The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4552 (20 January - 2 February 2017).
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In this issue ...

Barry Potter is a fan of these magnificent Australian Pacific locomotives and he is an admired model engineer. He was persuaded to refurbish one that he not built himself, but which had been well made by a respected engineer. He describes what he found and his methodical progress in restoring many parts, bringing the whole back to life after years of neglect.
Henry Wood described the popular little 0-4-0, Emma Victoria several years ago. He has built several locomotives and is always keen to manufacture as many parts as he can, including - as he describes for us here - the pressure gauge. Not the easiest of components to make, Henry gives a thorough description of his tried and tested method and encourages everyone to have a go - it may not be quite the ‘black art’ you had imagined!
John Alexander Stewart has been providing a fascinating series of short articles on simple CNC projects pertaining to the completion of a Shay locomotive. This time he makes three beautiful brass bells (an eye catching detail on the locomotive) by using his CNC mill as a vertical lathe. He describes the technique for us.