine and Martin Wallis concludes his visit to the traction engine rallies of summer 2016..