The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4569 (15 September 2017).

In this issue ...

Two contemporary, large scale Britannias; an astonishing survivor; restoration of old models and, as it’s time to get back into the workshop, two articles for the autumn.

Every now and again something quite thought provoking crops up and this is certainly the case here as we discover a small model that was hand made by a British officer whilst held captive in a First World War German prison camp. With only simple hand tools and bits and pieces of materials he made a working motor car that has remained with his family ever since.
Mike Johns sets the record straight as he writes about two contemporary 7¼ inch gauge Britannia that have been ‘confused’ more than once over recent years. West Dean College in Sussex has been collaborating with the SMEE on the restoration of several historic models from the Society’s important collection.
Roger Backhouse goes along to see how they work. Jacques Maurel makes chuck jaws and Graham Astbury changes the scale and sensitivity of moving coil meters - useful to those with an interest in electrically powered locomotives.
We visit the Midlands Federation Rally, Rodney Oldfield makes progress with the Middleton Inverted Vee engine and David Earnshaw explains his appreciation and use of Coventry dieheads.
Finally, we have the third and final report from Southport MEC as IMLEC reaches its conclusion for this year.