The latest issue of Model Engineer in the shops is issue 4556 (17 March 2017).
For a detailed look see: ME4556 Contents

In this issue ...

On the cover is a hand tinted version of a black & white print of a very fine model of a Cheshire built traction engine - built by a Cheshire engineer. Inside is the brief story of Reg Gee, his auspicious colleague and his notable model engineering achievements, by a man who knew him.

From Tyneside we have some guidance and advice for Clubs who may be contemplating a building project. Working through the red tape and complying with the regulations can be challenging but this article covers many of these aspects and is a worthwhile read if you or your club might be in this position in the future.

CNC machines are usually time saving - but they can be hand controlled as well! John A. Stewart gives a brief account.

Brian Baker is a prolific builder of locomotives and has decided to chip in with his views on commercial kits. Focusing on 7¼ inch gauge, Brian shares his judgement of this ‘fast-track’ way to building. His fair and considered opinions are worth a read.

Ron Wright’s article on the epicyclic gear train concludes this time. Always very readable, we are already looking forward to his next topic coming later in the year.

Model making continues with the 1913 model tractor engine, the Garrett 4DC in 6 inch scale and Chris Walter’s marine engine. We also start a comprehensive study of a taper turning attachment - in this short series that will run in consecutive issues, Jacques Maurel provides complete drawings for those who wish to follow the construction of his own design attachment.